Nazha and Obi: Bad children and good children, which one do you love?

 Nazha and Obi: Bad children and good children, which one do you love?

A magic ball, a soul pearl; an ugly short, a tall handsome; a wild, a calm, ice; a bad child, a good child.

Which one do you love?

Bad children are a headache, while good children are a headache. Pills, smoked makeup, freckled face, Nezha is not a fuel-efficient lamp from birth, whether locked at home or sliding into the street, where is the scene of disaster, you never know what pranks he will make next second, like a fire, vitality and destructive power. Such a bad boy is a headache, but also lively and lovely. I even look forward to seeing what he can do. But a good boy, Ao Bing, appeared as a young man facing the wind in Yushu. He was handsome but dared not show his face. He was polite but did not grin. He is tolerant, restrained, graceful and kind, never making trouble unreasonably, never acting arbitrarily, calm and melancholy like sea water. Such a sensible person is distressing, as if he had never had a heartless childhood.

Bad children are cared for, and good children have a mission. The wicked little devil boy, dressed in tragic clothes, will be executed by God when he reaches the age of 3. His parents and master have given him unconditional and unreserved love. Nazao was also criticized by villagers as soon as he was born, but his mother gave him the gentlest acceptance, companionship and encouragement; his majestic and serious father invited a life-changing charm from the gods, willing to break the curse of Nazao with his own life; and Taiyi Zhenren, who had no masters shelf, was carefree and heartless. Play happily. Warm motherly love, deep fatherly love, equal teacher love, even with the burden of Heaven robbery, what Zha brings us is still childlike innocence and happiness. Only the children infiltrated by love have the ability to be happy, can they shout My life is beyond heaven in the difficult moments of life. On the contrary, Ao Bing, a good boy, has received heavy conditions for his love. The members of the Dragon Nationality have given him their most precious and hardest scales, but they also expect him to work hard, to be excellent, to win, to save themselves and to save the Dragon Nationality. So we see that the reincarnated pearl, excellent but unhappy, he does not know, if he is not excellent, lost, whether it is still worthy of love, whether it can be accepted by the world.

Bad children live out of themselves, good children cant help themselves. A stubborn, spoiled and arrogant bad boy lives every minute with his own mind. If you want to kick the shuttlecock, you will kick it. If you want to slip out and mess up, you will slip away. If you want to make a strange country, you will do it. Even if you hurt innocent people in order to catch the monster and save the little girl, you will still be misunderstood. He will follow his will and never care about the secular standards and yardsticks. Ao Bing, a good boy, is like a person living in the scale of right and wrong. Every time, he has to do the right thing and the right thing, but he has not thought about who framed the right and wrong in his mind, who set the standard of should or should not. So, at the end of the film, when Nezha consciously put on the circle of heaven and earth for himself and learned self-restraint, when Ao Bing put down the spiritual burden of changing his life for the dragon people and found himself, good children and bad children have harvested the most valuable growth.

Just like Spirit Pearl and Magic Pills, good children and bad children are never separated. They may be our past and reality, internal and external, left and right thinking, a moment to talk about wine, a moment to split up, and eventually come back together, look at each other and smile, You were here too.

(Originally titled Good Child, Bad Child)

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027