China won the first Chinese referee in military competition: there is a gap between China and the battlefield

 China won the first Chinese referee in military competition: there is a gap between China and the battlefield

China News Agency, Korla, Xinjiang, August 10 (Reporter Li Chunwang Xiaojun) International Military Competition - August 10, 2019 hosted by the Chinese Army has been more than half the race, and the Chinese team won the first place in the Safe Environment shooting competition with full score. While affirming the results of the competition, the referee of the event also indicated that the gap between the field and the battlefield should be faced squarely.

The days competition was held in the firing field, which was the second of the three individual competitions of Safe Environment, including the application of shooting and grenade throwing. China, Armenia, Russia, Egypt and Vietnam each sent two groups of team members, each group of three players, to shoot three groups of hidden targets at different distances. Participants should be those who have participated in the single group competition and the relay race on the 12th of this month. In principle, they should not be changed.

Speaking of the characteristics of the competition, Yin Quanjun, the contact officer of the Safe Environment shooting competition, told China News Agency that first of all, participants must wear chemical suits and gas masks to shoot, which has an impact on the stability of vision, breathing and aiming. Secondly, the competition venue relies entirely on the field terrain to simulate the actual situation of close combat between the two sides.

Yin Quanjun also said that the third feature is that the target is sprayed with desert camouflage. Its color is very similar to the background of the site, which makes it more difficult to find the target. The fourth point is that the target display time is short. The participants should select the appropriate shooting terrain and shooting posture within 8 seconds to complete the shooting.

In addition, the gust wind of Korla on the same day can reach up to 6 levels, and the direction of cross-wind shooting increases the difficulty of the competition. Yin Quanjun bluntly said, Its not like a competition, its really like a real fight.

Shooting competition is one of the highlights of this project, designed entirely according to the application of shooting on the battlefield. Safe environment project referee Li Bin said that the match was very close to the actual combat, the shooting skills of the participants were very high, and the teams from all countries performed well. All the Chinese players hit the target in 5 to 8 seconds, which was highly praised by the teams from all over the world.

Even so, Li Bin also talked about the gap between the field and the battlefield. In his view, only war and battlefield can truly test the training level and combat effectiveness of an army. In the training process, the battlefield situation is simulated as much as possible, and similar conditions and backgrounds are set up, which may not be as good as or beyond the standards and requirements of the battlefield.

In addition, the second round of the Suvorov Assault cycling race was also held on the same day, resulting in the final ranking of the cycling race, with China, Russia, Iran and Belarus in the top four and marching into the relay race. This is also the seventh single event that China won in the International Military Competition - 2019 Korlesay District. (end)

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