Tu Lei, a well-known host, was bombarded by CCTV Hostesses for his indecent airplane manners.

 Tu Lei, a well-known host, was bombarded by CCTV Hostesses for his indecent airplane manners.

Netease Entertainment reported on August 11 that a video of a man wearing slippers and pedaling on the cabin wall was recently exposed on the Internet by netizens. It is reported that the man is Tu Lei, a well-known host who has hosted programs such as You Are the One and Love Defense War.

As soon as the video was sent out, it prompted a lot of enthusiastic discussions among netizens. Later, Tu Lei wrote an apology on Weibo, saying that he had suffered from slight varicose veins in his legs because he had been standing up all the year round, and that he would sleep with his legs stretched out on the cabin wall after boarding the plane. At the same time, he also said that after boarding the plane, he purposely changed into clean disposable slippers so as not to dirty the walls.

But Yuanyuan, the host of CCTV, did not buy such an explanation. Yuanyuan wrote in his personal social account that Tu Leis varicose veins statement was purely a pretext. He shouldnt fly first class or business class. He should ride in cheap economy class like ordinary people, so that he dared not pose freely. At the same time, it is considered that Tu Leis apology is only a superficial one, and that such an insincere apology as We dont accept it, take it back and rewrite it!

Yuan Yuan

Many netizens agree with Yuan Yuan that although things are small, as a public figure, they should set an example, and Tu Leis apology is somewhat far-fetched. Some netizens expressed their dissatisfaction. Hui Yuanyuan said that there is no perfect person, it is not necessary to criticize Tulei excessively, and even some netizens thought that Yuanyuans action was hot.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027