Barcelonas 120 million Euro-New ace is quickly integrated into the super-sweet virgin ball! Is Messi jealous?

 Barcelonas 120 million Euro-New ace is quickly integrated into the super-sweet virgin ball! Is Messi jealous?

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Before the South American players returned to the team, Gritzman was the center of Barcelona. Although seemingly not strong, Gritzman has a strong ability to hold the ball in the fulcrum position, and he can do a good job of coping. After Suarez returned to the team, Gritzman moved to the left. Despite the Madrid media hype about the discord between Suarez and Gritzman, the two men have a strong understanding on the pitch. The two men often change positions on the court, and they have a sense of partnership with each other.

In the 14th minute, Suarez almost assisted Gritzman to break the door. The Uruguayan moved to the left and the French moved to the centre. Su Shen forbidden area left inverted triangle crossing, Gritzman left and right foot a continuous action to stabilize the ball, and then left foot push far angle. Although the ball was blocked by the far post, the tacit understanding between the two can be seen.

Barcelonas goal to break the deadlock came from the continuous cooperation between the two players. After receiving the right pass, Gritzman volleyed the ball to Suarez behind him. The Uruguayans kept pushing forward and Gritzman hit the goal with his left foot against offside. Although Merrett completed the rescue, Suarez continued to push through the door. Suarez and Gritzman use the flying cushion to complete the vertical wall collision. This kind of kicking is extremely rare.

In the 56th minute, Gritzman scored his Barcelona career debut. Alenia direct pass, Alba left anti-offside inserted. Suarez, who appeared in the centre of the pitch, did not move forward at this time, which made Napolis two centre-backs waiting in place to defend the Uruguayan. At this point, Gritzman suddenly plunged forward from the right side of the penalty area and easily pushed through the door at the back. Suarezs immobility this time directly destroyed the Naples defence.

Seeing such sweet moments as Suarez and Gritzman, would Messi, a lonely man, be jealous?

In the early morning of next Saturday, Beijing time, Barcelona will play Biba away in the first round of the league. Whether Messi can recover in time is still a question mark. Gritzmans rapid integration into Barcelona has made the Red and Blue Army temporarily free from fear of attack. The reason why Barcelona signed him was to find a Plan B candidate for Messi.

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