Warm-up - The toughest man scored Inters 1-1 penalty 7-6 win over Valencia

 Warm-up - The toughest man scored Inters 1-1 penalty 7-6 win over Valencia

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Ikardi and Inters new summer signing Lukaku did not play. In the fifth minute, Soleil missed a long shot from outside the restricted area. In the 10th minute, Cameros shot was saved by Handanovic in the restricted area, and Devry was about to clear the ball from the bottom line. In the 15th minute, Corquillin fired a long shot from outside the restricted area. The ball hit his teammate Gamero and flew out of the baseline. In the 20th minute, Senxi passed directly and Domenech grabbed the ball first.

In the 23rd minute, Martinez was fouled with the ball. Inter got a free kick. Brozovics free kick was blocked by a wall. In the 25th minute, Darbert was thrown down by a gas foul. The referee showed the yellow card to the gas. In the 29th minute, after Gamero hit back with the ball, Handanovic blocked Rodrigos shot.

Thirty-eighth minute, Golders left pass, Solar forbidden area middle way bent down to break the door, Valencia 1-0 lead! At the end of the first half after 2 minutes, Valencia temporarily led Inter 1-0 at home.

At the beginning of the second half, Valencia replaced the old Inter players Kondobia, Silesen and Piccini, but Inter did not. In the 46th minute, Kondobia took the ball to the left side outside the penalty area to shoot long, and the ball was caught by Handanovic. In the 52nd minute, Shriniar was booked for a foul. In the 58th minute, Dalbert shot high from outside the restricted area. In the 63rd minute, Handanovic saved Cameros long-range shot. In the 67th minute, Valencia made a mistake in the back field. The ball was turned and shot at the top of Martinezs forbidden area arc. Silesen threw the ball out.

In the 80th minute, Korean junior general Lee Kang-jen came on as a substitute. In the 81st minute, Cherishev fouled Esposito in the penalty area, the referee blew the penalty, and then Politano fouled the penalty, and Inter equalized 1-1!

In the 90th minute, Cherishev single-knifed into the left side of the restricted area, shaking Handanovich and shooting at the empty door at a small angle, Devry cleared the line. At the end of the 90-minute regular match, the two teams drew 1-1 and went straight into the penalty shoot-out.

Li Kangrens first penalty in penalty shoot-out

Valencia kicked first in the penalty shoot-out, Li Kangren and Galliardini in the first round, Torres and Bessino in the second round, Cherishev and DiMarco in the third round, Gomez and Esposito in the fourth round, Palejo and Longo in the fifth round, and Kondobia and Asamoa in the sixth round.

In the seventh round, Valencia defender Gary kicked the penalty and then Bastony scored the penalty. Inter eventually beat Valencia 7-6 away on penalties.

Valencias lineup 433: Domenech (46Syleson)/Vas (46Piccini), Paulista, Gary, Gaya (64Ruiz)/Koquillin (46Condobia), Pareho, Golders (80Torres)/Soleil (64Cherishev), Rodrigo (80Li Kangren), Gamero (64Gomez)

Inters team 352: Handanovic / Denbrocio, Devry, Shriniar (70Bastony) / Candreva (88Longo), Barrera (70Becino), Brozovic (88Barero), Sensi (70Galliardini), Darbert (70Asamoa) / Martinez (70E) Sposito, Politano (88DiMarco)

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