Hong Kong citizens went to Li Zhiyings residence to pull a banner to protest: American Walkers

 Hong Kong citizens went to Li Zhiyings residence to pull a banner to protest: American Walkers

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Hong Kong citizens went to Li Zhiyings residence to pull a banner to protest against the harbor chaos caused by the tragic dog disaster in the United States (Source:)

Li Zhiying, the owner of Hong Kong One Media, was not only interviewed by the Vice President and Secretary of State of the United States to talk about Hong Kong affairs, but also exposed to foreign men who met secretly in the hotels charter shop recently. During the dinner, he shouted, Welcometo HK and welldonewiththesituation! (Welcome to Hong Kong, the situation is very good now!)

Today (10) morning, Hong Kong citizens finally tolerated Li Zhiyings harbour disorder and protested outside his residence, denouncing him as an American walking dog.

According to Hong Kongs East Net on August 10, at about 11.15 a.m., more than 20 Hong Kong citizens went outside Li Zhiyings apartment to pull up huge banners and flash protests, denouncing him as American running dog and master planner of harbor disaster and chaos, and shouting slogans such as Li Zhiying traitor, get out of Hong Kong.

Video capture

The demonstrators stayed for about five minutes before leaving, during which security guards came out to take pictures and photographs.

Video capture

About 20 minutes after their departure, two police officers arrived and asked the security officers for information and records.

Figure from East Network

In fact, Hong Kong has witnessed a series of recent riots and violent incidents, and the unrest of overseas forces in Hong Kong has long aroused discontent among Hong Kong citizens. On the evening of the 9th, when a citizen returned from Beijing, he saw a radical demonstrator waving British and American flags at the airport. He couldnt help exclaiming, Whatashameto Hong Kong!

Video capture

In October 2014, Li Zhiying, the owner of One Media in Hong Kong, was exposed as the behind-the-scenes of the Occupying China Movement in Hong Kong. In July this year, he was met by Vice President Burns of the United States and Secretary of State Pompeo to discuss the development of amending the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and Hong Kongs autonomous status under the one country, two systems.

On July 9, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministrys Hong Kong Office said that the United States knows who Li Zhiying is, what position she has always held and what role she plays in Hong Kong society. During the sensitive period of the current situation in Hong Kong, senior US government officials lined up to meet such a person with ulterior motives and sent a serious wrong signal. We express our strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this.

The spokesman pointed out that Hong Kongs individuals, regardless of national dignity and Hong Kongs interests, were willing to serve as a political tool for foreign forces to fight against China and chaos in Hong Kong, wagging their tails and begging for pity and inducing wolves into their homes. Such ugly faces and despicable acts were disgraced by all Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots. These ethnic villains and Hong Kong criminals will always be nailed to the pillar of humiliation in history.

On the evening of the 3rd of this month, Li Zhiying, Chairman of the founding Party of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, Li Zhuming, former Chief Secretary of Government, Chen Fang An-sheng, and Cardinal Chen Rijun of the Catholic Church were joined by a foreign man, the secret society.

Li Zhiying (left) from the Eastern Network

Hong Kong media Dianxin posted in the social media that the above-mentioned people were waiting for dinner in a high-end western restaurant in the Lishan Building in Central. Subsequently, the hotel stopped entertaining anyone because it was full.

According to the public, Li Zhiying declared to the people present in English: WelcometoHK and welldone with hthesituation (Welcome to Hong Kong, this is a good situation) Yunyun.

In this regard, some people were very surprised that members of the opposition and Li Zhiying and others had contacted foreigners during this period and made such ambiguous remarks that there is absolutely a suspicion of selling and disrupting Hong Kong. There are also netizens who scold the above people for eating blood steamed bread for the younger generation!

On August 6, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying, in response to the wrong comments made by Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Pelosi on Hong Kong-related issues, once again warned the relevant politicians of the United States to immediately stop condoning violent crimes and stopping gross interference in Hong Kong affairs. Any attempt to create chaos and undermine Hong Kongs prosperity and stability will be firmly opposed by all the Chinese people, including the vast majority of Hong Kong compatriots. Any foreign intervention forces will surely set themselves on fire and bring their own fruits.

Source: Observers Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499