Band Together Guanxuan! List of 40 musicians released

 Band Together Guanxuan! List of 40 musicians released

Among the lead singers, Jiang Dunhao and Yu Wei have been the typical representatives of the new forces in the Chinese music world. They have shown strong strength on the stage of the well-known music variety shows in China and have absorbed countless powders. Mingliang and Chen Yueyi have also accumulated considerable popularity in the variety shows with their youthful image and high voice, which are very popular with fans. His group Yang Chuqiao, Deng Shiwei and others are also familiar faces in the musician circle, and for Guitar enthusiasts, they are male gods of idol level. This time in the stage of Band Together, the audience cant wait to see what kind of new inspiration and creativity can be brought to the band by the masters moves. Successfully attracted potential stock musicians to join, Band Together stage charm can also be seen.

High-powered Learning Battle Team vs. Soft Heaven Team with Award Advocate

Not afraid that the musicians have culture, they are afraid to understand music are learning hegemony. After the announcement of the list of players, Band Together Hiti high-energy learning hegemony team. Guitar group Li Jinwei comes from MI Conservatory of Music, which trains young pop musicians such as Zhou Bichang and Cai Jianya, while NICK and Lu Kehao come from Berkeley Conservatory of Music, which is also the worlds top music institute. The professional training of world-class music institutes is not only for musiciansmusical elements. Maintaining the aesthetic strength of music and keeping the bottom, the musiciansheads are covered with a layer of academic hegemony.

Among the Guanxuan musicians, another group of award endorsers have won the Hand Soft Heaven Group. They have already won the awards in their respective fields of Chinese music, or several top endorsements: Miao Yifan has won the 2016 Schecter Guitar Competition champion, 2018 Ibanezflying fingers China Champion, and Lin Shuo is the excellent music of Ibanez flying fingers 2018. Hand, Deng Shiwei is the spokesperson of Erine Ball in the United States, and Yang Chumian is the spokesperson of Switch Chinese image of Japanese handmade guitar and the spokesperson of Laoqi pickup in China. The battle between the Xueba battle team and the Powerful Heavenly Regiment is ready to start. Uncertainty adds a stronger sense of suspense and visibility to Band Together.

Mingming can depend on the face value, but on the strength, musicians can also play the same Yan value: Yujie Fans Zhong Ziyi, cool-tide teenager Wang Zhenghao (Volume), type male Sang Tian and Sino-American mixed Nick... This Band Together can not only pick the band, but also give high-profile musician C to make the audience more pleasant and pleasant. The rest of the four groups of musicians in Band Together are being released in succession, fighting together, FUN together! Hi, the band tour of summer vacation is about to start!

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