Hong Kong citizens spontaneously gather to support parents to watch their children distinguish between black and white

 Hong Kong citizens spontaneously gather to support parents to watch their children distinguish between black and white

On August 10, the citizens went to Kwun Tong Police Station to hand over a condolence card to the police.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, August 10 (Reporters Zhou Wenqi, Liu Mingyang, Qiu Bo) Sunny morning, Hong Kong. At the gate of Kwun Tong Police Station, Pang Zhisheng, 36, had just finished carrying the mineral water to the police, handed out a condolence card, waved his national flag and jointly shouted Asir refuel with his colleagues. His face was covered with sweat.

I dont feel hard. The police have been working hard these days. They have worked overtime and some people have been injured. They have paid a lot to maintain the rule of law in Hong Kong and the peace of our citizens. Thank them very much. Pang Zhisheng said he hoped the police would continue to enforce the law rigorously and bring illegal and radical demonstrators to justice.

On the 10th, the National Police Day was launched by the Major Alliance for the Guardianship of Hong Kong. Many citizens have participated in the activities and spontaneously went to Kwun Tong, Central District, Kwai Chung and other police stations to express their gratitude and support to the police officers.

In Kwun Tong Police Station, hundreds of citizens came to support the police in about an hour. Some of them sent pictures of police cartoons and cards of love; some waved small flags and district flags to take happy pictures with the police; others sent biscuits, mineral water and other materials to the police.

Within the Central Police Station, about 10 kilometers away from Kwun Tong Police Station, dozens of citizens cheered on the police by holding colored cards with the slogans Thank you for protecting Hong Kong and shouting Support the police and Against violence.

At the Central Police Station, reporters saw Cai Zhizhong, 56, and his friends together deliver condolence cards and mineral water to the police. He said that he had come to support the police deliberately. The police are an important force in maintaining Hong Kongs prosperity and stability. If they were overwhelmed by people with ulterior motives, it would cause greater damage to Hong Kong.

As a businessman, Cai Zhizhong is very concerned about Hong Kongs economic development. Affected by the violence, Hong Kongs economy is facing some difficulties. It is hoped that radical demonstrators will stop the violence and not destroy the prosperity and stability that generations of Hong Kong have worked hard to achieve. He said that he would continue to participate in supporting police activities in the future, and hoped that the police could make continuous efforts to stop the riots as soon as possible.

On August 10, Hong Kong citizens came to the Central District Police Station to cheer on the police.

Near noon, a group of citizens came to Kwai Chung Police Station to express their condolences to the police. They hold slogans and banners and shout slogans such as Anti-violence, Protecting the Rule of Law. The children sent hand-painted cards with the words Thank you for your hard work in protecting Hong Kong and our home for two months.

Mr. Chen, in his 30s, came to the police station with his wife and children. During this period, the police are very hard, sticking to their posts and maintaining public order. Its not easy. Our whole family supports them. He said.

Mr. Chens children also drew a heart card and sent it to the police. Let the next generation know how to love peace, how to do things, and hope that social order can be restored as soon as possible, and do not want to see violence happen again. He said.

Miss Li, who works in the insurance industry, also brought three children to Kwai Chung Police Station. She said that radical demonstrators continued to use violence against the police, causing widespread disruption and disorder. Fortunately, they were guarded by police forces to maintain public order. To bring children together is to let them understand right and wrong from an early age.

Hong Kong is the home of all our citizens. We must take good care of it. We must not allow a small number of radical demonstrators to continue to destroy our homes and disrupt our lives. Miss Li said.

Hong Kong police officer Wang Weikang, Kwai Chung District Commander, said he was very happy to see many citizens come to refuel the police. This shows that most of the citizens agree with the police work, and the police will continue to perform their duties according to law.

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