Chinas first generation of artificial meat is on the market next month: the difficulty of cholesterol-free is taste

 Chinas first generation of artificial meat is on the market next month: the difficulty of cholesterol-free is taste

With the R&D and manufacturing enterprises of artificial meat, such as Bill Gates, being popular in the market, and the introduction of artificial meat hamburgers by fast food brands such as Burger King in the United States, artificial meat has become a new outlet.

Li Jian, an associate professor at the School of Food and Health, Beijing University of Commerce and Industry, has collaborated with the plant meat brand to develop the first generation of artificial meat products in China, which are expected to be on the market in September. A reporter from Changjiang Daily entered Li Jians laboratory on the 9th to reveal the first generation of artificial meat in China. A person in charge of an enterprise who intends to cooperate with Li Jian told Changjiang Daily that the forthcoming vegetable artificial meat moon cake imitates the old Shanghai fresh meat moon cake. Many old Shanghai residents have been invited to conduct comparative tests. Most of the tasters can not distinguish the difference between the two. The main raw materials are soybean protein and soybean protein. Bowl bean protein. In addition to the taste close to real meat, zero cholesterol has become another selling point.

Hard Conditions for Underground Experiments

Difficulty or Taste in Developing Artificial Meat

Li Jian is an associate professor at the School of Food and Health, Beijing Business University. His team has been focusing on the analysis of plant meat ingredients for two years, striving to eliminate odorous ingredients in plant protein. On the 9th, a reporter from Yangtze Daily saw on the spot that his two laboratories were located in the basement of the teaching building of the college, and the conditions were rather harsh.

Li Jian told Changjiang Daily that the team has been working on the analysis of plant meat components and flavor for more than two years, mainly to solve the problem of plant protein odor, and how to use natural plant-derived molecules to improve the taste of plant meat. By extracting the flavor substances from plant protein raw materials and analyzing them, we can see what the odor ingredients are. At present, some progress has been made.

Li Jian demonstrated to reporters one of the instruments used to analyze flavor: samples can be separated after entering the instrument, one part is used to make gas chromatography, the other part is used to identify its components by smelling and other methods. Artificial vegetable meat, which is closer to real meat, can be obtained by stripping off some odor components.

In an interview with the Changjiang Daily, Li Jian said that the biggest challenge facing the artificial meat is how to develop artificial meat food suitable for Chinese taste. First, we need to realize crushed meat products such as dumplings and meatballs, and then develop artificial meat products such as steak, ribs and braised pork.

Asked about the biggest difficulty and threshold, Li Jianluo pondered and answered, The taste is a very complex scientific question. Every food we smell is caused by hundreds or even thousands of volatile substances. How to analyze the material basis of these flavors and remove some bad substances is a major difficulty we are facing.

Pursuing 5D simulation

Man-made meat can also be chirped

Reporters from Changjiang Daily met with the founder of a new brand of vegetable meat that came to talk about cooperation in Li Jian Laboratory. Two young founders returning from overseas study told the Changjiang Daily: Our brand has just been established this year, hoping to produce some plant meat products that meet the national taste, the most important principle to follow is delicious. We emphasize the concept of 5D simulation, which simulates animal meat from color, fragrance, taste and sound. Many people dont understand the sound. In fact, when cooking Chinese food, the sound of choking meat slices and fried fish will stimulate peoples appetite. We hope that our pure plant products can be highly simulated at these five levels.

The reporter of Changjiang Daily asked, When can I get your artificial meat? Lu Zhongming, the founder of the brand, laughed and said, Our products are advancing rapidly to the market. We are making great efforts to prepare and improve our products. The first product this year is plant-based artificial meat mooncakes imitating old Shanghai fresh meat mooncakes. Many old Shanghai people have been asked to compare and test them. Many people are not clear. And the natural advantage of vegetable protein is no cholesterol, suitable for the three high population.

Plants artificial meat has just started and has great prospects.

Xue Yan, secretary-general of the China Plant Food Industry Alliance, told the Changjiang Daily that the production of artificial meat is of great significance for the sustainable development of mankind. The United Nations predicts that the global population will reach about 9.6 billion by 2050. If we still follow the current diet, especially the consumption habits of meat products, the meat products on the planet will not be enough to meet the consumption needs of nearly 10 billion people. Considering food safety, vegetable meat is a very good solution. Firstly, vegetable protein has a very large industrial base in China. If it can match the taste and taste of animal meat, it will serve more people with fewer resources, which is beneficial to the earths environment and ecological balance.

Li Jian and Xue Yan both stressed to Changjiang Daily that vegetable meat should be one of the important directions of food research and development in the future. It will save three to four times the raw materials. Now it is just the beginning stage.

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