Peoples Daily: Developing economy and improving peoples livelihood are the foundation of Hong Kongs Society

 Peoples Daily: Developing economy and improving peoples livelihood are the foundation of Hong Kongs Society

Recently, the violent activities of radical violence in Hong Kong have seriously impacted the rule of law, social order, economy and peoples livelihood and international image of Hong Kong. More and more Hong Kong citizens are no longer the silent majority and have come forward to fight violence, support the police force, protect the rule of law and security. The voice from the hearts of most citizens reflects a simple and simple truth that developing the economy and improving peoples livelihood are the foundation of Hong Kongs society.

The negative impact of violent and illegal practices on Hong Kongs economy and peoples livelihood is increasingly evident, which not only makes it difficult to alleviate Hong Kongs difficult livelihood problems, but also makes it impossible to cope with the increasing downside risks of the economy. The actions of radical violence have not only damaged the development achievements accumulated by generations in Hong Kong, but also hindered the development of Hong Kong.

Needless to say, today Hong Kong is facing challenges such as the relative weakening of traditional advantages and the formation of new economic growth points. There are deep-seated problems such as land, housing and upward mobility of youth. The formation of these problems not only has complex historical factors, social roots, but also has international background. Solving these problems is not a one-day effort, nor can they be put in place one step at a time. To pan-politicize social problems and create antagonism and confrontation artificially will only make them worse. Only development is the golden key to solving Hong Kongs problems.

A society caught up in conflict, confrontation and internal friction can hardly develop. If Hong Kong is in turmoil, the whole society will have to pay for it. Hong Kongs top priority is to stop the riots, restore social order as soon as possible, get out of political disputes, seize the foundation of development, and concentrate on economic development and improving peoples livelihood. The SAR government and the whole society should try their best to take more effective measures, especially to help young people solve their practical difficulties in housing, education, employment and entrepreneurship.

The sustained and rapid development of the country has provided Hong Kong with rare opportunities, inexhaustible momentum and vast space for its development. In recent years, the central government has strongly supported Hongkongs economic development and improvement of peoples livelihood, and supported Hongkongs advantages and role in participating in the major development strategies such as the one belt along the way construction and the construction of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. Relevant departments of the central government have continuously introduced a number of policies and measures to facilitate the development of Hong Kong residents in the mainland, so that Hong Kong residents, especially young people in Hong Kong, will have more opportunities for development.

A gentlemans business is based on his own principles. Hong Kong has accumulated a good family base by relying on the unremitting development of several generations. It has many favorable conditions for development and unique competitive advantages, but it can not withstand ups and downs. A Hong Kong that focuses on developing its economy and improving peoples livelihood will have a brighter and brighter future.

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