The anchor is strong: America will not want to withdraw for this matter, will it?

 The anchor is strong: America will not want to withdraw for this matter, will it?

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Strong: For this matter, the United States will not want to withdraw again, right? (Source:)

CCTV news and new media launched Anchor Talking and Broadcasting. Today we listen to the anchors strong talk about which news in the broadcast?


Today, a news broadcast on the Internet said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reiterated that the RMB exchange rate is in line with Chinas economic fundamentals. Experts translated this saying, meaning that China did not manipulate the exchange rate, and the US side had no basis for listing China as a manipulator of the exchange rate the other day.

Look, even international organizations cant afford it. I wonder how those people in Washington reacted to the report. Would you like to quit again? There have been many examples of this in the past. Once something cannot be manipulated by the United States, it will be withdrawn. This time, does the United States want to withdraw? Who knows? However, to be honest, the United States would regret losing its control and inappropriate invisible group owner in such a large fund group.

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