For the most beautiful sunset, General Secretary Xi Jinping cared about the old to support section of civil life

 For the most beautiful sunset, General Secretary Xi Jinping cared about the old to support section of civil life


The sunset is the most beautiful.

Warm environment, peaceful life, need to do a solid and meticulous pension service security work, so that tens of millions of elderly people have support, dependence, happiness and security.

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important instructions and put forward a series of clear requirements for the old-age security and service work.

Recently, Xinhua News Agency reporters visited some old-age service places visited by General Secretary Xi Jinping to learn about the implementation of relevant important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the development of old-age service security work.

[Story 1] Although the wind and frost are all over the face, the days are colorful.

The senior model team of Four Seasons Youth Home for the Aged in Haidian District, Beijing is rehearsing (photographed on August 9). Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xinzhan

A spring breeze blew into the Four Seasons Home for the Elderly, that is, on December 28, 2013, Chairman Xi came to our Home for the Elderly to visit the elderly...

On that day, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the old people and talked with them cordially, asking them with concern about their health, family and living conditions in the nursing home. He calls for strengthening the management of pension service institutions, enhancing safety awareness and improving service quality, so that every elderly person can live a safe, quiet and comfortable life, and can live a long and healthy life and enjoy a happy old age.

Zhang Jin, a member of the modelling team, once felt depressed that she had become a third-class old man waiting to eat, sleep and die when she entered the nursing home, but the colorful life here made her smile. Just like a Lyric singing,Now we are full of wind and frost, but the years left behind are colorful. Zhang Jin said.

Nowadays, the old people are in a comfortable mood and have no worries about life here. On the basis of the original clinic, in recent years, the Home for the Elderly has also cooperated with the Space Center Hospital of Peking University to build a national demonstration nursing home for the aged, opened a green emergency channel, established a service mechanism of regular free consultation, patrol and sitting consultation by experts, and gradually realized terminal docking with the hospital information system.

Headache and brain heat clinic, go to the hospital can also take the green channel, it is much more convenient. Zhang Jinle said happily.

[Journalists Notes

Peoples livelihood is no trivial matter, pension services are no trivial matter.

Improving the service quality of nursing homes is related to the well-being of more than 200 million elderly people, especially more than 40 million disabled and semi-disabled elderly people in their later years. It is also related to their childrens work and life. It is a major event involving the quality of life of the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized this.

We should not only solve the current problems, but also form a long-term mechanism. In recent years, regulations such as Regulations for the Management of Old-age Institutions have been promulgated successively, and national standards such as Basic Standards for the Service Quality of Old-age Institutions have also been promulgated one after another. The services enjoyed by the elderly in the old-age institutions are moving towards standardization and standardization.

[Story 2] Serving the elderly at home has great potential in the community.

Lin Dan (middle), Secretary of the Military Gate Community Party Committee of Dongjie Street, Gulou District, Fuzhou, greets old diner Liu Jianguo (left) and his wife at the Community Home Care Center for the Elderly (July 30). Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin Shanzhuan

The children are busy working abroad and come back several times a year. Its clean and comfortable, with plenty of lunches and professional nurses, 700 yuan a month for meals, and beds for lunch breaks. Its very intimate. Our old couple are staying for a day now. Liu Jianguo said.

In November 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to investigate. He said that in the old age society, the work of providing for the aged is becoming more and more important. And advise the staff to do a good job.

In our countrys old-age service pattern, community old-age care has a very important position. In the 9064 old-age service pattern implemented in many places, 90% of the elderly provide for the aged at home, 6% in the community and 4% in the old-age service institutions. Among them, the community also plays an important role in providing meals and medical care for the elderly at home.

Over the past few years, the ability of home-based pension service in military community has been greatly improved, not only expanding the service area, but also achieving 24-hour service for the elderly in the community. The nursery, established in 2017, is equipped with five full-time and part-time assistants. It accommodates elderly people over 60 who live alone, live alone and are widowed. It provides a variety of services, and arranges for free doctor visits every day.

Lin Dan, Secretary of the Communities Party Committee and director of the Residential Committee, said, Serving the elderly in the community is our duty and a platform for us to display our talents. Through our continuous efforts, we should make it a warm home for the elderly and make them feel that all the staff members are their own families.

[Journalists Notes

The community is connected by tens of millions of families, showing care for the elderly.

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the care of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China has launched a series of measures to benefit the people in the areas of community endowment and community service for the elderly. It has launched a pilot reform of home and community endowment services to meet the aspirations of the vast majority of elderly people in need to enjoy endowment services at home or in the community.

By the end of 2018, Chinas community endowment service facilities will cover all urban communities and more than 50% of rural communities, and a basic endowment service system based on home, community, institution and medical support will be established.

In tens of millions of communities, more and more elderly people begin to enjoy the happy old age of living at home and in the community.

Story 3: Diversified services and strong social forces

Old people eat in the restaurant of Hongruiyuan Virtual Nursing Home in Lanzhou (photographed on July 31). Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Junjunjun

Near noon, a virtual nursing home restaurant on the street of Hongshangen East Road in Chengguan District of Lanzhou City was crowded with diners, including many elderly people.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping had a detailed understanding of the operation of the virtual nursing home here. He also served steaming meals for the elderly here and wished them New Years greetings.

As usual, 74-year-old Lanzhou citizen Deng Weixian came here at lunchtime. When entering, punching and issuing tickets, he skillfully completes the operation. He only pays 8 yuan for noodles, fish, potato shreds, rapeseed, tomato scrambled eggs and a piece of white rice.

Thanks to the concern of the General Secretary and the good policy of the government, Im the old man who lost his lunch. Deng Weixian retired at home and his children could not take care of him during the working day. He regarded it as a fixed lunch hall. The environment here is good, clean and clean, providing meals suitable for the elderly throughout the year.

In 2009, Chengguan District of Lanzhou established a virtual nursing home led by the government, joined by enterprises, market operation and social participation. The elderly explained their needs through customer service telephone, and the command center would send orders to nearby franchised enterprises to serve the elderly through the network. The virtual nursing home approved the government according to the assessment results of the franchised enterprises. Subsidies.

Lanzhou citizens perform in a rehearsal room in a virtual nursing home (photographed on July 31). Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Junjunjun

Hongruiyuan Virtual Nursing Home Restaurant became the first offline physical stores. Nowadays, besides providing meals for the elderly, it also provides many services, such as medical integration, day care, cultural entertainment, health massage and so on. Some old people form classical art classes, which make it a daily rehearsal place.

At present, there are 126 enterprises joining the virtual nursing home in Chengguan District. They have expanded the old service items into four categories: life care, medical care, spiritual consolation and emergency assistance. More than 120,000 elderly people have been registered in the whole district.

From shopping in the street to washing and cooking, from cleaning and sanitation to massage and escort, a series of personalized services are provided for the elderly, which meet the needs of the elderly at home for the aged, and solve the problem of children having no time and unconditional care for the elderly. Qin Tiantian, director of Chengguan District Virtual Nursing Home, said.

[Journalists Notes

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the number of elderly groups in China is huge, the demand for goods and services for the elderly is huge, and there is a wide space for the development of services and industries for the elderly.

In recent years, the Party and the government have vigorously supported and guided social forces to participate in the development of the old-age service industry, continuously lowered the threshold of institutional access, encouraged and supported the participation of private capital in the old-age service industry from aspects of planning and construction, purchase of services, land supply, preferential tax and fee, subsidy support, and the supply and level of the old-age service. Continuous improvement. Recently, the Opinions on Promoting the Development of Old-age Services launched 28 specific policies and measures to break through the blocking points and eliminate the pain points and further promote the development of this cause.