Super Typhoon Lichma Affected Jiaxing Reporters Returning Scenes

 Super Typhoon Lichma Affected Jiaxing Reporters Returning Scenes

As early as the summer of 1956, Typhoon No. 12 landed on the coast of Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province, reaching a level of over 17, belonging to a super typhoon, ranked first in the intensity of the typhoon landed in Zhejiang Province.

Luo Xia, engineer of Jiaxing Meteorological Service Center: If the typhoon is far away from our city, there will be precipitation in the morning. Rain will obviously weaken. If the wind is strong, it will also be a gradual weakening process. The whole process will basically end tomorrow morning, and the weather will gradually improve. If the weather is warm tomorrow morning, the temperature will gradually improve. It will also rise. The highest temperature will rise to 31 to 32 degrees.

Typhoon Liqima brought heavy rainfall. Since 9, Jiaxing has been experiencing heavy rains. So, how about the overall water level and the situation of urban waterlogging control and drainage in Jiaxing at present? Lets see.

Stable water level for urban waterlogging control and drainage

By 13 oclock on the 10th, the water level of Jingzhen reached 3.75 meters, exceeding the warning level of 0.55 meters. There were nine hydrological monitoring stations in Jiaxing City exceeding the warning level, and nine hydrological monitoring stations with 24-hour rainfall exceeding 50 mm.

At present, the water level of the inland river in Jiaxing city keeps stable.

As the typhoon hit, many workers on construction sites were transferred to centralized settlements. We went to one of them to see how they lived in the settlements.

Resettlement Site Close Resettlement Personnel Confidence

Xiong Baofens heart slowly settled down with free food and accommodation in the resettlement site and the care of many staff members.

Resettlement worker Xiong Baofen: They said its okay. Its impossible to shave such a large house. I feel relieved and stable when I see so many people caring about us.

Affected by Typhoon Lichma, Jiaxing Expressway is also in constant condition. From 6:00 a.m., members of Jiaxing Expressway Administration Brigade patrol the road, investigate dangerous situations and eliminate dangerous situations.

Typhoon Invades Road Administration to Eliminate Risks

Zhang Xiaofeng, Deputy Chief of Road Administration and Legal Department of Jiaxing Highway Administration Brigade: Typhoon is coming. The wind in this ramp is relatively strong. Blow this tree into our ramp and block our ramp.

Zhang Xiaofeng said that because the culvert often accumulated water before, so the typhoon hit, but also the key hidden danger investigation place, although the situation is not as serious as before the renovation, but because it has affected travel, highway administrative staff immediately contacted the owner unit, sent people to deal with the emergency.

Reporters learned that up to 11 noon, Jiaxing Expressway Road Administration staff, a total of 20 cases of investigation and disposal of dangerous situations, mainly involving the collapse of road signs, tree falls, Culvert Water and so on.

In addition, the traffic police departments of our city devote all their efforts to the defense work, start emergency plans, strengthen the traffic command and guidance of key sections, strengthen road patrol, timely disposal of various road hidden dangers, arrange police station management in low-lying areas, culverts and other water-prone areas, timely implementation of traffic control, and actively contact fire control, culvert and other areas. Municipal and other departments exclude dangers.

The comprehensive administrative law enforcement team is the manager of the city. When they meet extreme bad weather such as typhoons, they are still on the front line, where they are needed, where they are. Look at it together.

In the wind and in the rain, the city guards you

The roadside tree was planted for less than a year and was knocked down by a strong wind. Three comprehensive administrative law enforcement officers rushed to the scene immediately and jointly lifted the tree to the roadside.

Reporter Guanjie: In this place behind me, it was originally a large LED billboard. Affected by typhoon weather, the billboard was damaged, and the urban management law enforcement team organized forces to dismantle it.

Mr. Zhu, head of the dance hall: I greet the patrol car. This needs to be handled tightly. Soon, the city manager will come.