Revealing the Real Edition of Korean Business Talk Competition King retires behind the scenes as Boss

 Revealing the Real Edition of Korean Business Talk Competition King retires behind the scenes as Boss

Around 2005, a large number of talented teenagers emerged in Chinas electric competition circle, such as stars, and they competed in such electric competitions as Starcraft, Warcraft, Heroes League and so on. Over the past ten years, like the retired Korean Chamber of Commerce, they have left the arena, but they have not left the circle. They have become club owners, founders of peripherals around the competition, well-known anchors of the competition, and numerous fans including professional players.

Where Dreams Begin

WCG Influencing the First Generation of Chinas Electric Competition

In July 2019, Sky (second left) attended the WCG2019 Legendary Player Honour Award Ceremony.

The stadium is surrounded by blue and red. The changing lights swept the faces of hundreds of young people on the spot. Two players on the stage were sitting nervously in front of the computer, the keyboard crackled.

On July 20, the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xian is a splendid ocean. Here we are in the top four of the World Electronic Competition (WCG) Warcraft in 2019.

Sky Li Xiaofeng came to the scene to watch the match that day, and he was responsible for the commentary of the match that day. Sitting on the stage were his descendants infi and his old rival Moon. But his old friend Xiao Ot did not come. Xiao Ot, who led the team to win the Kings Glory in the spring of 2019, is busy leading the team to prepare for the Kings Glory World Championship Cup, but he still pays attention to the event in his spare time.

WCG is so special to them. In their time, the largest and most influential competition in the field of electronic competition gathered many of the worlds top players every year.

For teenagers, this is where their dreams begin.

In July 2019, on the occasion of the WCG competition, Miss, a former well-known female competitor, said on her microblog, This is where my dream began. Sky also wrote: WCG represents where dreams begin.

The most unforgettable moment in my career is the moment when I missed three consecutive championships. At that time, my mind was blank and I was reluctant to touch the game for several days. On August 1, Sky told New Beijing News.

In 2007, Sky, 22, won two consecutive WCG World Warcraft Championships and wanted to hit the first three consecutive WCG championships. However, after defeating several opponents, he lost to Creo, a Norwegian player, in the final, and he was in tears.

Friends and opponents are intertwined on this platform.

In my Warcraft career, xiaOt is a very important opponent. In Skys autobiography, he mentioned xiaot 28 times, describing the other side as follows: In the second half of 2005, Chinas World of Warcraft is basically a three-nation romance between xiaot, Suho and me. Three of our top players are there discussing swords in Huashan, while others can only strive for this status as their own pursuit.

Xiao Ot, who has been transferred to the eStar King Glory Division, is laying out tactics for his players.

To Xiao Ots frustration, he has won many domestic championship trophies but never won the WCG World Finals. Sky and I are almost half of the domestic champions, and the results of the training match are five to five. But I still cant get the most desired trophy. Thats life.

In 2010, 18-year-old Ruofeng also stood on the stage of WCG in ignorance. Although the team eventually won only the fourth place, but let the young Ruofeng feel the charm of the top competitions for the first time. After joining the WE team, Ruofeng won the runner-up of the WCG China Heroes League in 2011 and the World Final of the WCG Heroes League in 2013.

I like WCG so much. A young player from the Heroes League said, The scene of Sky winning the championship and wearing the five-star red flag is more unforgettable, and it also strengthens my determination to enter the industry.

Sky: Warcrafts Emperor curtain closing, electronic competition Li Ning set sail

On July 18, WCG2019 World Finals legendary battle. Sky, the Emperor of the People in the long-distance race, returned to the scene with another top player, Th000, playing a combination of Korean players Moon and Lyn in the form of 2V2.

Although the Emperor has lost, his skill is not bad. Although Sky eventually lost the game by a score of 0:2, Tang Chen (pseudonym) who watched the whole game was still very excited. Seeing Sky in the game, how many Warcraft fans are looking forward to.

Since retirement in 2015, Sky has little time to study games. He is becoming more and more accustomed to his new role, the leader of WE Club Heroes League and the founder of Titanium Technologies, a Chinese computer hardware peripheral brand. Sky appeared on the scene as a sponsor and partner of WCG, chatting and laughing with the sponsors and business leaders.

In fact, in 2012, we are thinking about the next step. At that time, the Warcraft fever was gradually replaced by the hero league. There was only one WCG in the frequent events. It was also rumored that the WCG would be suspended in 2013. Sky has to think about the future because of the risk of no game to play.

He tried to broadcast live on the platform, but the effect was not good. Im a strong winner and loser. Its easy for me to get caught up in the rhythm of the game and refuse to talk. I cant interact with fans anytime.

In 2015, Sky decided to enter the competitive peripheral market. He and his old friend Yang Pei created Titanium Technology, which is the main hardware peripheral. At that time, there was no well-known professional brand in China, and I think it would be a market with huge business opportunities. Sky, keen to win, is concerned that the outbreak of electronic competition is bound to drive the growth of the hardware peripheral market.

In July 2015, Sky Li Xiaofeng attended the first Titanium Degree Conference as CEO of the company. He excitedly explained the future trend of Titanium Degree to nearly 100 celebrities including Wang Sicong and Ruofeng. At the same time, he announced that the first product was officially released. Real-time data feedback from live broadcasting platform shows that more than 1 million fans watch live broadcasting.

Titanium R&D and production of a number of competitive mouse and mechanical keyboard, but the development process is not smooth, product development and supply chain integration also suffered setbacks repeatedly. Sky was impressed. In order to make the companys first mouse more technological, Titanium Degree was equipped with sensors, which can record usersheart rate, click, mobile speed and other intelligent applications. However, usersacceptance of these intelligent applications is not ideal. On the contrary, because of the complex structure and function, the batch problem appeared before the mouse left the factory.

Sky led the team to re-adjust the mouse function and test thousands of mouse clicks one by one to ensure that they can be used properly before being repackaged.

Over the years, predictions of game trends have also been applied to business. In 2018, mobile FPS games such as Jedi Survival were popular all over the world. Titanium Technologies shifted the focus of its products to headphone business, continuously launched a number of game headphones, and invited professional players at home and abroad to experience the use of them in WCG competitions.

I hope to be a sports equipment company like Li Ning and provide professional peripheral products for China Competition. Sky said.

Ruofeng: Youth on the slash, his favorite identity is club owner.

Live broadcasting, reaching; game commentary, reaching; event organizer, reaching; club owner, reaching.

After retirement in 2013, Ruofeng has tried many things in the electric race circle in six years, like a slash youth. Before retirement, he had not considered the future too thoroughly. He found that his life would be tied up with the competition.

Of all the identities, Ruofengs favorite is club owner.

At that time, the original intention was very simple, that is, to find suitable young players, after professional training into the professional arena, to help them realize their dream of electronic competition. On July 31, if the wind explained to reporters the origin of the Dream Plan. This is similar to the K&K Club which was formed after the retirement of Korean Business Talk in the play.

Every electrician has the selfishness to build a team of his own, if the wind is no exception. More importantly, the team can find an entrance for young seeds to enter the competitive industry.

In June 2017, Ruofeng announced the launch of the Electric Competition Dream Plan and will join its newly established Team Fighter team in the LSPL League of Heroes League.

LSPL is the first division of the Heroes League and the only channel to LPL, the highest competition of the Heroes League. On August 3, a veteran fan of the competition said, Many talents in the LPL league are transported from the LSPL tournament. Including RNG teams MING, IG teams NING and other players, are trained from the club in this system.

During that time, Ruofeng received letters of recommendation from all over the country every day, hoping to join the team. If the wind will also go to the team training room at any time, pass on his past experience and knowledge of the game to the team members, and cooperate with the team coach to guide the training.

Although the teams performance is average, it has trained a number of professional players. Including Haro of the EDG team and Nanzhu of the LGD team in the LOL tournament, they both entered the top tournament from TF. Ruofeng said, Its nice to see them in top competitions now.

In 2019, the EDG official said that when examining the new players, Haros game role is a real story, which also let the coaching team immediately make important decisions.

When transporting players to higher-level clubs, it not only helps new players to appear in the top tier, but also enables teams to rely on players to trade for self-transfusion. On Aug. 2, a competitive practitioner analyzed the survival mode of the LSPL league team to reporters.

In 2018, Ruofeng and his old teammate, Strawberry, formed a team called Team Fire to attack the Jedi Survival Game. There is a high expectation for the Jedi Survival Club relative to the Alliance of Heroes. Because the club is not far from home, Ruofeng once stayed in the club, not only supervising the training of the players, but also often accompanying the team to watch every training match.

The club did not develop smoothly in the Jedi Survival Market. Despite the great achievements in the various competitions in 2018, in early 2019, due to the undulating results and the long time of inability to self-hematopoiesis, Ruofeng had considered dissolving the club or selling it to others.

There were only 230,000 yuan left on the clubs account at that time. Ruofeng said, Its really frustrating to throw in a team of 1 million yuan and fail to get up late. This is similar to the continuous loss of K&K China Branch of HanShang Dian.

The playersenthusiasm for the game changed his mind. In the event that the wind has no choice but to say that they may change hands in the team, the team members are hoping to let go of the game one after another.

They even offered to lower their salaries, hoping to stay on the pitch. This reminds me of the competition is the whole world itself. After thinking for a long time, Ruofeng decided to continue to invest in the battle team, For the battle team! I dont believe I cant live.

XiaOt: From childhood T to total T, 17 years still dream

Xiaot is the prototype of Korean business talk in TV dramas. One fan wrote in his circle of friends, Before retirement, he was the God of the circle. After retirement, he led his team to win many championships.

The glory of being king for three years, after six sessions of KPL, this time finally won! On June 15, when eStar won RNG.M. 4-2 and won the first championship trophy in the history of the team, xiaot rushed excitedly to the players on the stage and hugged them tightly.

I feel happier than any previous championship. On the night of winning the championship, xiaot, who ended the celebration party, leaned on the sofa, with a blank mind.

In 2014, xiaot, who retired for two years, decided to create the eStar team. At that time, it was a three-no-battle team. On August 1, xiaot recalled to reporters. At that time, the competitive industry was not favored by the market. He had contacted several investors, but they were politely rejected. With a bite of his teeth, xiaot sold his old house and took out his savings over the years. He collected more than 2 million yuan and smashed it all in.

In the selection of events, after repeated consideration, xiaot chose Blizzards new Storm Hero and Blizzards game will not be inferior in influence.

Under the leadership of xiaot, eStar nearly monopolized all the championships. In 2015, we won 19 of the 20 national champions of Storm Heroes and earned more than 3 million bonuses for the whole year.

That year, Sky, an old friend, said in his microblog, When Little T becomes Old T, and emotionally expressed that Old T chooses to rush into the Red Sea of professional athletes at his age, and continue to fight, and achieve such good results, let me admire it! Come on, youre the oldest person in the competition circle than I am!

At the beginning of 2016, mobile hand tour led by Kings Glory swept the market, which has a trend of replacing end tour. XiaOt decided to set up the Kings Glory Division. Good competition ecology and huge user groups, so that the Kings Glory is bound to become a very potential new generation of competition projects.

But its not easy to get to the top in this competition. Although the team won the Jinan City Championship and the Kings Glory Championship in the first month of its establishment, it was still unable to win the League title.

It feels like the fate of xiaot. I have won countless competitions, but the most desirable trophy has always been lost, a fan of many years told reporters.

Unbelieving xiaot decided to be the head coach of the team and rebuild the framework of the team. For more than a year, xiaot spent 10 hours a day leading the team through continuous training, competition and resumption.

After all, I used to be a contestant, knowing thatBelieve in yourselfis the key belief. If you doubt yourself, you cant beat anyone. Xiao Ot put all the pressure on him. Fortunately, eStar rebounded after losing the first round of the playoffs, beating several powerful opponents in succession and winning the cup successfully.

Didnt the success of the Jedis ascent after its survival seem like a particularly bloody story? Xiao Ot is quite proud, Thats the charm of competition, and thats why Ive been in this industry for 17 years and Im still going on.

Change and unchangeability

From Wang Sicong to Tencent Telecom Competition Industry from Grassroots to Professional

The competitive environment is much better than before. In retrospect, Sky lamented, Whether outside perception of the competition, club environment, playersown value and netizens attention, are far more than in that year.

In November 2018, when iG defeated FNC 3-0 and China Club won the first World Championship Cup of Heroes League, Wang Sicong, founder of iG Club, who supervised the battle on the spot, was overwhelmed with excitement. According to Tencent Sports Official Report, the number of people watching the finals exceeded 200 million, of which more than 90% came from China. In microblogging, iG champion and other topics are triggered 780 million reading, 972,000 discussions.

I have communicated with him, hoping he can do something for the industry. Pele, founder of WE Club, told Beijing News. Wang Sicong once said that the reason why he entered the competition circle was that he wanted to help the players and clubs to make the circle more benign when he saw that they were not living well.

In 2012, Wang Sicong and Pele led the establishment of the China Electronic Sports Club Alliance to establish a clear trading, transfer and leasing system for the registration, management, transfer and competition supervision of domestic professional electronic sports teams. The purpose of establishing the alliance is to improve the extensive situation of the industrys immature mode, irregular competition and unstable team, and to establish a systematic professional league system. Just like the NBA, make the cake bigger, Pele said.

One year later, Tencent officially built LPL, the top professional league in LOL, built a more complete professional league system, and the heroic League went to the road of professionalization thoroughly.

In fact, although the hero League tended to be professional as early as 2012, clubs are still struggling to find ways to develop. At that time, according to the statistics of LOL team revenue by French competitive media, WE earned $260,000 in 2012, while iG only earned $130,000. These funds were not enough to pay for venues and other hardware costs, while most other clubs were in a loss state.

This situation did not change until 2015.

In 2015, the outbreak of the Hero Alliance in the domestic market attracted the attention of many capitalists, and more and more capital began to pour into the industry. Unlike the earliest sponsorship of computer peripherals, more and more traditional industries are coming in. Guo Weiling said, The involvement of these advertisers has promoted the influence of the competitive industry in the traditional field.

Before the coming of the S8 season, the well-known sports brand NIKE invited RNG player UZI as its global spokesperson. According to media reports, the cooperation made UZI the first electrician to appear in top brand advertisements. Mercedes-Benz, Erie, KFC and other brands also find RNG clubs and invite each other to speak for themselves.

In fact, another phenomenal competitive product in China, King Glory, also has sponsors such as McDonalds, vivo and Pudong Development Bank credit cards.

According to the semi-annual report of China Game Industry 2019 released by gamma data, the actual sales revenue of Chinas e-sports game market in January-June 2019 was 51.32 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 22.8%, higher than the growth rate of Chinas game market in the same period. The competitive environment is totally different now than before. Many players in their early 20s earned only a few thousand yuan a month, and with the misreading of the industry and future considerations, they naturally hoped to find another stable job, said Xiao Ot. Now top players can earn millions of dollars a year. Without worries, they can naturally invest more in the competitive industry.

Li Weijia, editor of Xu Zilin, an intern of Tan Che, a journalist of the Beijing News, proofread Yang Xuli

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056