Shopping mall glass bursts, falls and injures passers-by. Augusts baby and boy are covered in blood

 Shopping mall glass bursts, falls and injures passers-by. Augusts baby and boy are covered in blood

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Glass burst, fell and injured passers-by. In August, the baby and boy were covered with blood! ___________ Shopping mall: Its too hot (Source: ~)

Recently, when Ms. Zhu passed a shopping mall with her child in her arms, a piece of glass suddenly fell off the door of the shopping mall. Fortunately, Ms. Zhu took care of the child and did not hit the child.

Although a month has passed, Ms. Zhus leg was scratched by glass, and now it is still clearly visible! Its about 25 centimeters long and has seven stitches.

Ms. Zhu: (Suddenly) I dropped a piece of glass from the top of my head and nursed my child. Otherwise, all the glass would hit the childs head directly, and the child would be dead. My childs head and arms were covered with blood. I held her, and my clothes were stained with blood, and then my leg was covered with blood. A good thing is a deep cut. Think about it. Its just fear. Its because hes still young. Its only eight months. If its such a long cut, is it because he has glass on the child, what will it be?

Jiaozuo Jingwen Department Store Manager Gao Manager: We have a replacement every year, because that belongs to toughened glass, it is a double-layer glass on the top floor, but this years weather may be a bit unusual, that is, it is very hot, after it exploded, the middle layer of glue is very hot, if it may be. Its a little soft, and then it falls down.

Nowadays, many large-scale commercial supermarkets have set up such glass rain sets for beautiful appearance. But for the selection and installation of this glass, whether it is really safe or not, and whether the relevant maintenance measures are really in place, these need relevant enterprises and relevant government departments to go. Think and implement.

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