Media Comments on Drowning Girls with Cerebral Palsy: The familys rationality is chilling

 Media Comments on Drowning Girls with Cerebral Palsy: The familys rationality is chilling

In many cases, people will be frightened by a flash of evil thoughts, but soon you will know that there is a thing called three views and bottom line in the shelter of our hearts, let people keep a trace of warmth.

Perhaps other readers are impressed by the case of Jiangning drowning a girl with cerebral palsy in June last year. In an earlier report, the grandfather who pushed the girl Xiaoxuan into the river said a word and stuffed bricks into her granddaughters schoolbag in order to alleviate her pain. I cant forget the shock of this sentence for a long time. Parents of children with cerebral palsy seem to be able to win some sympathy for their sins. There was a commentary and analysis at that time, considering the motives and social hazards, such murderers may be lightly sentenced. The case of Jiangning may not be more than ten years.

On August 9, the case was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment for grandfather Yang Mousong, who murdered his granddaughter. The girls father Yang Mouxiang, who acquiesced in the murder, was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months imprisonment.

This is an inexhaustible tragedy. Like many parents of children with cerebral palsy, Xiaoxuans parents were divorced under the pressure of hard work. The children were brought up by their father, and grew up under the care of their grandmother alone. During the period, Xiaoxuan also received assistance from the Disabled PersonsFederation. The contradiction happened after Grandma found out that cancer, Yang Mouxiang worried that Grandma could not take care of her granddaughter, so he took the child to Grandpa, but Grandpa firmly refused, claiming that if she brought the child, she would drown in the river.

Later, this proposal sounded like a deafening but untruthful suggestion, but it turned out to be a reality. What else can you feel when something unimaginable happens, except the terrible silence?

I have to say that it does not conform to the model of a hateful but more pitiful tragedy in the stereotype. Xiaoxuans father, Yang Mouxiang, was very pitiful. But after his mother left, he threw the child to his grandmother. He didnt even know what medicine the child usually took. This is not necessarily a story of poverty breaking through the bottom line. Yang Mouxiang is an engineer with an annual income of less than 100,000 yuan and a 90 square meter commercial house under his name. Day after day, year after year, taking care of children with mental deficiencies and unable to take care of themselves can not be imagined by ordinary people. But the problem is that Xiaoxuans grandfather and father have not taken care of the children for a long time, but when problems arise, they almost subconsciously regard the children as hot potatoes. Its a bit light to talk about suffering in such a situation.

What is more chilling is the calmness and even rationality of the family when discussing Xiaoxuans whereabouts. Xiaoxuans father and aunt had discussed in detail how to solve the child. The content came from the chat records of the two men on the Internet and was read out by the prosecutor during the trial. Through the byte sentences, I wonder if I can touch the soft hearts of the people? After Grandpa said that he would push the children into the water, the father still took the children in the past. Everything happened without any hindrance, which numbness makes people unable to digest. Xiaoxuans mother, after divorce, seemed to have no sense of existence in her daughters life.

I dont know if Xiaoxuan has ever been cared for by her relatives. These key details are linked together. In her world, it seems that no one except Grandma regards her as a complete and independent life. In the cold and empty island, only Grandma is such a warm dependence, gently holding the fragile little girl. Once the grandmother falls down, the child falls irretrievably onto the hard ground.

Of course, not everyone has superior conditions, but the hearts of people are always fleshy, right?

Xiaoxuan was not without social relief. At this time, I can not help but think that if professional organizations can intervene in time, if there are more adequate welfare relief, Xiaoxuan children can at least be better off, but more notable is the kind of rational numbness shown by the family.

Such a fragile and weak life, blood relatives in the family, does not seem to arouse much tenderness. Although I would like to understand their difficulties, tiger poison still does not eat food. Xiaoxuans father admits that he is selfish, but what kind of selfishness can make a family conspire to kill a child? In order to get rid of each other, he has to deal with a useless life. Such bitter and hateful plots seem to occur in a moral vacuum. Childrens living is no longer a basic right. Its something that needs to be weighed and calculated.

The barbaric logic behind this seemingly unavoidable logic may require more vigilance. Perhaps it will not always kill innocent lives, but it will always take away other precious things where it stays.

Case of Jiangning Drowning Girls with Cerebral Palsy in Nanjing: Both the Father and Grandpa of the Girls were sentenced

Nanjing Jiangning Drowning Girls Case, which attracts much attention from the society, was pronounced publicly by Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court at first instance. The defendant Yang Shisong was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment for intentional homicide and the defendant Yang Jixiang was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months imprisonment for intentional homicide.