A good boss rewarded a Porsche lad for driving home, but it was tragic.

 A good boss rewarded a Porsche lad for driving home, but it was tragic.

Source: FM93 Voice of Traffic

When many post-90s are still confused about their jobs,

Wenzhous post-90s youth, Xia, has become a winner in life.

Because of the excellent work,

A week ago,

The boss heroically gave him a Porsche sports car!

Xiao Xia has taken heart!

His new car crashed into Taizhou Expressway!

Xiaoxia, 28, works in the Internet industry in Hangzhou. Despite his young age, he has been working hard in the society very early. He has worked in the company for nearly 10 years. He is an old employee, and his professional ability is very outstanding. He has created a lot of profits for the company. A week ago, Xiaoxias boss bought him a Porsche 718 to honor the backbone and elder, and told him to continue his efforts to help the company to a new level.

Although this Porsche is a used car, it is also worth more than 500,000 yuan. Xiao Xia calls it a beautiful car in her heart. He gave the car insurance and temporary licenses, and took advantage of the weekend to rush back to his hometown in Wenzhou. The windy car attracted a lot of attention along the way. However, Xiao Xia just returned home soon, the boss came to talk, the company temporarily came to a new task, let him rush back to work overtime.

Xiao Xia, who was grateful to his boss, took over the task on the spot, drove his Porsche back to Hangzhou to work, and was ready to go back and do a good job of car maintenance and tire replacement.

On August 3, a thunderstorm hit Taizhou. The road became very wet and slippery. Xiaoxia drove out of a long tunnel with Porsche on the S26 Zhuyong Expressway. When he saw the wet ground at the entrance of the tunnel, he wanted to step on the brake to slow down. However, just as he stepped on the brake, Porsche suddenly lost control because of the slippage of the tire. Then it drove into the second tunnel and hit the repair belt inside. The two wheels on the right side of the car were badly damaged and the front of the car cracked.

This scene was discovered by Taizhou high-speed traffic police through surveillance video, and then four teams of high-speed traffic police emerged to rescue Xia Mou and deal with the accident. After on-site investigation, the accident was caused by improper operation of Xia Mou, who took full responsibility and paid 2500 yuan.

At present, Xiaoxia has passed the hospital examination, the body is not seriously affected, has rushed back to Hangzhou on the same day, Porsche has also been sent to the garage for repair.