Murphy 9-6 Rick Allen enters the finals to compete with Trump for the championship

 Murphy 9-6 Rick Allen enters the finals to compete with Trump for the championship

Murphy felt very hot in the first three innings. Allen had no chance at all. Murphy scored 92 points in the first inning, 76 points in the second and 84 points in the third inning. In the fourth inning, Allen finally started, but the feeling was not enough. Murphy controlled the situation and won the yellow ball 57-29 to take a 4-0 lead.

In the fifth inning Murphy made two more starts, scoring 54 points on one stroke and then returning to the next city with 77-0 seals. Allen took the lead twice in the sixth inning, scoring 44 points and making a mistake. Murphy won 88 points on one stroke, leading 6-0. In the seventh inning, Murphy scored 52 points on one stroke, and Allen gradually found the feeling of competition. He scored 66 points on one stroke, 70-59, and won the first inning of his own game. In the eighth inning, Allen finally got his feel and won 117 points with a single shot. In the first eight games, Murphy was 6-2 ahead.

In the ninth inning of the second stage, the two sides were caught in a fierce battle. Murphy seized the chance to win 7-2 with 69-46 and continued to expand the advantage. In the tenth inning, Allen passed high-quality defense, and then came up with 70-47 to catch up. Allen first scored 40 points in the 11th inning, then seized the opportunity, scoring 84 points for 124-0 to win two consecutive innings. Allen scored the first goal in the 12th inning and Murphy missed a 44-point pink shot. Allen scored a red ball and couldnt connect the ball. Murphy scored another 25 points and won 69-2 and 8-4 to get the match point.

In the final, Murphy will compete with Trump for the championship, which will be won in 19 games and 10 wins.