Why did she become the white moonlight in mens hearts after 10 years of mispaid love?

 Why did she become the white moonlight in mens hearts after 10 years of mispaid love?


In the recent program About a Days Travel in Luyu, I saw a familiar face, Li Ruotong. It is vaguely remembered that when I first saw The Sculptor and Chivalrous Man, Xiao Long Nv, dressed in white, appeared in a beautiful and refined way, and was shocked instantly. Sure enough, its the fairy sister of the immortal tree. Almost all people begin to know Li Ruotong from Little Dragon Girl. However, before becoming Little Dragon Girl, Li Ruotong stayed dormant for five years. Some people say that Li Ruotong is very lucky to meet a good work. The role of Xiao Long Nv is an inexhaustible label and masterpiece that she has enjoyed all her life. It is not so much that Xiao Long Nv has made Li Ruotong, but rather that Li Ruotong has made the image of Xiao Long Nv more vivid and interesting. In order to shoot the play well, Li Ruotong turned off his mobile phone and told his relatives and friends not to contact him during filming. And I read five original books in a week, totally immersed in the characters, carefully pondering the inner activities of the characters. In order to show the character of Little Dragon Girl as a virgin, she seldom talked on the set, and went straight home after filming. This is the life of Xiaolong girl. She has lived like this for 16 years, but she is not lonely. Later, Xiao Long Nus role was a great success. Over the years, it is still a handful of classics. Many people praised Li Ruotong for not having a dragon girl after that. However, behind the halo, the amount of octanoic acid is not enough for outsiders. Li Ruotong was carsick when he was filming The Sculpture Swordsmen. He had to vomit several times every time. He also suffered from blockage of the secretory gland of mouth water for a long time, and his mouth would ache when he ate. But she never cried out for fatigue, but did her job conscientiously. As the saying goes, life never goes in vain, every step counts. It is her spirit of desperate Sanlang that makes her role vivid and three-dimensional and will always be remembered in her heart.

Li Ruotong, known as the most beautiful dragon girl, was not well off when he was a child, with 10 brothers and sisters in his family. In order to alleviate the burden of her parents, she worked as a handicraft subsidizer from primary school, and struggled hard in her studies, often ranking first. At that time, she never thought that feelings would really change a persons life trajectory. Because of puppy love, affecting academic performance, she became a stewardess after graduation. In order to escape the pain after separation, she promised to go to the Mainland to shoot Fire Red Lotus Temple. Unexpectedly, she signed Du Qifeng and set foot on the road of star. One of the most well-known relationships is with Guo Yingquan. When they fell in love, Guo Yingquans business was not prosperous, while Li Ruotongs business was in full swing. Because of the excellent deduction of Xiao Long Nv in Goddess-carving Knight-errant Man. Later, he played Wang Yuyan in Tianlong Babu, Yang Bamei inYang Mennu,Qiuxiang in Qiuxiang, Shenrong inWudang.... The boyfriends company is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the financial turmoil and owes hundreds of millions of yuan in foreign debt. Even so, Li Ruotong and her boyfriend went hand in hand. In order to help her boyfriend pay off her debts, she spared no expense in giving up her film salary. Even in a period of time, he worked hard to relieve his boyfriends financial difficulties. As she herself said, I will never give up on my boyfriend, whether he is poor or rich. However, they shared hardships but not sweets. When the storm of life passed and their feelings became stable, their boyfriend resolutely broke up with her. After 10 years of emotional breakdown, she gave up her career development and devoted herself to helping her boyfriend out of the low ebb. No matter who she is, she will lose heart and soul in the face of such a result. Especially the traditional women like Li Ruotong, who attach great importance to love and righteousness, can not restrain their heartache and pain. But she never openly accused or complained about the other party, Its not that hes bad, its just that he doesnt want to stay with me anymore. The house leak happened to rain all night. Unexpectedly, the next year her father died of a stroke. She was completely knocked down and suffered from depression. It took her five years to rethink herself and understand the true meaning of life. Its true to pursue feelings, but good feelings are not sustained by ones tolerance and compromise. If you give everything for love, you will probably lose yourself. Everyone has his own independent core. The most important meaning of life is to cultivate himself, not to consume his own energy and sacrifice and empower others.


We all admire the love stories of Xiao Long Nv and Yang Guodang, heroic and chivalrous. However, real life is far more cruel than TV series, and human nature is more complex. A pair of people in a lifetime is a fairy tale after all. Many women cry about their emotional problems with tears and pears: I never thought my husband would change his mind... They scold the ruthlessness of Jia Nan, mourn their own misfortune, and even give up themselves completely, so they are willing to degenerate. In the face of breaking up or divorce, but also bitterly entangled, or in public hand tear each other, not only let the relationship more broken, they also suffered a heavy blow. Some people say that how resilient a person is and what the limit of endurance is, it will only be revealed when they encounter specific things. Although Li Ruotong has experienced pain and setbacks, she dares to face them firmly. In the final analysis, women should take the initiative to grasp the right of autonomy in love and marriage, rather than waiting passively for arrangements. Happiness depends on their own initiative to grasp and create. When the fate comes, we should seize it boldly, and when the fate is over, we can also leave firmly. Life will surely get better and better if we can not complain, throw away blame, actively bear the results of our own choices, and build up the charm of self-confidence. Because whether we are married or single, the purpose of our life is to be happy. In this life, very few people have a smooth sailing, and very few people will easily stay in the flowing honey. We will always encounter all kinds of hardships, suffer all kinds of unexpected, sometimes one by one, sometimes together, when life forces us into the corner, we should stand up, gently care for ourselves, touch their pain, feel the real themselves. Looking at the present aunt cooking a good dish, but also adhere to fitness exercise, and active on the screen, I really feel gratified. With a passion for life, a tenacity and a thousand percent determination, she is reborn like a phoenix of fire. All the things she has encountered have become the nourishment for her growth and make her stronger and more tenacious. If a woman no longer clings to a man, no longer indulges in the fantasy of love, but wants to live out herself and realize herself, although this road is hard, it can also stimulate more potential. Maybe smart women are like this. They can handle their emotions, feel themselves in every relationship, and make changes in time. No matter what the outcome, they always shine bright in their eyes. They are grateful for what they have now. Everything is the best arrangement. There is a line in the TV series My First Half of Life: No one will become the safe haven of your life, only you are your own last refuge, and then crude, even better than under the hedge of others.


Authors brief introduction: Ruohe Qinghan, multi-platform columnist, a person with bright eyes and dreams in his heart.