Lets go and see what Mother is doing? Having children is the best way to see the truth of marriage.

 Lets go and see what Mother is doing? Having children is the best way to see the truth of marriage.

Hearing this, the wife immediately turned black. Some of her friends hurried to the circle and said, How can you let the wife hold the baby? Come on. But who knows my husband laughs and says, I cant coax you, I cry when I hold you.

The dishes came up one after another. Everyone chatted while eating. The wife coaxed the children who were a little anxious, and then stood up and walked, and then sat down and rested. The husbands pleasure in eating and drinking did not mean to coax his wife and children for a while at all.

The wife sat beside her and said, Your son, can you hold it for a while? Let me have a few mouthfuls. Although he was unwilling to do so, he also lent his hand to the child. Looking at the husband holding the childs posture, we can see that usually the child is not taken, uncomfortable children immediately began to cry.

The wife finally couldnt help it. She dropped her chopsticks and took the child and turned away, leaving us looking at each other. Husband looked at us embarrassingly, picked up the clothes and chased them out.

Looking at their backs, someone asked, How did they do this? Wasnt it a good feeling before? A girl shook her head and said, Thats before the birth of a child, just play every day. Of course, the feelings are good. Now with children, heavy responsibilities and pressure, natural contradictions will come.

Everyone was silent and the atmosphere was a little dignified. Everyone knows in their hearts that this is a reality that no one can escape. After giving birth to a child, it is impossible for the couple to sleep together until they wake up naturally, to order takeout every day, and to clean up the house only once a week. This hungry little fellow forced adults to change their lazy habits and adapt to a new life.

Children are the touchstones of marriage, so ah, whether a man really loves his wife is not to see how many roses he sends on Valentines Day, whether he says I love you every day, but whether he can do his best to help after the birth of a child. And this stage, that is, the most able to see through the key period of marriage.

These are womens helpless complaints after the birth of their children, with a little anger, but also with a little joke. I think their subtext is: after all, they choose their husbands, there are no principled problems, what can they do if they cant bear it?

Of course, I dont think we can kill everyone with such a stick. After all, there are still many good men in the world. They take the initiative to shoulder their responsibilities after their wives have given birth to their children and never let their wives suffer.

My girlfriend also had a baby some time ago. From sitting on the moon to now, I pay close attention to her mood, because she and her husband used to be the kind of people who liked playing very much. I totally dont believe that they can take care of their children, especially afraid of her emotional breakdown and postpartum depression or something. I want to add more staff at any time.

But a few months later, I saw a happy scene. My girlfriend gave birth to a child, so naturally she couldnt go out to high school and began to learn to be a mother. And her husband, who usually looks like a fool, did not expect to become a father after a completely changed person.

I watched him earnestly follow his sister-in-law to learn how to change diapers for children, how to bathe children, how to wash milk powder for children with books, how to choose suitable clothes for children. I really cant believe that a boy can become a man so soon after he becomes a father.

But I have to say that he is really handsome and warm, 10,000 times more handsome than he was when he was playing cool in bungee jumping.

Looking at his meticulous manner to his girlfriend, looking at the girlfriend being spoiled like a proud little princess, I am very confident that a good marriage will make each other a better person, will also become our armor, to withstand the storms and hardships of the world.

The birth of a child is a barrier for women and men alike. Because the child stayed in the womans stomach for ten months, giving the woman enough time to prepare for becoming a mother. In the past ten months, women have completed the transition from girl to mother because of their uncomfortable actions and physical distress.

But for men, its normal for them to be confronted with the soft little fellow who runs out of his wifes stomach, and they dont know what to do for a moment. Ive seen many men who suffer from postpartum depression because they feel overwhelmed, stressed, and want to help and escape, so they get stuck in a tangle and depression.

Therefore, as a wife, facing the mans no strength, what should be done is to give him time and opportunity to prepare him and change slowly. Most men dont know what to do when their children are first born, but they have to adjust and become super-dads in a few months. You have to believe that every man has the potential to become a super grandfather.

Dont be like the girl mentioned at the beginning of my article. Her way of dealing with her husbands conflicts is anger, anger and cold war. I heard them shouting your son one by one, and I felt anxious and distressed for them. They are like two ignorant children who want to let each other understand their own ideas, but do not know how to use the most appropriate way.

But I still believe that most men in the world are good. So, I hope you can see the truth of marriage through the birth of children: you are all children, because love has come together, because love each other too much, so want to have a common child, with the arrival of this child, you feel the responsibility and pressure, so, together with the peer, accompany the children. Growing up together, no matter what difficulties and contradictions they encounter, no matter how bad they do, they are willing to give him the opportunity to make efforts. Ultimately, you grow up together, become better yourself, and achieve better each other.