First sight of emotion, goodbye and nostalgia

 First sight of emotion, goodbye and nostalgia

Lin Huiyin said, Some people say that falling in love with a city is because there is someone who likes it. In fact, falling in love with a city may be for a lively landscape, for a period of green plum past, for a familiar old house. Because there is a past in my heart, I cant help thinking about some people or things in the past, and I cant help paying attention to and liking related things.

After somewhere, inadvertently suddenly remembered the past, let you stop involuntarily, mottled memories suddenly clear a lot.

Or if someone lives in that city, you cant help but feel intimate about the place and pay silent attention to the city. I dont know why, just because someone is your past, there is a story in your heart.

Every time I see a similar poem the green bud, the White Dew is frost; the so-called Iraqi people, on the water side, my heart will be turbulent waves, with a thousand sighs, because once there was a beautiful woman who was your thousand turns, haunted by dreams.

Recalling, perhaps sweet, perhaps lingering, some lost, some sad. Although those past events have gradually drifted away as the years go by, the shadow will still firmly occupy an important position and never leave.

Flowers blossom and fall, once the story, let your heart wander in the memories, hazy rain, leaving a dim footprint, let you immediately feel warm and tender aftertaste.

Ximurong said, I will never see you again, just to see you again is not you, in the heart you have never appeared, only the vicissitudes of the sun, the moon and the years.

If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan? Maybe now your face has changed, things and people are different, no longer like the original appearance, no longer the original favorite handsome man or fair lady.

Time flies, things are unpredictable and changeable, maybe a lot of things have changed, only this beautiful first sight memory, long entangled in the heart, never fade away.

The first sight of emotion, goodbye miss, so that this feeling precipitated in the depth of time, engraved in the memory of poetry, lasting fragrance.

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