LPL Xia Lian Focus War RNG Rick IG 11-2 still ranks second

 LPL Xia Lian Focus War RNG Rick IG 11-2 still ranks second

IG: Theshy, Leyan Taye, Rookie, Jackeylove, Baolan

First round:

Both teams:

IG: Theshy Swordsman, Jackeylove EZ, Baolan Bloom, Rookie Aircraft, Leyan Troll

RNG: Mingtam, Karsa Olaf, UZI Ash, Xiaohu Akali, LoveZrr Kennan

The situation of the war is resumed.

The seven-minute Troll gank helped the swordsman kill LoveZrr and get blood. Eight and a half minutes, the two sides launched a local group battle in the Red Square Blue buff area, Leyan was killed 11 and a half minutes, RNG killed Theshy on the road, all the way to Dalong. RNG takes Xiaolong in 12 minutes and 50 seconds. RNG took the lead in pulling out the tower and taking the initiative in the field area for 17 minutes. Thereafter Theshy got a tower for IG on the next strip. Nineteen and a half minutes later, the two sides met in the field and opened a regiment. IG delayed the fighter due to the lack of first-hand lineup. RNG saw the right time to attack at one stroke, Xiaohu got three killings, RNG immediately took another dragon after the end of the battle. In 25 minutes, Kennan was slaughtered in the second, RNG lost its rhythm, and IG pushed a tower off the middle. In 27 minutes, the two sides met in the middle and opened the regiment. Ashe got four killings and RNG took the crystal in the middle. Thirty minutes later, the two sides opened their group on the middle road again. Xiaohu quickly took Jachey away. Kanan first came in and upset the back row. RNG rushed to the highlands to win the first game.

Rookie LoveZrr won the MVP with his own performance. The rate of participation reached 82% and his record was 2/4/16.

Second round

Both teams:

RNG lineup: LoveZrr Crocodile, Karsa Prince, Xiaohu Aircraft, UZI Xia, Ming Titan

The situation of the war is resumed.

Five and a half points, the road Prince gank with the crocodile to get a blood. Later IG gradually regained its rhythm and got two heads by cooperating. In the thirteenth minute, the IG burst the fruit from the sky and ordered RNG to be caught off guard. After the regiment battle changed 2 to 3, it took the dragon. Eighteen minutes IG took advantage of RNG loopholes to steal a tower in the middle of the road, and then took away the third dragon in the field. RNG took advantage of the teams excellent cooperation to get two killings in 23 minutes. At 28 minutes, both sides tried to locate the dragon, but did not find the opportunity. At this time, IG has two defence towers. Thirty-one minutes Theshynar instantly became bigger and flashed out and knocked out two people. Jackeylove got the advantage first. Jackeylove won the IG regiment three times and won the dragon. Thirty-six minutes Theshy descended from the highland to reproduce the divine operation, IG won all the way.

Third round

IG:Theshy Calma, Leyan pig sister, Rookie Siya, Jackeylove Xia, Baolan Luo

Three minutes later, Xiaohu stealth first and then a flash of blood. Five minutes and forty seconds, Theshy calculates the single killer. Then RNG played a wave of advantages in the field, leading by two heads. It wasnt long before IG caught the gap and levelled the economic gap. In 18 minutes IG quickly pulled out the highland tower on the middle road. By virtue of IGs several successful battles, IG had three defence towers in 19 minutes, then RNG field area 1 replaced 4 regiments to win, IG lost the dragon, and RNG immediately realized the anti-surpass of 4K economy. In 23 minutes, RNG rushed out and hit each others crystal, which was destroyed by the IG regiment. IG got the highland crystal in the middle road, and the two sides leveled off. In the end, RNG pushed forward irresistibly. After the victory of the regiment, it pushed out the crystal and won the victory directly. After the game, IG still ranked seventh in 7-6 and RNG still ranked second in 11-2. Source: Netease Sports Author: Leopard Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806

After the game, IG still ranked seventh in 7-6 and RNG still ranked second in 11-2.