Next time you pass by, there is no me in the world.

 Next time you pass by, there is no me in the world.

I once thought about this question, when I just started a family and started a business. Later, in a chat with Grandpa, he told me that the happiness of life, in fact, depends entirely on the heart of the individual, ordinary can be a blessing, downfall can also be a blessing. If a persons heart is not strong enough, even if he has a lot of money, it is not necessarily a blessing. Man, be brave and learn to face up to the miserable life!

No ones life can go smoothly, especially when we encounter these three regrets, we have to face the bleak life more directly!


For the departure of parents

Long Yingtai once said: parents are there, life still has a place; parents go, this life is only the way back. In the days with parents, even if the family is poor and depressed, it can be tasty. But if our parents leave, we will only have a way back. At that time, we must be very sad in our hearts.

By the age of 50, most of peoples parents have lost their leaves. When we were young, we always vowed to grow up filial piety to our parents, but we wanted to raise our children without waiting for them. All we had was confession, and the rest was sadness.

We may have blamed ourselves in our hearts for being busy at work and regretting not having time to accompany our parents.

This reminds me of a sentence from Yu Guangzhong: Next time you pass by, there will be no me in the world.

Perhaps some people, working outside all the year round can not go home, accompanied by parents, wives and children of little time, sometimes suddenly face the departure of their families, how sad the bottom of their hearts; Perhaps some people, in countless disappointments in despair, in the real departure of the decision, in the moment of meeting again.

And all this, let me think of two words, that is: cherish.

If a person knows how to cherish, how good it is! In the face of regret, we should learn to cherish, cherish the family around us, accompany them more, give them a word of concern, and give them a comforting look while facing the bleak life.

Since we can not grasp the future, we should cherish the present, so that we will have less regrets. For the middle-aged friends, parents are alive and filial piety is good; the wife is hard-working and cares, everything will gradually get better!


For oneself who is still in the doldrums

Perhaps this is a pity for us who are still in the doldrums at this time. But in fact, I want to tell you that there is no need to regret or give up. In fact, we are still young. Even at the age of 50, our thinking can not catch up with the young people, but our ability to bear hardships and endure hardships has never decreased.

At this time, we should learn to face the bleak life and strive in the bleak. Life is a hard job. Everyone has to be overwhelmed by difficulties. From middle age to old age, we will face countless obstacles. But every obstacle, at that time, felt horrified and weeping. But when we look back later, is that not the same thing?

In fact, I hope that whether we reach the age of 50 or not, we will also learn to cheer up and make our hearts stronger.

On the one hand, we should cherish our family very much, on the other hand, we should live for ourselves once. Dont let Next time you pass, there is no self become our regret.

Finally, I want to send you a message: while not living, while loving life; while crying, while grinding teeth to continue. Come on.


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