Second battalion commander, wheres your fucking Italian cannon?

 Second battalion commander, wheres your fucking Italian cannon?

Its a good novel and its cruelly destroyed.

But then again, who makes more Chinese? The film market is big enough. I think there should be some foolish and sweet movies. After all, there are all kinds of birds when the forest is big. Otherwise, what do the Navy depend on to survive? You have to eat!

Again, in a sense, the film is really an epoch-making science fiction film, because it symbolizes the end of a movie where fans gather fresh meat to play their part.

Over the past few years, fans of traffic stars have been good at charting and data, creating a false and prosperous illusion of popularity, and even fooling the producers into thinking that traffic stars have a strong market appeal.

As a result, the market has emerged many kinds of deities with little fresh meat without performing experience as the leading role. As a result, we all know, one after another, the bad films that refresh the lower scoring limit and the lower limit of our viewing experience have been born.

I have to say, its a really courageous movie.

Because this is almost the backwater of the fresh meat movie genre, big production, summer archives, good or bad, will be at the peak of the wave of public opinion, and define an epoch-making significance, obviously, it did not disappoint me.

South Korean teams Wumao special effect defect is too obvious, this is a story of the beginning of love, with a flat and unconvincing eschatological world outlook, the team is not as good as Chinas supply of the Pacific Rim. However, one thing to be sure is that the treatment of insomnia is excellent, and this item deserves to be evaluated by one point.

Netizens all said that Wu Jing had a hard time turning over the first page of the new chapter of Chinese science fiction movies, and the Niang Gun was closed on the second page, closing it would be counted, and especially locking it.

As a Chinese movie-watching consumer, it suffers from the worst of the galaxy, the most despicable of capital, the worst of the junk moviegoers, and the worst of all, never knowing when to stop! Some people always stick to the last battlefield of the earth, but why are Chinese fans constantly challenged and broken through?

Such anti-human behaviour should be prohibited!

Testing poison by oneself, warning of rotten film! I just saw the rescue from the ICU, and I still feel sad about the ticket money. You dont go to make fun of it. You watch it. Wasting money wastes time. Please evade the pain and suffering, trauma and sadness from the film by yourselves! ____________

Oh, by the way, my daughter asked me to write this article. She said, Dont you comment on such a good movie? Can you afford the ticket? Are you worthy of your readers? I said, OK! Its my unshirkable duty to lie down for film-loving readers. I can only help you here!

As director Huang Jianxin said: I would rather fail in exploration than be safe in conservatism. I hope that Chinese movies will get better and better, and there will be really good movies out, and these self-heeding rotten movies will be swept into the dust as soon as possible.