Fat girls retrograde attack was too inspiring.

 Fat girls retrograde attack was too inspiring.

A fat girl in the dormitory of the university once had a crush on a boy in the department. Because she had no courage to confess face to face, she dared to chat with each other in the wechat.

After five minutes, the boy answered, Youre kidding me, arent you?

Fat girl, lost in heart, but still do not want to give up, so issued a voice: Yu Jiahang, I like you for a long time, from the first meeting I appreciate you very much, I know that I am not good-looking, not worthy of you, but I still want to confess. It doesnt matter if you refuse me, but please dont hate me, even if you are a common friend!

After half an hour, the boy answered a paragraph: Im honored that you like me, but the feelings cant be forced. I still dont feel for you. I dont like girls who are fatter and darker than me. Im sorry.

That night, she covered the quilt and cried all night. Her eyes were swollen. I lay on her bunk for the rest of the night.

She stayed up several days and drew 88 couple eggs to confess to him. She boiled thick black circles around her eyes. The girl who was only twenty-one years old actually looked like a 40-year-old girl, which was distressing.

As a fat girl, I can understand her very well. Many people around us always regard us as aliens, even jokingly call us dinosaurs, as if it is natural to have more meat on our bodies.

In fact, everyone is Gods beloved broken-wing angel, but some people find the other half of the wing early, while some people are born with a foolish way, to encounter the right angel in a big circle, so you do not need to doubt yourself, you will encounter happiness at the next stop.

A man who really loves you is not willing to give up three meals a day. After a hard day, he has to run in the track and field all sweaty and crouch deeply until his legs are soft. In order to keep his sexy and slender body, he would like to see you happy. He would like to accompany you to eat all kinds of delicious food and never abandon your fat.

Whats the meaning of falling in love? Better play a game of Kings Glory and have a good sleep. So, find a person who is willing to accompany you to become fat, eat till old, love till old!

I know you dislike me for being fat, but its not so cute. Believe it or not, you poke it!

In fact, fat people are very lovely, not only good-tempered, but also easy to get along with, warm in winter, when the wind is strong, they can also be used as umbrellas.

I am surrounded by a very happy fat couple, the main female grain weight 145 kg, height 160 cm; the main male Guo Kai weight 180 kg, height 180 cm.

The grain once wanted to be a stewardess, but the weight kept getting thin. At last, several airlines were dropped by pass. A supervisor also Tucao her: dont daydream about your little fat girl. Can you do that?

Granule was very depressed at that time, once suspected of life, and even wanted to jump off the 23rd floor of the building. Fortunately, they were rescued by Guo Kai, a security guard. They later became good friends and often played together.

One day, Granule happened to bump into Guo Kai and break up with his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend sitting in a gorgeous and handsome BMW car didnt forget to humiliate Guo Kai. Just you fat fat man, I endured you for a long time. You asked for money and had no money. The garage didnt exist, and wasted her youth in vain.

Granules dont know where the courage came from, so they run up and throw the ice cream they just bought into the womans face. Then they pull Guo Kai to flee the scene quickly. The woman scolds and chases after her.

Last year, Keli and Guo Kai got married. Before marriage, Keli also said that she should try to lose weight. Otherwise, it would be disgraceful not to wear the wedding dress, and she was going to get a fitness card.

Guo Kai laughed back to her: What to lose weight, you are so fleshy on a good look, wedding dress can be customized new, I like you so frank, I would like to accompany you to become fat, willing to eat with you until old.

Last week, they also gave birth to a big fat boy named Ball Ball, a family of three who are happy to be fat.

Many boys say that they like women with inner beauty, but almost all of them are hooked up by the beautiful cheapskate. They say that they dont care about appearance, but they value appearance more than anyone else. This kind of man is not worth your liking.

The man who really likes you will not be superficially obsessed with appearance, but will understand your inner world. He knows what you need and what kind of life you should live.

There is an old saying that beauty is in the eyes of a lover and hero is in the eyes of a Xishi.

The real person who can accompany you down, he must not be obsessed with appearance before falling in love with you, but enjoy the good time with you, after all, age is easy, true love is eternal.

Im fat. Id like to eat with you if I like. Love or not.