Crayfish mask white rabbit perfume crossover is unexpected!

 Crayfish mask white rabbit perfume crossover is unexpected!

These products with cross-border and joint name labels often carry their own traffic, once launched, they can trigger a temporary topic in social media. However, are these cross-border cosmetics expanding the long-term market or just making traffic gimmicks?

At present, the three most mainstream cross-border types in the international cosmetics industry are brand x brand, brand x IP and brand x art design (celebrity or star). And the more unexpected cross-border, the more can harvest network attention and brand new customers.

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Among them, the cross-border of Brand * Brand is generally a series of products launched by two strong fashion brands, with the help of word-of-mouth and channels in their respective professional fields, to expand their influence and develop new customers. In the past two or three years, such as LOREAL * BALMAIN, EsteeLauder * Victoria Beckham and other cosmetics giants and big-name co-sponsorship funds, have aroused a temporary topic and sought after. In fact, the national tide across borders which has been rising in recent years in China also follows this way.

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And brand art design (celebrities or stars) is dominated by fashion brands, artists or stars participate in the design, play their own energy for product line services, such as LOREAL Li Yuchun limited lipstick. Fashion brands in this kind of cooperation have higher requirements for the taste and quality of cosmetics products. For example, at the end of last year, ZARA launched a joint lipstick with the famous British makeup artist PatMcGrath. The role of PatMcGrath in the cooperation is creative contributor, which integrates the style and creativity of the brand 2018 autumn and winter series in professional make-up products.

Wang Yuanzheng, a reporter of New Beijing News for Creative Mapping

It is estimated that the domestic cosmetics market will reach 444.6 billion in 2022.

Frequent patterns in the cosmetics industry are also related to the adverse growth of the cosmetics industry this year. According to the latest economic operation data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 9.8% in June compared with the same period last year, creating the highest growth rate since April 2018. Among the retail catalogues of units above the monthly quota, the absolute amount of cosmetics category was 26.5 billion yuan, up 22.5% year-on-year, and the highest growth rate was found in all commodity categories listed in the retail catalogue.

Zhao Ping, Director of International Trade Research Department of China Association for the Promotion of Trade, said that the recent booming trend of cosmetics consumption shows that under the current trend of upgrading consumption structure, peoples consumption satisfaction will not only stay on the use value of commodities, so the future expenditure on beauty will occupy in daily consumption. The share is bigger and the growth rate is faster. Intellectual Research Consulting, a market research institute, also points out that the emergence of consumer dividends will lead to the increase of the core consumers of cosmetics and the total consumption demand. They predict that the domestic cosmetics market will reach 444.6 billion yuan by 2022. The continuous improvement of cosmetics consumption and high profit expectations will drive more enterprises and brands to enter this market to participate in competition.

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At the same time, industry research also pointed out that although Chinas cosmetics industry has a large consumer population, the per capita consumption is far below the international level. Compared with developed countries, the digestibility of cosmetics market is expected to increase in the future, and the high growth window of the industry may have been opened. According to Euromonitor statistics, in 2017, Chinas cosmetics population ranked second in the world, with about 400 million people second only to the United States, but the per capita consumption of cosmetics was relatively low - the per capita consumption of cosmetics was about $38.5, far below the level of per capita consumption of more than $220 in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Among them, the biggest gap is in makeup. The per capita consumption is only 9% of that in Europe and the United States. There is also the greatest room for future market improvement. In the next five years, the Chinese Institute of Commerce Industry predicts that the composite growth rate of the cosmetics market will be maintained at a high speed of 12%. By 2023, the market scale of the cosmetics industry in China will exceed 65 billion yuan.

Millennials are the main consumers of Brain Hole Crossing Borders cosmetics

Recently, Tmall has joined hands with two brands of domestic products in Shanghai, namely, the old brand Yang Shengjian and the new brand chili spring cross border joint name. As soon as the news came out, it quickly went on the microblog hot search, commentary area netizens have opened their brains: Pair with fragrant oil and vinegar, it will feel more. In the evening, hungry to apply a piece, is tantamount to eating a cage of raw fried. According to monitoring data, crayfish Lip Glaze sold 20,000 pieces a day. Jane, the brand manager of Zhiyouquan, believes that the sale of joint funds can achieve such an effect, mainly through the joint name to become Guochao brand, so that the core changes.

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CBNData also found that consumersattention to joint cross-border related products continues to increase, and online related consumption is exploding. Young people after 1990 and 1995 become the main consumers of cross-border goods, accounting for more than 50% of the total number. In addition, the number of cross-border brands of cosmetics is increasing year by year, and the number of consumers and the amount of money are showing a trend of accelerating growth. More than 70% of cosmetics cross-border cooperative customers are brand new customers, which shows that cross-border cooperation helps brand renewal. At the same time, the purchasing power of brand veterans is stronger. From the per capita annual consumption amount of cross-border cooperative new and old customers in cosmetics category, the consumption capacity of veterans is 1.54 times that of new customers, and their purchasing power is obviously higher than that of new customers. According to Jin Qiao, head of Tianmaos National Tide Coming team, the platform has been leading the national brands in the past two years, and developing new cosmetics products of Brain Holes across borders can often help the brand to achieve high-speed growth and precipitation of new customers.

Chen Zhan, CBNDatas chief data insight officer, also believes that the younger generation represented by the post-90s generation is more copyright conscious and respectful of originality and willing to pay for experience and quality. Such a more mature consumer market actually provides a rare opportunity for the upgrading of Chinas commercial quality and the growth of original brands, and also drives the current Yan Value Economy to take off and change.

In recent years, a variety of new products have emerged in the cosmetics market. In addition to brainstorming across borders, many enterprises and brands in the fashion industry have actively participated in this market. Cheng Weixiong, general manager of Shanghai Liangqi Brand Management Co., Ltd., pointed out that many lifestyle enterprises and brands now emphasize the establishment of ecology and community. Cross-border is unbounded. In the future, there will be more and more interaction and cooperation among various fashion related items. This development also meets the needs of the re-derivative trend of lifestyle categories. Cosmetics, especially cosmetic products, belong to high-frequency fast consumer products, which have the characteristics of relatively low unit price and high repeat purchase rate. Moreover, their sales channels coincide with those of most consumer products. It is beneficial for enterprises to get new profit growth points by incorporating them into the product system as business supplements.

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However, he also pointed out that enterprises with strong main businesses and relatively stable market positioning are reluctant to promote the production of a full range of cosmetics products. For example, most of the luxury brands in the clothing industry will only develop related products such as perfume. Because in the actual production and sales process, such enterprises do not have the advantages of backstage research and development, but also do not have such a large market space, a large number of input and output involved, the follow-up revenue space is difficult to predict.

For those traditional brands that are not originally related to cosmetics industry, insiders believe that in the era of social network, this may be a shortcut for old brands to approach young people and rejuvenate their youth; but others point out that these enterprises joining the joint army in the past two years may play a role in brand marketing or supplement. The utility of the main business is sufficient, but we should not neglect the main business and lose nothing. At this stage, although these cosmetics win in gimmicks, there is a lack of user experience, which is also the main reason why more consumers are holding back on them. For example, the perfume produced by the rabbit and the smell library is very successful, but the product experience and word-of-mouth encounter Waterloo. Many users of micro-blog have a lot of complaints.

Entering Fast Beauty Makeup? ZARA Pushes 12 lipsticks

Involve in the whole chain of production and sales, regard cosmetics market as a new growth point of performance

In December 5, 2018, the fast fashion giant ZARA formally launched the lipstick series, which was based on the makeup of the British make-up artist PatMcGrath for the ZARA2018 autumn and winter advertising series. It was designed in Losangeles and made in France. There are 12 high saturation matte lipsticks, 8 dummy lip glazes, three sets of red lipstick. A Limited Edition Gift box, ranging in price from 7.95 euros to 19.95 euros, is available globally, but only in online stores. In addition to the single sale, ZARA also launched the Ultimatte suite. One group has a lipstick and a matching lip pencil combination.

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Senmaga sells cosmetics to show good wishes to the younger generation

Only involved in front-end sales, to sell cosmetics to supplement the ecological, profit-making

On June 25, Zhejiang Senma Apparel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Senma Group) announced that it was amending its articles of association to increase cosmetics sales in its business scope. The announcement shows that under the framework of the companys development strategy, in order to better meet the new demands of consumers for brand skin care and cosmetic products with the change of lifestyle, and to provide consumers with more comprehensive solutions, Senma intends to add a new cosmetics sales business on the basis of its original business scope.

Industry analysts believe that Senmas new action of selling more cosmetics is more to show goodwill to the younger generation of consumers, and to match clothing to enrich the product categories in its clothing consumer ecological community. But selling cosmetics does not mean that the company will produce a full range of products. Clothing industry and cosmetics industry have similar sales channels, but the coincidence of production and development is not high. At present, Senma has a strong, multi-brand trend of clothing industry, now involved in cosmetics sales, the primary and secondary will still be clear, cosmetics in the short term can not surpass the main clothing industry.

Costume Designer Evaluation: Some professional cosmetics are just needed. In order to facilitate consumers, sooner or later, they have to step into this business. Now it is not surprising to catch up with the trend and add code to this business.

Cross-border joint names with the main purpose of expanding visibility and influence

On May 23, the Happy Childhood Fragrance series of products jointly named by the Odor Library and the Big White Rabbit were officially launched. Only 10 minutes after the launch, 14000 + pieces were sold, with a limit of 610 fragrance bags, which were emptied in 3 seconds.

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Marketers believe that the collaboration of Big White Rabbit * Smell Library reflects the amazing effectiveness of the combination of cross-border marketing and social media communication advantages.

In the process of Tmalls recycling, it was discovered that before the launch of the product, the topic of micro-blog, the white rabbit perfume and the single day heat, were broken by 250 million. Peng Yuchang, Yuan Yawei, Zhou Jieqiong, Yuan Shanshan, Zhu Xingjie and other stars also participated in the micro-blog topic discussion. In addition, the focus of these topics is also on the two themes of arousing peoples attention to national brands and arousing childrens spirit in response to the upcoming Childrens Day. As a matter of fact, they have attracted much attention and discussion. These are the prerequisites for the cooperation between odor library and Big White Rabbit to finally obtain amazing sales data.

Weibo netizens comment: childhood feelings are there, but the quality is a word is hard to say. After using it, it smells like soaking in ice cream and milk. It is not enough for everyday use and can only be bought for play.

Fashion Queen Creates Beauty Makeup Brand, Global Sales Breaks 500 million Euros

New Brands of Celebrities, Bloggers and Artists in the Fan Economy

Fenty Beauty, founded less than three years ago, has become the most popular young makeup brand in the world. Founded by global pop queen Rihanna, this brand has been invested by luxury goods group LVMH, and is a fan filter of big brands, celebrities and traffic. It is reported that in the first fiscal year, the brand sold more than 500 million euros in the world, and was praised by the industry as a catfish that stirred up the global cosmetics industry market.

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Beauty evaluation: the first liquid foundation has 40 color numbers, very professional. But after buying some of the most popular Eyeshadow plates, they tried to make up a little bit of crying, and the tone was too loud to be used by oriental girls.

Source: Wen Xin_NB11808, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper