The End of Lexia | The Progress and Retreat of Rock and Roll Practitioners

 The End of Lexia | The Progress and Retreat of Rock and Roll Practitioners

Hey, a song by the old punk reflex band. Girl, lighting up the bands summer, singing half, the lead singer played with breath, shouting loudly to the microphone: Do you want it?

Yes! The young men and women shouted back.

There is no need to be implicit, no need to think, drums rumbling on the apex of the heart, people are ignited, and then released, submerged in the jungle-like arms. If you are a veteran fan and want to play with rituals, pogo, diving, and come in a different way, even if you feel noisy and cover your ears like a horse, it doesnt matter, because its rock and roll.

Program settings are also different. They put aside the high-ranking mentors and here you are only a music fan. Metal, punk, hallucination... Its not important. Its important whether you like the bands performance or not.

Mi Weis intentions for this program are also reflected in the team configuration. In order to ensure the audio-visual effect, the program team specially invited Jin Shaogang, the gold medal audio master. It is well known that King Shaogang is the chief audio engineer of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, but few people know that as a sound engineer, he also participated in the 1994 Hong Kong Red Hom concert, which recorded the history of Chinese rock and roll.

The quality of the program is obvious to all. Wang Lei, a veteran music critic, praised him without stint. This is the only variety show that I have seen in the past ten years. Even if I am a judge myself, I dont watch it every time.

As far as Mi Wei is concerned, the variety show is so big that the chief producer Mou Tao compares it with Qi Hua Shuo: the core director group is twice the size of the former; when Qi Hua Shuo was recorded, there were 200 or 300 people a day; during the peak period of Summer of the Band, more than 1,000 people ate boxes of meals a day. Its hard to have below 100 million people now. Projects.

In Mous eyes, the temperament of these two headlines can be called rock and roll. The punk of Qi Hua Shuo is that everybody put down those presuppositions, how to speak, how to speak, can stand up, squat, point at the other side, can rush to say what they want to say, those things are also you. What do you really want to say? Mou Tao said that it is unrestrained, with interesting as the premise, not meaningful as the premise.

Rock and roll is coming

The joys and sorrows in the middle of the band often make Zhang Yadong and Gao Xiaosong, who are sitting on my left, burst into tears. Ma Dong maintains a consistent keenness. These stories are the natural conditions and soil for a good program.

If you want to tell a story, you need to be human. For Mou Tao, the understanding of the band group has always been the biggest threshold of the program. When Ma Dong was interviewed, he confessed that some friends had warned him not to touch the band. These people were angry, rebellious, muddy and even dangerous.

Mou Tao noticed that the difference between the band and other artists was that the groups consideration of achievement was not money, but influence. Even more specifically, how many people watched me in the performance, specifically when I went to Live House, at first 30 people were dissatisfied with the performance, and then it became crowded into the doorway. Its such a simple thing that you cant even get in.

Regardless of the real motivation to earn fame and fortune, the bands decision-making reference includes who chooses the song, whether the theme will be embarrassing, and where the freedom of creation is - in the final analysis, first of all, let these people feel uncomfortable, they are afraid of being forced to do things.

The directors did not call them teachers as usual. They carefully called them Big Brother, and the seats at the meeting were rearranged. They were afraid of being rejected and even more afraid of offending Big Brother.

After PPT, Yuanyuans first feeling is they wont come. When she saw the guests off, she sweetly greeted them by pushing the door, Come and play often. The eldest brother was not nervous and happy.

Sometimes, the program group also plays some routines. At that time (the director group) said that Shu Qi, Mo Wenwei, Dou Jingtong and Tian Fuzhen would come. Gao Hu, the lead singer of the band, was chatting with Ma Dongbian on another occasion. Ma Dong lowered his head and grinned wildly. Thats you. Now the average artist, you tell him these four people, they dont believe them either.

The director was blackened by Peng Leila

Inertia blackening, rising powder, to speak frankly about Li Shengs online artist... Peng Leis comments frequently sent the program to the Internet for hot search. Recently, he also has some minor worries: the heat up, others will not rub his traffic.

As one of the 20 professional fans invited by Shijiazhuang Underground Velvet, Laoqiang, the host of Shijiazhuang Underground Velvet, feels that the new trousers are a bit too hype. Ricky, the lead singer of Click #15, thinks that Peng Lei is a too real person which is a bit rare. As a programmer, Mou Taos interpretation of the new trousers is difficult to put in a word.

Her first interest in the band stems from a phrase from Wang Shuo, founder of bad guys FM, If he wants to play with you, it will always surprise you unexpectedly, with great energy. Mou Tao wanted to see the band.

The visit to the new trousers was like a meeting of small fans. The directors specially decorated the conference room, posters and posters were posted, and the bands drummer Hayato was given a birthday party.

Peng Lei, who met for the first time, was not very good at dressing up. If you saw Peng Lei on the street, you would not think he was an artist.

This four-hour meeting, mostly like this: Pang Kuan bowed his head and did not speak, bassist Zhao Meng always laughed and asked her to laugh and say nothing. The directors original intention of introducing the program was to hope that the band will be seen by more people. Peng Lei would look at you obliquely from below, with a questioning look.

Shen Lihui is still impressed by Tucao. Do we want to be so direct, to tout your boss in front of us? Behind the development is from the stage has been Tucao to Taiwan, there is no meaning to stop.

The band itself has an inertial intimate relationship with several people. You are not talking to one person, but to be one of them first. Otherwise, maybe more of them are talking with four or five people, but you will neglect to communicate with you.

After the meeting, the director in charge of docking wanted to see Peng Leis circle of friends and found himself black.

In the first recorded interview, the director asked, Do you think the band will come in the summer?

Beijings summer is not good, its too hot, Peng Lei scratched his head. Its dry again.

Are you happy recording this program? The director asked again.

My waist hurts a little. Peng Lei answered again.

Mou Tao was a little confused. Your reaction was, where was this chat? No one asked you about the summer in Beijing.

The band is no longer angry.

The director who docked the new pants felt Peng Leis middle-aged crisis when he met for the first time. Parents are old, children are young, and your pet. In order to save an intermediary fee, Peng Lei also thought about applying for a job in a suit to the chains. This social mood hit many people at once.

To create suspense and magnify conflicts, Summer of the Band is not free from the shackles of pop culture. As a variety show, it is undoubtedly exquisite, but controversy is inevitable. The core of these controversies lies in whether the program shows real rock and roll, whether rock and roll should be commercialized, and whether minority culture can enter the popular context.

For the first question, the underground velvet is more rational. All the remaining bands have good technology, but lack a little rock spirit. The core of rock music should be adolescent intransigence and rebellion, but in todays context, it seems impossible.

Mou Tao disagreed with these prejudices. The band is not the angry people of that time, because the times are different. Anger comes from the state of life. They are much better than before. Even if they dont earn a lot of money, they dont face the problem of food and clothing. Whats the good anger?

Jia Minshu, a music producer who once created the Three Magic Rocks, said that the music of each generation is to convey the feelings of that generation and is related to the whole society. Lets not fall into a myth.

The boundary of rock and roll still exists to some extent. Mou Tao confessed that in many media interviews, some topics were repeatedly mentioned. Most of these topics I understand are mutually unannounced, and therefore more deliberately curious. I cant avoid professional inertia. As a result, it is natural to avoid saying anything.

She also avoided talking about metaphysical topics such as meaning and value.

You must have a meaning when you plan? No, You must have an ambition when you plan? No, You must have a value that you want to export when you plan? No. Her answer was somewhat intriguing. The reason for not having it is not that you really dont have it. Values are not expressed. The most important thing is to help you make choices. When your choices resonate with others, that thing makes sense.

She mentioned choice many times. Behind the choice is the sense of proportionality, the sense of proportionality in conversation, and the sense of proportionality in doing something.

Another controversy raised by the program is related to the chain of contempt. The core of the problem lies in whether the quality music of the past relatively small audience should be disseminated by the public, and then extended to whether rock and roll should be commercialized.

Peng Lei feels this kind of idea is a bit selfish. If your favorite band doesnt have money to earn, and you cant feed them, why do you like it alone? I dont watch duplicates or literary movies. I listen to rock and roll. I listen to independent music. Underground, I listen to independent music. I just flaunt my own use. But when I talk to others, I have a capital to say,Ah, you know a lot. You listen to such weird things, great.

Mou Tao once went to ask Ma Dong, How do you think an artist should be rich? Because many people say that artists should be poor.

She got the answer, Whats your logic when you want him to make great works and you want him to starve at the same time? Is it a kind of indescribable perseverance orI am noble like that?

Van Gogh finally became popular. It was lucky, not sad. When a good work of art is seen by more and more people and it becomes a kind of sadness, it seems to me like a twist. Mou Tao said.

Old gun

Before Shen Lihui founded Modern Sky, his sober band had been established for nearly ten years. He was attracted by the musicians long hair after watching a cover show. In the name of art, Shen Lihui decided that a band must be formed in the art school. Of course, his parents didnt agree with him to have long hair. He had a new wave haircut.

Several people rehearsed a song every day. Teachers waiting for the bus downstairs frowned and looked upstairs. Very bad voice.

The reason why the Reflector Band picked up the guitar was much simpler, just to chat with girls. Bass player Tian Jianhua later found out that all of them played the guitar. Everyone has to have a division of labor, there are bass-learners, drum-learners, and then formed a band.

They are exposed to punk rock and roll as youthful as themselves, with speed, youth and strong hormones, and are not convinced to see anyone. Playing with Metal makes us feel that we dont have the skills. We think its not interesting for them to be so silly and practical. We have to keep a long hair. We dont like long hair. Its a lot of work.

Faces, the oldest of the 31 bands, describe their generation as paranoid. Whether Chinese rock and roll music originated in the 1990s has experienced the golden age or not, different people have different interpretations. In Shen Lihuis view, at least, the rock and roll people in the 1990s have been in a state of fame or disadvantage. To some extent, their living situation is closer to nothing.

The Dilemma of Middle-aged Practitioners

The impact of science and technology on music, in Tian Jianhuas words, The Internet has opened up the worlds governors and governors, can you avoid it?

During the half-year program preparation period, Mou Tao began to pay attention to the bands living conditions. She confessed that most bands could not rely on music to maintain a decent life.

Ricky, the lead singer of Click #15, is from Shijiazhuang, a city translated by rock circles as Rock Home Town. He said, The reason why rock in Shijiazhuang is good is that when we come here to perform, there are usually no people on the stage. Only the band will watch you perform.

Similar experiences are common among bands. The tour group had a performance with the hedgehog band, plus less than ten tuners. One time in the unknown highland bar, two bands watched another band perform. The only audience was a drunken man. He went on stage directly and hugged a musician who was still performing. Brother, after the performance, go to our house for a drink. Our wine pipe is enough.

At that time, the band only expressed desire, believing that the works should be disseminated on the stage, Even if there is no audience in Live House, you will fantasize about the appearance of the stage. The guitarist Huang Zijun said.

A group of bands born around the millennium are facing multiple challenges that go beyond fame and wealth. Or actively or passively, the band is constantly self-renewing, striving to survive in the cultural cracks. No one knows his choice more clearly than the party concerned.

Gao Hu, the lead singer of the band, said frankly, If we take all the things we used to feel, well never do it again. Because at this age... I think there are more expressions... In that style, we said OK when we needed it most.

Shen Lihui disclosed during a salon that the cost of a performance of the new trousers-grade head band was about 400,000 yuan.

There are about 300 music festivals in China (new trousers). In theory, a band of this level can perform one music festival every week. You can figure out how much it costs to perform ten or twenty festivals. The new trousers have already gone into a concert, and the tickets are sold out in ten minutes. Last year, the tour was also hot-searched. Livehouse tickets are also much more expensive than in the past. The venues are usually thousands of people, and of course there are other performances. Shen Lihui said that the matter of income depends on who to compare with.

This seems different from the middle-aged crisis described by Peng Lei. Some voices say that the struggle and depression the band is due to the double squeeze: the physical unable to maintain decency by ideals helplessness, and the increasingly low expression space of the ceiling.

Nobody can refuse fame and wealth

Hedgehog Band was recently invited to visit Netease Building. Three musicians were surrounded by crowds, harvesting the screams of young girls. The tall security guards were somewhat serious, with a stranger away look on their faces. Shi Lu was surprised by the crowd: there were so many fans in a company.

The frequency of hot searches on programs is getting higher and higher, and netizens have entered the entertainment game one after another. The band has stepped into another torrent.

Will the band come in summer? Its a problem that the program has been on the waiting list for countless times. Almost all the bands say, Yes.

Ma Dong said that nobody can refuse fame and wealth, which is not in line with human nature.

Will the band come in summer? After thinking about it, Mou Taos answer is calmer than others. Summer of the Band will not let summer really come. At most, it will light a gun. As for how long it will ring, there are too many questions to be solved. That is not a program that can solve them.

She enumerated several links in the music industry: after the show, people were still not making music; did the band continue to produce good works; did their company really operate; did the market norms have been better established; did the copyright fees have been paid; how to divide the performances - all more than today. Its much more important to get up and do a show.

The unexpected flow may alleviate Peng Leis middle-aged crisis, but at least for the moment, he is a little sad about his middle-aged job situation, a good youth has been wasted, and has not been consumed. He thought the band was almost there now. Now the chance came. He was middle-aged, but he had to stand in front of the stage and continue to perform and create.

Tian Jianhua sees it more thoroughly. What the band just started releasing is the endless hormone on the body. Now it may release dopamine.

Peng Lei also had their own worries. The band hoped that traffic would not come and go quickly. It turned over in a few months. It was terrible for middle-aged practitioners. Like our good friend Zang Hongfei, it turned over and didnt know where to drop it back.

The group wanted the new trousers to sing the song No Ideal People Are Sad long ago, and the band stubbornly put the song at the end.

On the stage as red as fire, Peng Lei muttered the phrase He will be sad if he has no culture, with the same look as the lost and lonely street youth.

(Shi Dazhuang also contributed to this article)

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