The first super-long announcement of Band Together shows young new music

 The first super-long announcement of Band Together shows young new music

Treasure musicians reveal their true face? Release the simplest pure joy

The first super-long trailer will present a wonderful performance segment. The musicians will use their instruments to voice for their strength, and the band energy carrying the young strength will come to light. Miao Yifan, a divine guitarist, is called a small number of men who can get a graduate diploma from 211 University and can also play at a speed of 500. Hard rock guitar is fast and clean, and the stability of MP3 is perfect. Anyu, who beat drums for Li Quan in I am a Singer, is among all the people. The closest to the master, Wang Feng commented on him: No one can fight in section 99, no one can fight in that section. This kind of drummer is too strong. There are also Wang Ke, who is praised as I am percussion music, and Lin Gengming, who is a child of other families. The moment the musicians pick up the instrument, the treasure will find the key to the opening. The stage of Band Together will witness their highlight moment.

The first stage performance of the musicians totally exceeded the expectations of the four Orchestra leaders. Li Ronghao said frankly, Im very surprised! Young, real and natural performances made him very excited. Wang Feng also praised me without stint: If my expectations were 80 points, they would show me 90 to 95 strength. The combination of pure and white reveals amazement and appreciation from eyes to movements. What kind of stage is it, so that the four leaders who are familiar with the band culture and are used to excellent performances can express such sigh. The short performances of musicians have amazed the leaders, and the expectations of Band Together will be further upgraded.

A stage beyond expectation? Young people who play music seriously deserve respect.

Although the fierce battle has not yet appeared, the musicianslove for music and bands in Band Together has taken the lead. Like the little fellows on the ship, they gathered from all over the world and returned to the source of their love of music on the stage of Band Together. They spent all night sleepless brainstorming with the partners who had the dream of forming a band and singing to the leader, as if they were sitting on the time machine to review Campus time. On the screen, the musicians explored the new musicians and flashed bright smiling faces one by one, leaving behind the simple and pure joy of the band.

The four leaders were also infected with young musicians whose professional skills were blown up and their love for the band emanated from their bones. Li Ronghao said frankly that they are a group of young people with very spiritual and personality charm, and they are very happy to know them; Guo Amber Jie releases her all passion on the stage; Bai Jugang is eager to try, eager to collide with the musicians out of the spark of music, while Wang Feng sighed, You see us in them. There is no happiness. Perhaps this is the true charm of Band Together, which calls musicians back to the true nature of music and makes every young person who plays music seriously respected.

The first super-long trailer is coming, countdown together, and look forward to Band Together of The Fighting of Immortals.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952