Bruce Lee: Mythical and Damaged

 Bruce Lee: Mythical and Damaged

In the movie, Bruce Lees plot is not much, only a few minutes, but now it has become one of the hottest topics on the American social network. According to legend, Bruce Lee behaves like a joke in this movie, which makes a bold statement that his hands are lethal weapons and can easily defeat boxing champion Ali, only to be beaten ashen by Brad Pitt.

Li Xiangning, Bruce Lees daughter, protested that in the cinema, the audience laughed at his father and felt it was not very tasty in my heart.

On the other side of the ocean, Chinese netizens began to voice that Quentins action was a blasphemy against Bruce Lee.

But not only for Chinese, but also for Americans, Bruce Lee has an irreplaceable unique position. He is not only an actor, but also a symbol of the times. Even though he has been dead for many years, his influence has spanned time, and he is still deeply influenced in all fields.

Bruce Lee as a Myth

Who is Bruce Lee?

This question seems simple, but actually everyone has different answers.

In the last century, many Chinese traveled to Hollywood, but most of them were forgotten in silence. Todays Chinese cant comment on Huang Liu Shuangs acting skills, let alone know Huang Yumei and Chen Mei. But if you stop a person on the road and talk to them about Bruce Lee, its no problem to have five rounds of dialogue.

This is largely due to Bruce Lees label. Symbolic roars, boxers and legs that cant be captured by a camera, and anecdotes of famous people like Ye Wen, Jackie Chan, Yen Zidan, Chuck Rollis, and even teacher-apprentice relationships are all talked about with relish.

Like his muscles. So far, it is still praised by professional fitness people. Two broad latissimus dorsi muscles are known as the Christmas tree.

His death is also full of legend. On July 20, 1973, 32-year-old Bruce Lee died in the bed of Taiwanese actress Ding Pei while filming Game of Death, when Bruce Lee was married and had two children at home.

His death caused a great uproar. The cause of death announced by the court was that Bruce Lee was allergic to analgesic drugs, which caused brain edema. Karate champion Chuck Rollis has also proved that Bruce Lee has been accidentally dislocated by lifting weights since 1968, requiring long-term use of muscle relaxants, relaxants and headache drugs to produce chemical effects, probably leading to brain edema.

Although the court ruled out his suspicion of murder, the outside world did not stop talking about it. Everyone has different opinions, and the workshop is full of various conspiracy theories. For this reason, Ding Pei was criticized all his life, and even suspected of directly killing Bruce Lees murderer.

In 1993, Bruce Lees son, Li Guohao, shot a shooting scene in the film Crow, because a real bullet was fired from a prop gun and hit him in the abdomen, resulting in excessive bleeding and death. This strange method of death deepens the suspicion and speculation of the outside world.

Legend and conspiracy are intertwined to create a vague legendary image.


Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco on November 27, 1940. When I was young, I followed Ye Wenxue to chant the spring. Besides, he also loves dancing and has won the Cha-Cha dance competition in Hong Kong.

In the United States, in addition to practicing Wing Chun, he also began to contact new methods such as judo and karate. In 1967, he put up the sign of Zhenfan National Art Museum (Bruce Lees original name is Li Zhenfan) in Seattle to start his apprenticeship class, but it aroused the dissatisfaction of the local Japanese martial arts teachers. The opponent came to play in the hall and Bruce Lee defeated his opponent in only 11 seconds.

At that time, the image of Chinese people on Hollywood screen was always ignorant and braided. And at that time, the Chinese were always white, deliberately dressed up as ugly and trivial, and delighted white audiences by dressing up as ugly. Bruce Lee secretly decided to enter the performing arts and change the audiences prejudices.

In 1966, he was given the chance to play the supporting role of Kato in the TV series Green Hornet. This is Bruce Lees first successful role in film and television, so he is familiar with Asian audiences. At that time, Bruce Lee was very ambitious. On a note, he wrote the famous My Clear Goal in English:

I, Bruce Lee, will become the highest paid Eastern star in the United States. In return, I will give the most exciting performances and do my best as an actor. Starting in 1970, I will be famous in the world. From then on, until the end of 1980, I will earn more than 10 million dollars. Then, I will live my life as I please, and get inner harmony and happiness.

But his development in the United States has not been smooth. At that time, Americans had not abandoned their prejudices and could not accept a Chinese hero. Therefore, in 1970, Bruce Lee decided to save the nation by curve, first returning to Hong Kong to make a name for himself, and then to Hollywood.

Before returning home, Bruce Lee contacted Shaos film industry, but Shao Yifu felt that Bruce Lees offer was too high and refused.

When Zou Wenhuai, the owner of Jiahe Film Industry, learned about it, he immediately approached Bruce Lee and promised him not only a high salary for his films, but also to help him set up his own studio, which was divided between the two sides according to the box office.

Bruce Lee excellence, shooting, each martial arts action is first drawn decomposition action, after strict design, constantly remake. Together with Jiahe, he successively launched Brother Tangshan, Jingwumen and Raptors Crossing the River. Almost every movie will set a box office record in Hong Kong. And the global box office of Dragon Fighting Tiger is more than 230 million US dollars.

What is most regrettable is his last work, The Game of Death. In this film, Bruce Lee himself only shot for more than ten minutes and died. At that time, computer special effects technology was better than nothing, how to make up for the film has become a headache for many people. Although the final film was remake, many techniques were unsatisfactory. The sharp-eyed audience found that one of the scenes was to paste Bruce Lees picture on the mirror and let the actors take the opportunity to shoot it.

Question: Hes just an actor. He cant fight.

In recent years, with the fermentation of Xu Xiaodong Fighting Fake Traditional Wushu, many people began to question the actual combat ability of traditional Wushu, and then began to suspect Bruce Lee. The most common saying is that actors are routine, when they meet professional fighters, they will collapse at the first touch.

In fact, the successive god-pouring movement has something to do with the god-making movement of earlier years. In the era when stall literature was prevalent, legends about Bruce Lee were full of exaggeration, such as six punches in a second and 400 kilograms in a punch and other legendary data abound.

This kind of advocacy seriously divorced from reality, on the contrary, hindered the deep excavation of Bruce Lees heritage. To be sure, Bruce Lee is indeed an actor. But he is by no means the only one with embroidered legs. In fact, he began to transform and refine traditional Wushu.

One of the surprises of later generations is that his training philosophy was absolutely advanced at that time. One of the evidences is that the finger-splitting boxing set he used in training was still widely used in UFC comprehensive fighting ring more than 30 years later.

In China, not only are there barriers between different traditional Wushu schools, but even among the same families, they are also wary of each other. The concept of Church apprentices, hungry master is very popular. In order to maintain Masters dignity, some people waste their apprenticeships time by teaching fake tricks. In order to avoid losing the battle and losing face, the factions seldom compete with each other in actual combat.

Bruce Lee founded the Wushu Museum in Auckland that year. The local Chinese martial arts master forbade him to teach kungfu to white people and challenge them at home. As a result, Bruce Lee only spent more than three minutes knocking down the other sides martial arts division.

Although he won, Bruce Lee was frustrated. In his opinion, it took more than three minutes to knock down the opponent. It was too slow. Yongchun Quan seemed not practical enough, and it had to be improved.

In his concept, there are a lot of tricks abolished in various methods of traditional Wushu, which must be eliminated. Kung Fu is not a sport, and there are no rules. The only requirement is to defeat the opponent as fast as possible. This is also his later idea of establishing Jeet Kune Do.

Danna White, the current president of UFC, praised Bruce Lee for his contribution to the cause of integrated combat, not only calling him the father of 100% integrated combat, but also publicly comparing him with the Gracie family, the creator of Brazilian jujitsu, in an interview.

The difference between the Gracie family and Bruce Lee is that Bruce Lee never identifies only one genre. He has been teaching people in the 1960s not to focus on one school, because there is no best school, to be eclectic.

The implication is quite obvious: the Gracie family can not abandon the idea of portal, and Bruce Lee has already gone beyond the scope of one door to one door.

True, now, forty years have passed. Some of the training methods Bruce Lee used to adhere to now seem unscientific. For example, stimulate muscle with electric current; put milk, raw eggs, raw beef, vitamin tablets in the juicer to break and drink; excessive training, not pay attention to rest and recovery, and so on.

But he is indeed the forerunner of the times, which no one can deny.

Bruce Lees Heritage

Bruce Lee died in 1973, and now 46 years have passed. His influence is still there.

Bruce Lee, the star of the last century, has traveled through the world. In the noisy Internet age, his face is blurred. Most of the audiences who first met Bruce Lee and were shocked by his achievements are old. But as time went by, something heavier deposited on him.

I know there are many hot questions about Bruce Lee. Questions such as Bruce Lee is overrated, Bruce Lee and Tyson fight, who will win, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Yen Zidan who is more powerful have emerged in endlessly.

Fortunately, the complimentary answers to the questions almost always refute the questions themselves. Among them, a netizen wrote down this passage forcefully:

When Bruce Lee caught fire, it was in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. When was that? Its the time when white people are paramount and racial discrimination is the worst. If Bruce Lee does not have the real ability, rest assured that the consistently bullying Americans will trample him down before you, and there is no need for you to doubt him at all.

Others wrote:

... All these achievements were mainly created in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States, where racial discrimination still prevailed. Because of him, Chinese and Asian Americans have a positive image in the United States and the world. You know, in the past, the Chinese in Western movies and TV were often distorted and treacherous people like Fu Manchu, with long braids and thin beards.

Apart from martial arts, few people know that his major at Washington University was philosophy. In order not to waste time, he often reads books while exercising. He not only studied western philosophical theories, but also sought ideological support in the ancient books of the East.

He integrated philosophy into martial arts. He has said many times: Clean your mind, abandon all forms, like invisible water. When you pour water into a cup, it becomes the shape of a cup. When you pour water into a bottle, it becomes the shape of a bottle. When you pour water into a teapot, it becomes the shape of a teapot. Water can flow, permeate, drip, and destroy everything. Be water, my friend.

He is only 1.73 metres tall and weighs 62 kilograms. His muscles are striped, unlike the tall and strong traditional Hollywood tough man. In the vast third world countries and regions, his image has inspired countless people.

In an interview, director Wu Yusen said affectionately that his film really influenced me and made me realize the real Chinese spirit in the film.

When Jackie Chan was in the fire, many people called him Bruce Lee the second. Jackie Chan himself has always objected to this statement. He said Bruce Lee is the only one. No one can replace him.

Most Americans also acknowledge his contribution. In 1999, Time magazine listed the heroes and idols of the 20th century. Bruce Lee joined Princess Diana and President Kennedy on the list. In 1993, the United States issued the 20th anniversary note of Bruce Lees death, and the star badge of Bruce Lee was laid on Hollywood Avenue. In 2000, the United States Government announced the release of a set of Bruce Lees Birthday 6. The 0th Anniversary Stamp is the third artist to win this honor after Marilyn Monroe and 007, and the first among Chinese.

History is created by the people. But there are always one or two stars that change the direction of the tide.

Source: Chen Shaojie_b6952, Responsible Editor of China Newsweek