The Achang Nationality of Lovely China

 The Achang Nationality of Lovely China

In the life of the Achang people, it is indispensable to scatter knives from households. Every man in Achang wears a small bronze knife when he is a child; when he grows up, he will change into a small army knife; when he grows up or becomes a family, he will change into a growth knife; when young men and women are in love, the young man will also give a small army knife to the beloved girl as a token of love.

Xiang Laosai is the national representative inheritor of the Achang household knife forging technology. He learned this craft from his father when he was young. For decades now, a pair of hands much thicker than ordinary people are the marks left by the years to this knife maker. In addition to inheriting the most traditional forging techniques, Xiang Laosai is constantly innovating. Now, Achang Dao has become a very good work of art.


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