Psychological breakdown! West Ham Benchmark King: Its a real crap to kick Manchester City in the first round.

 Psychological breakdown! West Ham Benchmark King: Its a real crap to kick Manchester City in the first round.

Alley was bought by West Ham United from Frankfurt this summer for 45 million, which is also the highest single quotation fee in the history of West Ham United. Alley is 25 years old and 1.90 meters tall. He scored 20 goals and assisted 12 times in 41 appearances for Frankfurt in various competitions last season. He is very attacking. He and Jovic have become the twin stars of Frankfurt together. West Ham United fans have high hopes for him and expect Alley to lead the team to a good result.

Alley still needs time to adapt to the Premier League. He wanted to find some soft persimmons to pinch at the beginning of the new season. He never thought he would meet the blue moon like BUG in the first round. Allison said reluctantly: Its hell. Its really crap when I played Manchester City in the first game of West Ham United. Ive spent a lot of money here at the club. Im not here to play Manchester City for the first time. Why?

Obviously, there are more games to build my confidence than playing Manchester City. I hope I can at least touch a ball in this game. Take one step at a time. What else can I say? Lets all be ready. They are League champions, cup champions, and even those events I dont even know their names. They are also champions. So its going to be tough to play Manchester City and we have to go crazy. From another point of view, such a game also has certain advantages, it can make us 100% focused.

Alley himself was upset, but West Ham coach Pellegrini was confident of the French striker: In this case, he has no problems at all. I watched his pre-season performances and hes fully qualified for the strength of the Premier League. Changing leagues is always a big challenge. The Bundesliga is excellent, but when you come to the Premier League, you have to improve yourself to a new level. Its a new league and there are better defenders. I believe he can be as good here as last season.

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