Newcastle VS Arsenal Looking Forward: Gunners Habit to Open the Door Black Enforcement Difficulties

 Newcastle VS Arsenal Looking Forward: Gunners Habit to Open the Door Black Enforcement Difficulties

Achievements in the war

Arsenal have won 12 of the last 13 games against Newcastle, and only lost at St JamesPark in April 2018. In 36 games against Newcastle in the past 17 years, Arsenal have lost only three times.

Point 1: Ozil Tierni is absent and Pepe is in doubt.

Ozil and Kolashnatz will not be able to play because of the robbery. Meanwhile, Arsenals newly signed left-back Tierney will also be absent for six weeks. Like Rakazette, who has an ankle injury, Pepe, the teams record maker, has to wait for pre-match checks to determine whether he can play. Newcastles heavily-paid Jocelyn Linton should start the game and Carroll, who returns to Newcastle, is temporarily out of action.

Point 2: Arsenals Opening Habits

Arsenal have lost four Premier League openings in the past six seasons, and it has become a habit. However, these six games are all played at home, but this season is a journey to start the new season away from home, the situation is slightly different. Arsenals first league matches in the past seven seasons have been played at home, and this is the first time they have played away since the 0-0 draw with Newcastle in 2011.

Look at point 3: Can the Premier League spend the most money to cure away sickness?

Arsenal won only seven away games in 19 league matches last season, the least of the top six teams, and only one zero-ball in 19 away games was the least of all Premier League teams. Weakness in the away game was one of the fundamental reasons why the Gunners finally missed the Champions League ticket. Arsenal are the most expensive Premier League team this summer, with a total cost of 150 million. Can the Gunners recover from the away sickness after the heavy money?

Injury suspension list:

Arsenal: Bellering, Tierney, Mavrupanos, Smith-Rowe (injured), Lakazette, Pepe, Sevalios, El Nini, Holding (injured)

Newcastle: Yedrin, Legend, Colbuck (injured), Ricky, Gail (injured)

Predictive startup:

Arsenal (4231): Leno/Metland-Nells, Chambers, Papastasopoulos, Montreal/Gondozi, Zaka/Mhitarian, Willock, Obamayan/Lakazette

Newcastle (442): Dubravka/Mankillo, Russels, Fernandez, Williams/Saint Maxi, Hayden, Shelvey, Ricky/Fujita, Jocelyn

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