Thousands of demonstrators at Hong Kong Airport sit-in passengers said blocked panic

 Thousands of demonstrators at Hong Kong Airport sit-in passengers said blocked panic

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, linking more than 220 destinations. In 2018, the airport had 74.7 million passengers and 427.7 million aircraft took off and landed. Hong Kong International Airport has won the 10th consecutive championship in the Top Ten Airports in the World ranking by virtue of its beautiful airport environment and high level of safety and security.

The spacious and bright airport lobby was crowded with demonstrators wearing black clothes and masks. Many passengers with luggage and bags have to walk fast through narrow passageways. Some passengers feel a little depressed or even blocked in the face of dense and noisy traffic.

The demonstrators distributed leaflets everywhere, but according to reportersobservation, most of the passengers left immediately after arriving in Hong Kong, only a small number of people would receive leaflets because of curiosity, or pick up mobile phones to shoot the scene.

There are many Westerners among those who attend sit-ins and distribute leaflets. Participants roamed the scene with the flags of the United States and Britain held high.

A white-dressed woman saw someone holding up the American flag at the scene and could not bear it. She asked the radicals in Cantonese loudly: You are Chinese, you are from Hong Kong, you should love this place, not mess up this place! She deplores the fact that some students have been used by politicians as tools for politicians. She hopes that all of you will support the police and safeguard the stability of Hong Kong.

Taiwan traveler Miss Wu said that the sit-in made the airport look a little messy. Christina, a tourist from Malaysia, told reporters that she had known the situation in Hong Kong before she came, but because the air ticket had been booked in May, she could not change her itinerary. My companions and I will try not to go to crowded places.

New Zealander Mark Dicks has just returned from a trip to Spain with friends and is about to transfer from Hong Kong because the flight takes off early and they have to wait in the reception lobby. When the reporters met them, they were leaning against the pillar, looking helplessly at the demonstrators, during which they had been forced to pack several leaflets.

Although our journey has not been affected, we still feel a little uneasy to see the news about the violence. The violence of the demonstrators is still a bit excessive. I hope the turmoil in Hong Kong will end as soon as possible, Dix said.

Sarah Pilk and her mother from Austria are waiting for the flight. They have been visiting Hong Kong for four days and are ready to go home. We went to Beijing and Shanghai first. We didnt know what happened in Hong Kong before, but fortunately our flights have not been affected yet. She said.

Several Hong Kong Civil Aviation Systems Trade Unions issued a statement on the 9th, opposing plans to demonstrate at the airport for three consecutive days, saying that it would damage Hong Kongs international image and affect the perception of Hong Kong passengers. They asked demonstrators to curb their horses on the cliff and not take Hong Kongs economic lifeline as a stake to damage the livelihoods of airport employees. The statement also pointed out that it was illegal for the airport assembly not to receive a notice of no objection from the police, demanding that the authorities enforce the law, and appealing to the public not to participate in relevant activities.

Airport harassment was allegedly carried out at Hong Kong International Airport for three consecutive days from 9 to 11. The Hong Kong Airport Authority said that only passengers with boarding passes and passports and Hong Kong airport staff were allowed to enter the departure lobby boarding counter of No. 1 Passenger Building from 6 a.m. on the 9th.

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