Bottom Porsche Female Driver: From Li Wumei in the suburbs to Hat Sister in northern Chongqing

 Bottom Porsche Female Driver: From Li Wumei in the suburbs to Hat Sister in northern Chongqing

Driving a sports car, turning around in violation of the rules; being angry, slapping people in the face; loving racing cars, claiming to sell points at will...

On July 30, after being exposed by several videos, Li Yue, a female driver of Porsche in Chongqing, had a new title: Chongqing Hat Sister.

Then, my husband, Tong Xiaohua, is the director of the police station. I am engaged in earthwork business and other black history, which was revealed by netizens one by one. As another Internet star, Chongqing Hat Sister has been ranked among the top three hot search lists for many times.

On August 5, a few days after the disappearance, Hat Sister made her first voice through a self-Media familiar with Chongqings political and economic circles, and apologized for her determination to jump the river.

Netizens, however, are not paying much, questioning this as washing the land, seizing the residence elder husband to control a lot of earth and stone at hand, and starting a new round of fierce chase.

Li Yue, born and bred in five groups of Xuetang Village, Muer Town, Yubei District, Chongqing. Its only 8 kilometers from Chongqing.

Before becoming popular, Li Yue was Li Wumei in Xuetong Village and Yuejie in the earth and stone business circle of northern Chongqing. After becoming popular, besides apologizing for jumping into the river, she liked to shoot short video Chongqing Hat Sister which appeared on the Internet and disappeared. Playing with her disappeared, as well as her husband Tong Xiaohua and his family.

Why did Hat Sister become popular? After the noise, how can we play and disappear? Afford much food for thought!

Director Tong Xiaohua

I didnt see him today!

At 7:00 p.m. on August 6, officer Liu, a police officer on duty at the Shichuan police station in Yubei District of Chongqing, read the materials and answered the question of whether the director of Tong was suspended.

Director Tong, full name Tong Xiaohua, director of Shichuan Police Station.

Tong Xiaohua is the husband of Li Yue, the Hat Sister of Chongqing, according to a report by Chongqing Public Security Bureau official Weiping Pingan Chongqing on August 1. According to public information, Tong Xiaohua has been the director of Shichuan Police Station for more than three years.

Officer Liu said that whether Director Tong was cooperating with the investigation or accepting the investigation was unclear to us and not informed us.

Similarly, several policemen gave unclear answers about the whereabouts of the childs head.

Shichuan Town, located in the eastern part of Yubei District, is the core area of Chongqing Liangjiang New Development Zone. From the Yubei District Government, the distance is 32 kilometers. From Tong Xiaohua and Hat Sisters residential area, Shanyujian District, the navigation shows 36 kilometers, a smooth journey, the shortest time consuming 42 minutes. It takes about an hour to reach the peak in the morning and evening.

What Tong Chang drives is a BMW. When Li Yuehong Porsche entered the public eye, her husband Tong Xiaohuas BMW driver was also kicked by netizens. This information has also been confirmed by many residents of Shichuan Town.

Mr. Yang, engaged in Mos business, had many affinities with Tong Xiaohua.

He said that there were several traffic jams and the director drove by. He saw Director Tong get down from the BMW cab and command the car to move away because he said, Im going to a meeting.

After Tong Xiaohua left, many people did not know who to go. Mr. Yang would introduce him to you: He is the director of Tong.

Compared with Li Yue, whose personality, temper and clothes are striking, the directors husband Tong Xiaohuas personal design is much lower-key.

Like police officer Liu, many residents in the town confirmed that they had not seen the director for several days.

Im sure Im sorry to come back to work when my wife has done something like that. When a resident asked and answered himself, he still asked, Did he suffer? I heard that his wife is engaged in earthwork business and earns a lot of money.

Dont talk nonsense, what a good man Tong is! The owner of Jiuhong Store interrupted the resident.

The landlady said that on the day of the incident, many people saw the video of Sister Hat slapping people in the face and Flying Hat slapping themselves.

At that time, nobody cared who the female driver was. It just feels like the cap is fanned off. Its very funny.

Later, a sharp-eyed person recognized that the female driver was the wife of the child.

The sharp-eyed person could recognize it, mainly the Porsche sports car and her dress.

According to public information, Tong Xiaohua has been transferred to the post of director of Shichuan Police Station for more than three years.

She came to the police station and I saw her once. One resident surnamed Yang said that one day, he went to the police station to work. When I saw a sports car parked in the courtyard, I was curious because I couldnt recognize the brand. A friend told me that this car is a sports car, Porsche, worth more than one million dollars. The female driver is the wife of the child.

At 8 p.m., the townspeople either invite them to play mahjong or get together in twos and threes to chat. Of course, the topic always refers to the director and his wife unconsciously. This topic may last for a long time. I wonder if Director Tong will come back and continue to be Director oh... Thats what the woman owner of Jiuhong Store said.

According to Workers Daily, after the Hat Sister incident in Chongqing, Chongqing Public Security Bureau held a special meeting on August 1 to study and deal with it. It decided to instruct the Public Security Bureau of Yubei District to set up an investigation team to conduct an in-depth investigation.

Up to now, the results of the survey have not yet been published.

Li Wumei

Compared with Shichuan Town, Muer Town, the birthplace of Hat Sister Li Yue, is only 8 kilometers away from Chongqing urban area.

Sitting in her courtyard, Ms. Gu was watching the citys tall buildings expand toward her one by one.

Li Yues hometown is Muer Town, Yubei District, Chongqing.

Knowing the Hat Sister time, Ms. Gu was earlier than the residents of Shichuan Town. Recognizing that Sister Hat is Li Yue, she should be earlier. After all, Ive known her for more than 20 years. Ms. Gu said.

Ms. Gus home is not more than 800 meters away from the old house of Hat Sister Li Yue.

Ms. Gu moved to the school village in 1996. One day, she heard her daughter say that a beautiful sister was shopping for her. Later, when we met, we met this beautiful sister, Li Yue. Come and go, they are familiar with each other.

According to Ms. Gu, Li Yue was born and raised in five groups of Xuetang Village in Muer Town, northern Chongqing, but not from Hunan Province. Li Yues father, Li Moutang, has been dead for many years. Mother is still alive. His parents, including Li Yue, have five children. Li Yue ranks fifth. When she was a child, her neighbors called her Li Wumei.

All the sisters in the Li family are beautiful. Li Wumei prefers to dress up. Bell trousers, suspenders and white hats were the most fashionable at that time, and she liked them best. Gu said that after graduating from junior high school, Li Wumei went out to work with the villagers. Maybe I went to Kunming or Ruili. In the past few years, when she came back, Li Wumei became more fashionable. I heard that I made a lot of money in the travel agency business.

The old site of Li Yuejun Middle School.

Besides her beautiful appearance, Li Wumei is really hot-tempered.

Gu said that once, when Li Wumei saw someone bullying an honest person, she jumped out on her own initiative and argued with others. Her temper is natural.

When she returned from her part-time job, Li Wumei did sand business with her second brother and sister-in-law. Later, I heard that Li Wumei had made a boyfriend. The mans condition is poor, but he works in the police station.

It was later confirmed that the boyfriend was Tong Xiaohua. I can say responsibly that its totally nonsense to say that Li Wumei got married twice and got married three times online. She and her husband are both married.

Gus statement was confirmed by many people of the same age in the town.

Time passes quickly, in a flash, more than twenty years. At the end of the year, Li Wumei seldom came back except for the Spring Festival and the Qingming Festival when she returned to the village to sweep the tombs. In recent years, Li Wumei will drive a Porsche sports car back. Because of the fashionable clothes and the windy cars, we went back to Muer Town, which is known to all the women and children in the town.

This time, Li Yue became the towns capital talker again. However, most people rated it as a calamity caused by bad temper.

Before the incident, Li Yues figure appeared in the courtyard of Wuniu Community VillagersCommittee in Gulu Town.

She wears fashionable clothes and drives a sports car, so Im impressed. A lady said that at that time, the community held plum picking festival, and many beautiful ladies came. Hat Sister is the most eye-catching one. In the courtyard, Miss Hat had a video taken for her and sent it online.

The short video account that released this video is called Miss Two. After the Hat Sister Incident, almost all the videos about Hat Sister circulated on the Internet came from this account.

At present, the account is still relatively active. When netizens questioned that Miss Two was Li Yue, Miss Two argued that she was not. Li Yue is just a guest in his beauty parlor. They used to play with each other. Those short videos were actually made by Yuejie. However, all of them have been deleted. Not deleted? Is it hard to keep looking for something?

At this point, Chongqing Hat Sister video of the past retained network is quietly disappearing.

Lonely Mother

Li Wumei came back very little. The residents of the town didnt know much about what business she was doing outside. However, Li Wumeis mother is the most familiar stranger in the eyes of Muer Town people.

Mother Li, surnamed Huang, is over seventy this year. Children like to call her Grandma Huang.

According to a number of local residents confirmed that during the year, 80% of the time, Grandma Huang lived alone in a two-storey house.

The house, adjacent to the gas station, is about a kilometer from the town of Muerchang. The house belongs to Sister Li Yuesi.

A week has passed since the Hat Sister Incident took place on August 7. Before the five girlsaccident, I often saw Granny Huang walking around the roadside. Sometimes, she quarrels with people unreasonably. An old man said that he had seldom seen it in recent days.

There are several vegetable plots under the highway fortress outside the house. A middle-aged man was weeding. The middle-aged man confirmed that he had met Grandma Huang the day before. At that time, she seemed to have her hair combed. Because of the bad combing, or what happened, Grandma Huang had a quarrel with her family. Normally, the neighbours are reluctant to communicate with Grandma Huang, because she always likes to make noise. In addition, she lives with her own chickens and ducks, and people are even more reluctant to communicate with her. Theres always a smell of chicken excrement. As long as she speaks, everyone will leave on the excuse.

Li Yues mother lives in a private house.

Ms. Gu said that, according to her understanding, it was not that Li Wumei and her sisters ignored Grandma Huang, but that the old lady was very stubborn and did not go by herself. They said they wanted to stay, look after the house and raise chickens and ducks. Almost every day I see her son, Li Yues second brother, Li Erwa, carrying food and going there to see her mother.

Ms. Gus statement was confirmed by the Deputy Secretary of Culture of the School Village Cadres.

Vice Secretary Wen said that up to now, no evidence had been found in the village that Li Yuejis sisters were unfilial. When she was young, Grandma Huang had a bad relationship with Li Yues father. After Li Yues father died, as she grew older and older, her brain seemed to have some problems. So when she doesnt want to, the family will have to leave her alone.

Huang Po-po lives alone in her house. She is close to the highway of the neighboring country. Without building a wall, she isolates the wire mesh with the highway and simply surrounds it. The courtyard was very small, and there was a lot of clutter in it, which was totally out of tune with the white wall. More incongruous are the doors and windows covered with cobwebs and dust, and the rusty window railings.

Looking through the window, a few chickens were moving around the house, and the smell of chicken excrement came to my nose. The front door is locked. Through the door crack, you can see a blanket lying on the ground.

According to a resident who once helped the old lady carry water, the house was dirty. With chickens and ducks inside, it really smells terrible.

Sister Hat dresses fashionably and drives a luxury car. Its hard to imagine that she could make her mother live in such an environment. The resident said that such an environment, compared with Li Yues own Shanyue Inter-language Community, is far different.

Li Yues second brother, known locally as Li Erwa, lives in Quaige Junling District, Muer Town. On August 7, in the community, Li Erwa and his wife were very depressed. Facing the request for the visit, the two refused. Regarding the mothers whereabouts, the two said it was inconvenient to disclose.

Do earthwork business

On August 5, a self-Media company familiar with Chongqings political and economic circles issued Li Yues first voice through the Wechat Public Number.

Hat Sister Li Yue said that the earthwork she made was the site soil. There are many links in it. Shes in a turnaround business. From the past to the present, I have not done earthwork in my husbands jurisdiction.

Li Yue also said, I used to tell him that you are in charge of a lot of earthwork and stones. Can you introduce some to me? My husband never pays attention to it.

In response, netizens questioned: The director of the police station should also be in charge of earthwork?

On the evening of August 6, the Shipboard Police Station.

Officer Liu, a police officer on duty, said he had never seen Hat Sister. This time, through the Internet, I learned that the wife of the Director of Tong is called Li Yue.

According to Director Tongs statement that there are many earthwork and stoneworks in Guan Min, officer Liu raised his voice by several decibels: We cant manage it. I dont know that thing. I havent touched any earthwork.

Up to now, how Li Yue manages his earthwork business is still a mystery. According to local media in Chongqing, Tong Xiaohua has been the head of the police station for more than 10 years. Before 2010, he worked in Yubei District. From 2010 to 2013, he left Yubei District and was appointed Director of Caiyuanba Police Station in Yuzhong District. Since 2013, he has returned to Yubei District.

According to China Economic Weekly, Tong Xiaohua chose to return to northern Chongqing and would like to work in a relatively remote Shipboat Police Station on the grounds of less suburban affairs and more freedom.

On August 1, the Chongqing Public Security Bureau announced that it had instructed the Public Security Bureau of Yubei District to set up an investigation team to investigate and deal with the situation of Tong Xiaohua and his wife Li Yue according to law and discipline.

How is the investigation going as of August 10? The Public Security Bureau of Yubei District has not yet made a report.

There should be results soon... On the evening of August 9, a Chongqing police officer said so.

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