Chen Qingling: Everyone is heartbroken and Wei has no envy, but he is also very bitter and lonely.

 Chen Qingling: Everyone is heartbroken and Wei has no envy, but he is also very bitter and lonely.

In Jiangjia, although there is love, but ultimately it is still under the hedge of others, and Mrs. Jiang and Jiang Cheng are the same kind of indomitable personality, not pleasant to speak.

Were it not for Wei Wuenvys optimism, kindness and open-mindedness from an early age, he would easily grow into a dark and hateful person.

As adults, they encounter so many changes that they cant stand many hardships, abuses and even become the opposition of all the people in the world.

Without Lianhuawu, Jiang Bobo, the best teachers and sisters, and Wennings warmth, Jiang Cheng did not want to pay attention to him. Apart from Blue Forget Machine, he seemed to be a lonely man.

These hardships and hardships, but also from time to time to do back pot man was mistaken, so that many viewers feel sorry for him, feel that he is grieving, difficult, difficult.

This is true, but because of his personality, he still has confidants, friends, love and affection. For example, Winnings kindness to him and his fate to him.

Blue forgetting machine that kind of excessive trust, and never give up unconditionally stand on his side of the firm. Sister Shi believes in him no matter what he does, forgives him, loves him, and grieves his feelings.

It makes people feel that Wei Wuenvy is still very lucky, even if only to say life is enough to have a confidant, he is really possessed.

However, among those who have been neglected, Jiang Cheng should be very bitter and lonely. This is mostly attributed to his personality, probably also influenced by his mother.

On the surface, he has to take the overall situation into consideration and follow the rules. This kind of pulling around, but not very able to express their feelings, the mouth, never seems to be the real idea of the heart.

He cant say good words, soft words or express his feelings. These States and limitations make him express everything in a state of anger and impatience. And afterwards, he was not comfortable, not at ease.

A very entangled person, like a person who is not very good at dealing with people. Such a person, in fact, is more desolate, lonelier and helpless.

Even though the people around him know his character and his heart is good, they mostly dont like to approach such a person. Its not easy to get along with him.

That is to say, the big-hearted person like Wei Wuenvy will never care about his attitude, his temper, always face him with a pair of skins to the state of no work.

Because he knows Jiang Cheng too well, his feelings towards him are love, hate and do not know what to do.

For those who know him best, those who are least afraid of him and who can bear him also leave. My parents are gone, my sister is gone, and Wei Wuyan is gone. He is left alone, no matter whether he has the ability or not, to assume the responsibility of homeowner.

Jiang Cheng has no such ability. His personality is like a seal, which hides his true self in a strict way. Only those who can understand dare to approach him and make friends with him forcibly.

In fact, a person to have such a personality, is really tired and lonely, but there is no way, because they are not good at expression, and can not make progress and retreat freely, motionless will appear embarrassing.

Such people are sensitive and impulsive. Originally soft and gentle heart, but also pretend to be very strong, very tough, very strong.

They only unload their disguise when they meet someone who knows them well. Inside them, they are actually big children, a little naive, a little naive, but at the same time they are simple and pure, pure hearts.

That is because they are not bad and very good, so people who understand them will not hate them even if they listen to many hurtful words. Because in action, they are also the kind of silent care for their loved ones.