The movie Hero of Fire was exposed at the scene of a 900 million real explosion at the box office

 The movie Hero of Fire was exposed at the scene of a 900 million real explosion at the box office

Netease Entertainment reported on August 9 that the fire was heartless and heroic. The first large-scale gathering of firefighters film Fire Hero has received enthusiastic support and high praise from numerous audiences since it was officially released on August 1. Since its release, the film has grossed more than 100 million tickets per day for four consecutive days, with the highest attendance rate for three consecutive days. It has scored 9.5 and 9.3 points on cats eye and ticket-scoring platforms, respectively, and ranked first in all platforms of films released in the same period. At present, the film has a total box office of 900 million, which is the first Tears and Burns fire theme film in the summer of 2009.

With the box office soaring, more and more audiences pay attention to the real heroes and prototype events behind the film. Recently, the topic of Fire Hero Story Prototype has aroused heated discussion on the whole network. The heroic deeds of Jiang Liwei, Ma Weiguo, Xu Xiaobin and other prototype figures have attracted the attention of many netizens. Some netizens commented: Real events are much more shocking than the plot of the movie. Resisting forgetfulness with movies, Heroes of Fire makes us worship these great firefighters even more! Today, the special edition Fire Heroes with Life is coming out in full swing. The special shows the real explosion scene filmed by the film. The netizens are shocked by the explosion scene one after another and shout, Its just making a movie with life. In addition, many spontaneous thanks to the actual action of firefighters have sprung up throughout the country. On July Eve, a female spectator presented 5,000 roses to firefighters to express the loveliest people with flowers.

The movie Hero of Fire is adapted from Balji Wildernesss long reportage The Deepest Water Is Tears. It is supervised by Liu Weiqiang and Li Jinwen. It is directed by Chen Guohui. Huang Xiaoming, Du Jiang and Tan Zhuo are the leading actors. Yang Zi and Ouhao are the special actors. Hou Yongs friendship is performed by Zhang Zhehan, Gu Jiacheng, Yin Xiaotian and Gao Ge. Acting, the film is currently being shown nationwide.

The whole crew used their lives to shoot the real event of Heroes of Fire, which was more shocking than the movie.

Recently, the topic of Fire Hero Story Prototype has aroused discussion among many netizens. The prototype of the film is the 2010 oil tank fire in Dalian Xingang, Liaoning Province. As the national energy reserve at that time, the explosion of oil pipeline will bring immeasurable disaster if not put out as soon as possible. In order to extinguish the fire, all the firefighters rushed to the fire site, forgetting their lives, and withstood the disaster with their flesh and blood for the people. Actors Huang Xiaoming, Du Jiang and Ouhao all play the role of firefighters with corresponding prototype characters. Huang Xiaoming shuts down the valve of oil tank by hand, encourages firefightersmorale at Mawei National Fire Station, and Xu Xiaobin drowns unfortunately to ensure water supply. These hot-blooded rescues based on real events have moved, choked and even hurt countless audiences. u3002 Some viewers were puzzled by the details of the plot and thought that part of the plot was too exaggerated. But after understanding the details of the real prototype events, one after another sighed: Real events shocked ten thousand times more than movies!

Today, the hot shooting with life feature shows the real explosion scene of the film, so that all audiences are shocked once again. It is reported that all the explosion and fire scenes in the film are live shooting. When the oil tank area falls down, shuttles in the smoke of the chafing dish shop and shoots the blasting at close range, all the actors and staff make every effort to present the most real scene of the fire. It is worth mentioning that director Chen Guohui mentioned in the interview that the crew insisted on shooting the most dangerous scenes in the safest way. No one was injured at the scene. The reason why Hero of Fire can move the public is because of the universal value of the film itself. The main idea is to restore the heroic image of firefighters and the warm-blooded rescue at the scene of the fire according to the real events. Many audiences cried out after watching the movie: I didnt know the profession of firefighters at all. Thank you for this movie, which gives us a deeper understanding of these unknown heroes.

Yang Ziouhaos archetype touches the female audience to express their heroes with flowers on the Tanabata Festival

The scene of actor Yang Zi and Ouhaoshengs departure in the film touched many audiences. On that day, many netizens paid attention to the real character prototype, among which Xu Xiaobins character prototype was Zhang Liang, the martyr who died in the 7.16 Dalian oil pipeline explosion accident. To ensure water supply, he jumped into the sea 20 times to clean up the pump debris. In the end, unfortunately, it was submerged by the huge waves and sacrificed. The wedding photos agreed with his wife were not taken in time. This detail also appeared in the film, which made many netizens feel sad for the fire couples. Some viewers said after watching the film: Resist forgetting with the film, we should always remember them and pay tribute to them.

On July Eve, the film Heroes of Fire is in hot screening. After watching the movie, a female viewer decided to give the 5,000 roses she won to the firefighters. The female audience said that she was touched by the film Heroes of Fire and knew that firefighters worked hard everyday, hoping to dedicate flowers to heroes. The warm-hearted action of the audience made many firefighters feel happy. One firefighter said, Its the first time that I received flowers from a girl. Many netizens also praised the female audiences action too warm heart. Flowers are used to advertise the loveliest people of our time on this day suitable for expression, and movies are used to honor heroes on this day full of love. It is worth mentioning that the film Heroes of Fire won the first place on July Eve.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020