Shanghai Fortress Exposed Egg Deer Hao Shuqi Performs End-of-Day Secret Love

 Shanghai Fortress Exposed Egg Deer Hao Shuqi Performs End-of-Day Secret Love

In the film, in the magnificent and solemn eschatological war, there is a hidden regret and secret love. Jiang Yang carefully likes Lin Lan all the way. He has the courage to die but dares not express himself. He even sends a short message carefully. I love you... Its hard to say, qualified.

In the movie, Jiang Yang receives the same reply every time he sends a message to Lin Lan: Have a good sleep, good night. Over the years, when Jiang Yang finally had the courage to send this message to Lin Lan, he could no longer wait for a response. As the original Jiangnan said, Its sad not to say the bravest words at the best time, but to look back on life. Good nights sleep, this sentence also makes many audiences deeply sympathetic, has become the golden sentence after the screening.

To this end, Shanghai Fortress also released a new poster today. Zhang Yu, a well-known designer who has made posters for many movies, such as Cohabitation beyond Time and Space and Da Bao Fa, has restored the nearest distance between Jiangyang and Lin Lan in the film by hand-drawing. In the poster, Lin Lan looks at the fallen Shanghai while Jiang Yang looks at Lin Lan. Good night, but not a word like text, has become a regrettable commentary.

The film Shanghai Fortress is being shown nationwide. It is adapted from a novel of the same name in South China. It is directed by Teng Huatao and starred by Deer Haw and Shu Qi. It is starred by Shiliang, Gao Yixiang, Wang Gongliang, Wang Sen and Sun Jialing.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020