Big models with 80 million girl fans want to decorate her home.

 Big models with 80 million girl fans want to decorate her home.

On the social platform, she always shows her figure without stint and presents her state as a whole: confident and full of tension.

As early as 2017, Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of the American Vogue magazine. Ashley Graham did not lose at all in a crowd of people with standard model stature and showed great performance.

She even gave TED speeches to spread positive ideas and let girls enjoy their bodies. Believe that this lets a lot of blind weight loss to cater to the public aesthetic girls, after listening to her lecture, pour into the roof.

Such a positive, confident and humorous girl, do not know what her parents like?

Old iron, keep up with the pace of the house master.

From the living room, the space gives people a feeling of home, there is no luxury decoration, but it can give people a more neat and warm feeling.

The kitchen environment is very bright, green plants can be seen everywhere, blue and yellow furnishings, these elements add a lively and pleasant atmosphere of space.

Maybe you wonder, what about the doll in the picture? Why only clothes? Ashley said she was traveling around the world.