NBA superstar Los Angeles Mansion exposes Kobe Bryants Jamescrown on the court

 NBA superstar Los Angeles Mansion exposes Kobe Bryants Jamescrown on the court

No, LeBron James recently posted a video of himself hosting a family dinner on the social networking platform PO, which showed his welcome to the family.

But the housekeeper found that Jamess house was really big. There are huge outdoor courtyards, not to mention, decoration is also super fashion!

James bought 150 million Los Angeles mansions with huge crowns in their courtyards.

Since LeBron James signed for the Lakers last year, there has been media exposure that he actually bought a luxury home in Los Angeles before signing. In recent years, James has trained and vacationed here every off-season, mainly because he likes the climate and environment of Southern California. Of course, many of Jamess businesses are in Los Angeles, so its necessary to come here every year.

How luxurious is this mansion? It is reported that its total value is as high as 23 million US dollars (about 158 million yuan), covering 2,260 square meters, including 870 square meters of building area, including eight rooms, 11 bathrooms, a large lawn, and a large swimming pool.

In the outdoor lawn, there is a huge crown decoration, it seems that he himself is very recognized the nickname Zhan Huang.

But the interior decoration is different from Jamess image. The whole room is full of INS wind, whether it is net red and green planting, or fish bone collage wood flooring, as well as gold and white furniture, all make it difficult for me to connect with the appearance of domineering James.

Large area of black frame glass, not only can make the home more permeable atmosphere, but also more fashionable and not rigid.

Cloakroom is also very large, dark cabinet and the mirror of the whole wall, so that the space appears very open.

Well, theres another sad story about a man whos not as good as a dog. Next, lets enjoy Jamess Los Angeles mansion.