After the general secretary answered the letter, the Kurban family did a big thing

 After the general secretary answered the letter, the Kurban family did a big thing

Tohuti Khan Kurban, 90, is a well-known celebrity who lives in the village of Sophisticated Seed Farm in Xianbaibaza Town, Tianxian County. On January 11, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the old man, encouraging the old mans family to continue to be like Uncle Kulban and fellow countrymen as a model of loving the Party, the motherland and the Chinese nation.

Today, Chairman Maos photographs of Uncle Kulban and General Secretary Xi Jinpings replies have become heirlooms hanging prominently in the living room of the old mans home. The old man told reporters, It is our best gratitude to the General Secretary to inherit the red family tradition and sow the seeds of national unity in the north and south of Tianshan Mountain.

The partys kindness is like the snow lotus in Tianshan Mountain - visible, countless

Writing a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping is the wish of old man Hutian Kulban.

My father taught us from an early age, and we can never forget that it was the Party that made our peasants turn over and let us live a good life. Seeing more than 100 families living in harmony, Tohuti Khan Kulban came up with the idea of going to Beijing to see Tiananmen Gate.

As the elderly grew older and mobility became inconvenient, they had to write letters on behalf of their granddaughter, Rukiam Matissetti. At that time, I only wanted to help my grandmother fulfill a wish to let the General Secretary know the gratitude of Kurbans descendants and the people of Xinjiang. Rukiamu said, I also comfort Grandma, if the General Secretary did not reply to the letter, you should not be too sad. But the old man firmly believed: You can rest assured that the General Secretary will reply to the letter! He is particularly concerned about our Xinjiang and our farmers.

Sure enough, only half a month later, the good news came.

In January 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back, saying hello and wishes to her and her family and fellow villagers. Receiving the reply, the old man took her granddaughters hand and asked her to read it word by word to herself. While listening, he wiped his eyes. The partys kindness is like the snow lotus in Tianshan Mountain - visible, countless.

Never seen a mother so excited and so happy. The elders second son, Matissetti Issa, can now communicate in Mandarin. Two years ago, he could only let his daughter Rukiamu listen to General Secretary Xi Jinpings reply in Uighur. Now I want to learn more Mandarin, understand more about the changes of the country, better communicate with people of all nationalities, listen to the words of the General Secretary, like grandpa and mother, and be a model of loving the Party, motherland and the family of the Chinese nation!

General Secretary Xi Jinpings reply set off a craze for learning Putonghua in the village. Over the past two years, more and more villagers have begun to learn Mandarin, and many of them have been able to communicate simply in Mandarin. Han Yubao, the first Secretary of the village, consciously became a Putonghua teacher in the village. Every evening at 9:00, in the study room of the village committee, the voices of villagers reading prose poems and learning to sing Mandarin songs can be heard.

Every week at the flag-raising ceremony in the village, poor households who are helped tell their stories of poverty alleviation. Han Yubao said.

With a good policy, you have to fight for your own morale.

Children go to school free of charge. Villagers have medical insurance and subsidies for building houses. Speaking of todays policy of benefiting the people, Matilthurson Issa, 58, the eldest son of Tohuti Khan Kulban, counts as many treasures.

When he was 10 years old, because his family was poor, Matilthurson Issa could not go to school any more and began to look after the blacksmiths shop for his family. When she was poor, her mother took eight children with her and squeezed them into a 40-square-meter earthen house. In order for my brother to go to junior high school, my mother sold her favorite coat.

In June 2016, Matilthurson Issa enjoyed the poverty alleviation policy and applied for an interest-free loan of 50,000 yuan to expand the blacksmith shop. Buy farm tools, iron fixtures, iron stoves... Over the past few years, Matilthurson Issa has not only returned his capital, but also made a net profit of more than 50,000 yuan.

Not only interest-free loans, in 2018, the village also sent villagers cattle and pigeons to help the poor, benefiting 180 and 210 farmers, respectively. Villagerscommittees set up cowshed pigeon houses, contacted and entrusted enterprises to concentrate on raising. Villagers participated in income dividend distribution, and the annual income of each household could be increased by 2,000 yuan. Meanwhile, through walnut cultivation and employment transfer, the per capita income of the whole village increased by 13% compared with 2017.

Making money, Matthew Tulson Issas greatest wish was to stop children dropping out of school because of poverty in the village. Last year, he donated 7,500 yuan to the village kindergarten to buy new shoes and coats for children from poor families. This year, I also plan to donate 10,000 yuan to the elementary schools in the village. The government has helped us so much, and we want to do something to give back to society.

Tohuti Khan Kurbans youngest son, Yimingjiang Aisa, served as a village branch in the village of Azhixi, Xianbabazaar town. Last December, although the office was less than 500 meters away from home, for the first four months, Yimingjiang Issa slept at home for only two nights. The villagers know that I am Uncle Kulbans grandson, and they trust me very much. In reply, the General Secretary asked us to work together under the leadership of the Party to create a better tomorrow in Xinjiang. As a branch secretary, I want to keep abreast of the situation in the village and lead the villagers to a better life.

With a good policy, they have to fight for their own gas. This year, 50 poor households in the village planted 120 mu of onions, which can produce 4-5 tons per mu. They have negotiated a price with the purchaser. They can sell 1 yuan and 2 yuan per kilogram, which can increase the income of each household by more than 10,000 yuan. Speaking of this years anti-poverty plan, Yimingjiang Isa is full of confidence. The village is also ready to distribute chicken seedlings to 145 poor households. Over the past year, it is expected that each household will increase its income by several thousand yuan. It is also planned to grow 169 mu marigold, which can sell for 8 cents per kilogram, and the villagers will have an additional income!

We want to show more dolls around Beijing.

In March 2017, Tohuti Khan Kulban convened a family meeting. The whole family sat together to discuss what to do in order to live up to the encouragement of General Secretary Xi Jinpings reply. Meticetti Issa proposed the establishment of a family public welfare fund, dedicated to condolences to the people of all ethnic groups who have made outstanding contributions to the maintenance of national unity and social stability, and to help more people in need.

Mother especially agreed, turned around and went into the house and took out 3000 yuan saved in the day. We all advised the elderly not to donate, but Mother insisted that the whole family do such meaningful things for national unity, and she must participate, recalled Matissetti Issa. Patriculi, a little girl in the family, also learned to look like an adult and took out her 10 yuan New Years money. On that day, the family raised 47,000 yuan.

In June 2017, the Kurban Foundation launched public welfare activities at Huangsongyu Central Primary School in Pinggu District, Beijing. A girl with family difficulties has deliberately refunded 500 yuan of the 600 yuan grant.

Please give the money to the children who need it more. The girls words made the man, who was over 1.8 meters tall, burst into tears. A little girl, I can think of other children who need help more than herself. I really feel the power of loving kindness, which also strengthens my determination to do a good job in this public welfare undertaking.

Donate winter cotton-padded clothes for left-behind children, provide animation books for kindergarten children in national common language courses, and run Mandarin schools. Up to now, the Kurban Foundation has not only benefited Hetian area, but also organized public welfare activities in Beijing, Shanxi and other places. It has helped more than 3600 people of all ethnic groups and adolescents and children.