Qiaojiayuan was cancelled 5A Pingyao Ancient City Learn Lessons All-round Self-examination

 Qiaojiayuan was cancelled 5A Pingyao Ancient City Learn Lessons All-round Self-examination

On August 9, Zhang Fuming, vice governor of Shanxi Province, went deep into Qiaojiayuan scenic spot in Qixian County to inspect, supervise, rectify and upgrade the work. Ding Jigang, Deputy Secretary-General of the provincial government, and Sheng Lingqing, Director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism participated in the supervision. Wang Jianlin, Chairman of the CPPCC, Xin Yan, Vice Mayor, and Xing Junjie, Secretary-General of the CPPCC participated.

Zhang Fuming pointed out that Jinzhong City and Qixian County should stand at a political height and take seriously the event that Qiaojiayuan Scenic Area was cancelled the quality grade of 5A National Scenic Area. They should reflect deeply and analyze carefully so as to make vigorous, comprehensive and thorough rectification. We should focus on the problems pointed out by the inspection team of the Ministry of Culture and Brigade and put forward suggestions. We should scientifically formulate the national standards for the quality grade of the standard-matched tourist attractions, implement the measures and rectify them one by one. We should pay attention to the management of safety in production, equip all relevant facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of cultural relics. We should strengthen the supervision of performance of duty and consolidate the main body. Responsibility, promote the standardized and standardized management of scenic spots; Strengthen the comprehensive management of the surrounding environment of scenic spots, strive to improve the service quality of scenic spots, comprehensively rectify all kinds of problems and various non-standard disorders, complete the task of rectification with quality and quantity as scheduled, and ensure that the quality level of national 5A scenic spots can be restored in the shortest time. u3002

Meanwhile, Pingyao Ancient City, another 5A scenic spot in Jinzhong City, is also learning the lessons of Qiaos courtyard.

On the afternoon of August 9, Zhao Jianping, Secretary of Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee, chaired a special meeting of secretaries to listen to the progress of the three modernizations project in Pingyao ancient city and to make arrangements for the next step.

Zhao Jianping emphasized that we should learn from the lessons of the cancelled 5A scenic spot quality grade of Qiao Jiayuan, compare the standard requirements of 5A scenic spot, check the tables one by one, carry out all-round self-checking work, find problems in depth, find problems, and solve them effectively, so as to promote the management of Pingyao Ancient Citys tourist attractions by upgrading the overall level of the industry. The level and quality of service have reached a new level.

On July 31, the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a bulletin: 7 5A-level scenic spots with serious substandard or serious problems were checked and dealt with. Among them, Qiaojiayuan scenic spot in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province was given the treatment of canceling the quality grade of tourist attractions, while the remaining six scenic spots were given the order of notification and criticism to rectify and deal with, with three deadlines. Month.

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