Ferrari bought by men who persisted in overrunning during typhoon days lost more than 1 million yuan

 Ferrari bought by men who persisted in overrunning during typhoon days lost more than 1 million yuan

Super typhoon Lichma landed in our province. In order to ensure the safety of high-speed driving, Jinhua High-speed Traffic Police has taken control measures to close all imports of high-speed traffic in its jurisdiction. High-speed traffic police patrol vehicles also strengthen road patrol control to ensure early detection, early disposal and early evacuation.

However, at about 10:30 last night (August 9), a super run involved in the risk of the Jin-Yong Expressway. As a result, it was not long before the accident happened. The Ferrari just bought a month lost more than 1 million yuan instantly.

At about 22:20 p.m. on August 9, the monitoring and command center of Yongjin Expressway received warning that a car crashed into the central guardrail near Caizhai, Yongjin Expressway, and the car was still parked in the expressway.

The high-speed traffic policeman arrived quickly after receiving the instructions. At the same time, according to the emergency plan, rescue trucks will be disposed of immediately. In less than a few minutes, inspection trucks and rescue trucks on Yongjin Expressway will arrive at the scene. After confirming the situation on the scene, the personnel and accident vehicles will be towed to Caizhai Toll Station as soon as possible.

After the vehicle was safely towed to Caizhai toll station, the police began to understand the accident. Driver Xiao Shao is a 90-year-old, who had planned to sleep quietly at home in this typhoon day. A friend called him to Dongyang from Yiwus home. After a party and chatting, he decided to be invited to Ningbo that night. Considering the unsafe trip in typhoon day, he hesitated several times, and finally decided to drive to Ningbo.

Xiao Shao borrowed a Ferrari from a friend who had just bought it for more than a month. He thought it would be okay to drive slowly because of its good overrunning performance. Who knows that the car only drove 20 kilometers from Dongyang on the highway and crashed. I also know it was typhoon day. I didnt dare to drive fast at that time. I drove more than 90 yards, and I adjusted the driving mode of the vehicle to the anti-skid mode. I also drove very carefully. I think it was because of the heavy wind and the wet ground in rainy days. Speaking of the cause of the accident, Xiao Shao thinks so. After investigating the vehicle condition and knowing the cause of the accident, the police issued a traffic accident certificate to Xiaoshao according to law.

According to preliminary judgment on the spot, the newly bought Ferrari sports car has a damage of more than 1 million yuan.

High-speed traffic policeman reminds us that during typhoon, we do not recommend high-speed driving. For special reasons, we must choose high-speed driving. First of all, we must control the speed well. We must not think that the normal speed limit is not too fast, or we should judge according to the actual road conditions and control the speed well. In case of traffic police control, accident congestion, etc., do not stay at high speed, should obey the command at the first time, drive away from the high speed. When a vehicle encounters an accident or breaks down, it is necessary to keep in mind that when the vehicle is near the side, the person evacuates, that is, the alarm.

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