139 tons of Chinese clothing changed to Korean-made high-priced exclusive Chinese

 139 tons of Chinese clothing changed to Korean-made high-priced exclusive Chinese

According to the report of CCTV Finance and Economics on August 10, brand clothes from Dongdaemun, Korea, can often be seen on domestic business platforms. However, recently, the Korea Customs Office seized a large number of Chinese clothes disguised as Korean Dongdaemun brand after being cut off, and then sold them to Chinese consumers at a higher price. And the value of these clothes is more than 30 million yuan.

Liu E, special correspondent of CCTV Finance and Economics Channel: In South Korea Dongmen clothing wholesale business district, when night falls, a large number of Korean brand clothes are sold all over the world from here. The suspect in this case is in Dongmens studio, cut the label of Made in China on the clothes purchased from China at a low price and replaced it with Made in Korea, smuggled out of the country without declaration to the customs, transported back to China, and sold on Chinas e-commerce platform.

Reporters learned from the Korea Customs Office that the four suspects involved are all Chinese nationals, and they have received orders from more than 200,000 Chinese consumers on the electronic business platform. In addition to suspicion of cutting labels and forging the origin of commodities, when sending clothes to Chinese consumers, the persons involved are also suspected of forging the contents of documents such as waybills as articles of no commodity value in order to avoid high tariffs.

Recently, the Korean Customs Office handed over the four suspects to the prosecution. It is reported that they smuggled 460,000 pieces of clothes to China 173 times between September 2017 and January 2019, weighing 139 tons, worth 5.4 billion won, or 31.5 million yuan, from which they illegally earned 220 million won, or 12.29 million yuan.

Lee Dongxian, Chief of Special Investigation Section of Korea Customs Office: In order to speed up customs clearance, we now implement simple export declaration system and reduce inspection costs. The suspect used this point to mark the value of the goods at 0 yuan and smuggled them.

In June this year, a Korean designer bought Chinese clothes at the same low price, cut the labels and disguised them as Korean clothes, sold them in the Korean market at a high price, and made an illegal profit of 700 million won, or 4.2 million yuan.

Due to frequent cases of label cutting and clothing smuggling, the Korea Customs Office said that it would strengthen the control of the origin of import and export clothing in Korean garment factories, logistics centers, airports and other places before October this year. At the same time, it would crack down on smuggling by raising the inspection rate and other means in order to maintain the order of Korean garment market.

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