Glorys first Wisdom Screen: The first Hongmeng OS sells for RMB3799 and goes on sale on Aug. 15.

 Glorys first Wisdom Screen: The first Hongmeng OS sells for RMB3799 and goes on sale on Aug. 15.

Netease Technology News, August 10, news, glory today released the first smart screen TV products, equipped with Hongmeng system, selling for 3799 yuan, the first sale on August 15.

On the screen side, the Glory Wisdom Screen uses a 4KUHD wide gamut screen. Zhao Ming said that the screen decides the quality baseline and the algorithm decides the quality line. Therefore, the Glorious Wisdom Screen also carries the Honghuo 818 smart chip, four-core CPU + four-core GPU, multi-task parallel processing capabilities first-class.

The Glory Wisdom Screen can wake up in one second and turn on in two seconds, so there is no advertisement to turn on or off the screen. Zhao Ming said that there is no such thing now, and there will be no on-off advertisement for the Glory Wisdom Screen in the future.

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Glorious Wisdom Screen Pro Experience: Hongmeng OS? Temporarily secondary (source: original)

Video: Glory Wisdom Screen Pro Experience

On the operating system, the Glory Wisdom Screen is equipped with Hongmeng Operating System, which can realize seamless cross-device connection and multi-terminal cooperation.

The Glory Wisdom Screen has built-in lifting AI camera, which can shoot 1080P high-definition picture quality, automatically lifting, realizing privacy protection. The Hi4516DV300NPU chip of the Glorious Wisdom Screen enables the camera to realize the functions of face recognition, portrait tracking and posture detection.

In addition, Glory Magic-link magic screen can be used as touch screen, speaker, keyboard and remote control. This technology can also achieve a touch screen, and the content of the mobile phone can be projected onto the smart screen with ultra-low latency. HuaweiShares functionality allows mobile phones and smart screens to communicate with each other.

The Glory Wisdom Screen is equipped with 6-meter far-field voice and 5-meter pickup, which can realize long-distance voice control. Zhao Ming said that the Glory Wisdom Screen can also become the control center of the family. It can control the smart home jointly, visualize the status of the equipment and interactive experience. Home control can realize multi-device linkage, and other smart devices in the home can be accomplished in one sentence.

There are two versions of Glory Wisdom Screen: Standard and Pro. Zhao Ming introduced Standard Version 4 speaker design, no lift camera; Pro version has 6 speakers besides lift lens. The Standard Version of Glory Wisdom Screen costs 3799 yuan, and the Pro version of Glory Wisdom Screen costs 4799 yuan. (Quiet)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541