Chua Yingwens Radio Independence for Stopping Broadcasting Female Host to Open a New Program

 Chua Yingwens Radio Independence for Stopping Broadcasting Female Host to Open a New Program

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Chua Yingwen was banned from broadcasting and Huang Zhixian reopened his new program Taiwan Independence (Source:)

I am a Taiwanese from China. One country, two systems is Taiwans greatest consideration and respect. Taiwan independence is absolutely impossible. We 1.4 billion Chinese people can never give Taiwan independence any chance. Our generation is going to take Taiwan home. At the Eleventh Taiwan Straits Forum Conference, Huang Zhixian, a well-known Taiwan political commentary program host, made a speech that inspired compatriots across the Straits. But her speech touched on the pain of Cais English authorities. In addition to launching the so-called anti-red media March and demanding that the so-called pro-China media be pushed to the Bay, the Taiwan authoritiescontinental committee also announced that Huang Zhixians speech in the mainland would be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Eventually, under the constant pressure of Cais English authorities, Huang Zhixians political commentary program Night Inquiry and Power Fight was suspended.

In the final issue of Night Inquiry and Strike for Power on June 28, Huang Zhixian once again said that he would not stop criticizing Cai Yingwen and Taiwan Independence elements. We will continue to do the program, and the program will not be limited to Monday to Friday, but seven days a week. In the past, Cai English was scolded only five times a week, but now it can be scolded every day.

Sure enough, Huang Zhixian did what he said! Shes back! Recently, Huang Zhixian launched a YouTube program entitled Huang Zhixians Night Question, which continued the mode of Night Question and Power Fighting, inviting public opinion representatives, professors and retired officials from the island to continue to criticize Cais English authorities and to issue the strongest voice in support of cross-strait reunification.

In the first episode of the program, Huang Zhixian declared war on Taiwan independence. She said that the Taiwan Independent thought that by turning off a Night Ask and Strike Power, it could sleep soundly? Wrong! From today on, we have to ask and ask every day until Taiwan independence cant stand it!

Huang Zhixian spent a month on the Internet, and the new program was finally online. Although the studio was very simple and the program did not have gorgeous packaging, the new program immediately attracted the attention of netizens in the island. Up to now, the maximum number of single episodes has exceeded 540,000, exceeding the number of network broadcasts of many popular variety shows in the island. Many netizens inside and outside the island also left messages to express encouragement. Some netizens also left messages to donate money. Some netizens even donated studio equipment to support Huang Zhixians struggle against Taiwan independence.

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