Women in Hong Kong pull up the American flag in the hands of demonstrators: they cant stand to show off their courage and prestige

 Women in Hong Kong pull up the American flag in the hands of demonstrators: they cant stand to show off their courage and prestige

On August 9, Hong Kong opposition demonstrators launched a so-called 10,000 people pick-up rally.

Beijing Daily reported on August 10 that on the afternoon of September 9, a woman arrived at the airport lobby and was brutalized by the black-clad man after she wanted to take the flag off the demonstrators with a single shot, waving the American flag. Airport security officers and AA staff immediately came forward to stop the conflict, and the woman was escorted away by airport security officers.

Source: Ring Video

Subsequently, some netizens provided an audio clip of the womans conversation with others to Global Network reporters. The recording shows that she calls herself a Hong Kong person and takes the flag because she just cant get used to what theyre doing here. She takes the American flag to show off here!

The woman talked to others

Ninety percent of our local people in Hong Kong just want to express their aspirations peacefully and not violence. They are exaggerating violence now, she added.

Last night, the topic of

Screenshots of the days microblog

Netizens call out, Woman Swordsman!

Screenshots of comments by netizens

The forces of harbour chaos are rising. How can the black hands behind the scenes chaos the harbour?

The behaviour of the rioters in Hong Kong is escalating. There have been media reports that these people communicate with each other in various professional gestures during street parades. They are tightly organized. Some are specially responsible for logistical supplies. Others distribute helmets and masks.

Media sources revealed that there were also some suspicious foreigners on the scene of the Abandoned Youth Incident in Hong Kong, who, like coaches in the NBA, arranged tasks for the Abandoned Youth. Who is organizing and manipulating behind all this? Who are these behind-the-scenes gangsters with ulterior motives?

Foreigners on the scene of the demonstration

U.S. intelligence agencies have training schools to teach how to destroy.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council pointed out at a press conference on August 6 that the forces inside and outside Hong Kong who encourage and support radical violence behind the scenes are theanti-China and rebellious Hong Kongforces. There have been media outbursts that are very similar in many ways to the riots in different locations and times.

This similarity is no coincidence. It is reported that the American Intelligence Agency (CIA) has long provoked the color revolution overseas. They have special schools, trained relevant personnel, and a set of teaching materials to teach you how to destroy.

WikiLeaks once exposed a school called CANVAS

In 2013, WikiLeaks exposed an e-mail. The mail showed that a school called CANVAS had received money from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CANVAS is a non-violent action and strategy centre and a training institution in Serbia. It teaches the local opposition how to march, make posters and use non-violent means to carry out democratic movements.

Video shot of explosive material

CANVAS training is very systematic and comprehensive, there are many courses. From the 50-point principle of democratic movement to how to guide the riots, how to confront the police and how to carry out non-violent struggle, there are extremely detailed textbooks.

Recently, for example, a Hong Kong police officer was maliciously illuminated by a thug with a laser pen. He instinctively raised his gun to defend himself, but did not fire. The moment the gun was raised, the prepared media group took pictures and sent them to the internet, slandering the police for threatening the people with guns, without mentioning the fact that the police were blindly injured by laser pens.

Hong Kong police were exposed to laser light from demonstrators (source: Wen Hui)

Hong Kong Police with Eye Injury (Tuyuan: Wen Hui)

According to the Hong Kong police, the formation of the people involved in the riot was very careful. The first row is responsible for throwing things, the second row is responsible for delivering ammunition, the third row is responsible for attacking the police with long sticks, and the people behind are using umbrellas as cover. In fact, these routes have been mentioned in the CANVAS tutorial for a long time.

The demonstrators confronted the police in the mall

The BBC has trained thousands of Zhanzhong molecules.

On October 21, 2014, the BBC News Night broadcast an event being held in Norway. The event was well organized and named Oslo Freedom Forum 2014.

BBC correspondent Laura Kingsberg reported: In the basement of this four-star hotel, activists gathered here to make it look like arevolutionaryschool. We were told that a large number of Hong Kong demonstrators had been trained before going out on the street.

CCTV Video Screenshots

Ginsberg also reported that about 1,000 Hong Kong demonstrators had received special training. Some activists here are involved in helping organize the current demonstrations in Hong Kong. They plan to push thousands of people into the streets. In fact, they have been in contact nearly two years ago and have planned the Zhanzhong rally in advance.

US Subversion of Hong Kong Base: Hong Kong-US Center

Liu Naiqiang, a member of the Hong Kong Basic Law Commission, said that the Chinese University of Hong Kong has a Hong Kong American Center which monopolizes the general education textbooks of eight universities in Hong Kong. Facebook page News of Hong Kong reveals that the Hong Kong-US Center held a two-day and one-night workshop from March 15 to 16, 2014, and rightly speaking trained college students as the backbone of the occupancy. These means are enough to show that the substantive intervention activities of the Americans in Hong Kong will increase substantially, even occupy the center. To the full assistance of the U.S. authorities.

The Bauhinia magazine published in April 2014 stated that the Hong Kong-US Center is a non-profit University Alliance on the surface. Its board members also include presidents of many universities, but in essence, the US Consulate General in Hong Kong is the real backstage support of the organization.

How can the behind-the-scenes Mafia teach the rioters? The truth is clear.

Foreign Ministry: Can the world be peaceful if the United States does so?

Earlier, Hong Kong media such as Ta Kung Pao reported that at about 5.30 p.m. on August 7, Hong Kong netizens inadvertently found out in the lobby of the JW Marriott in Hong Kong that Huang Zhifeng and Luo Guancong, leaders of the Hong Kong Independence Organization, and Julie Eadeh, Consul General of the United States in Hong Kong and Macao, had a business discussion. Subsequently, Huang admitted that the talks involved recent events in Hong Kong.

Huang Zhifeng (second from left) and Luo Guancong (third from left) are meeting closely with Julie Eadeh (second from right).

According to the Foreign Ministry Spokespersons Office, on August 9, a reporter asked: In response to media exposure that U.S. consular officials in Hong Kong met with separatists in Hong Kong, a spokesman for the State Department said yesterday that it was totally unacceptable to divulge private information from U.S. diplomats, and only baric regimes and irresponsible countries would do so. The United States appreciates the work of its diplomats. What is Chinas comment on this?

In this regard, Hua Chunying said:

The frequent involvement of the United States in Hong Kongs affairs will inevitably arouse the strong opposition and indignation of the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots. The spokesman of the US State Department should first reflect on his own words and deeds and not use media reports to criticize other governments, but also to reverse the black and white and the rake, in an attempt to conceal the fact that the US interferes in Chinas internal affairs.

The spokesman of the State Department of the United States called interference in the internal affairs of other countries the daily meal of American diplomats all over the world and praised it. Can the world be peaceful if the United States does so?

Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong. Chinas peoples hearts should not be humiliated and its public opinions should not be deceived. We urge the United States to abide by the basic norms of international law and international relations, immediately stop interfering in Hong Kongs affairs and immediately stop interfering in Chinas internal affairs.

Hua Chunying (Tuyuan: Office of Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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