Huang Qifan: Rectifying P2P does not mean rejecting network loans

 Huang Qifan: Rectifying P2P does not mean rejecting network loans

At present, there are dozens of such standardized operating companies in the country, with more than 800 billion loans, the non-performing rate is less than 3%, which is lower than the non-performing rate of credit cards. Huang Qifan, for example.

The following is the full text of Huang Qifans speech:

The Characteristics and Development Path of Financial Science and Technology under the Background of 5G

4G technology has bred the world-wide attention of the Internet economy, e-commerce, social networking, entertainment as the representative of the rapid rise of consumer Internet. The full application of 5G with the characteristics of high speed, wide connection, high reliability and low delay promotes the transition from the era of consumer Internet to the era of industrial Internet with interconnection of all things. Enabled by technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the development of financial science and technology has brought unprecedented historical opportunities. In the future, it is worth discussing what characteristics financial science and technology should possess and what development paths should be taken in accordance with the laws of science and conformity. Heres my opinion.

Subversion has become a bizarre economic phenomenon on the Internet. Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chains and network platforms including Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of Things and other mobile communications are the five basic platforms of Great Intelligence Transfer Cloud composed of modern information technology. In the middle, the Internet, the Internet of Things and the mobile internet, like the human nervous system, are connected with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Cloud computing is equivalent to the backbone of the human body. Big data is the internal organs, skin and organs of the human body. Without cloud computing, the human body has no spine, and the internal organs can not be hanged. Big data is a ghost without a place to hide. Without big data, cloud computing is a walking corpse and a hollow skeleton. With the backbone, viscera, skin and organs, coupled with the artificial intelligence equivalent to the soul - human brain and nerve endings system, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence three technologies can form a strong vitality of the modern information system - Great Intelligence Moving Cloud basic platform.

Why is the Great Intelligence Moving Cloud platform so subversive? The research shows that the Great Intelligence Moving Cloud basic platform actually has five characteristics: whole airspace, whole process, whole scene, full analysis and full value. The so-called whole airspace refers to: breaking regional and spatial barriers, from heaven to earth, from the ground to underwater, from domestic to international can be widely integrated; the so-called whole process refers to: related to all human production and life processes, every point, 24 hours a day, information accumulation; the so-called whole scene refers to The so-called full analysis refers to the collection, analysis and judgment of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict all human behavior information and produce new cognition, new behavior and new value different from traditional ones; the so-called full value refers to the total value. To break through the closeness of a single value system, penetrate all value systems, and integrate and create an unprecedented and huge value chain. The industrial chain of modern informationization has various connections with the whole world through data storage, data calculation and data communication. It is the genes of the five-all characteristics that form the information of the industrial chain, the information of the whole process, the information of the whole value chain and the information of the whole scene when they are combined with the industrial chain. Very valuable data resources. It can be said that any combination of any traditional industrial chain and the five major information technologies will immediately form a new economic organization, thus constituting a subversive impact on traditional industries.

In short, the modern Internet system under big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence has a subversive effect. Todays Internet digital platform, the next step in the 5G era will be to further form a universal system, the number of terminal connections than todays human mobile phones, tablets, laptops will be more than a hundred times, thousands of times. Therefore, the human Internet industry will develop from toC-type consumer Internet to toB-type industrial internet. In the industrial Internet era, this subversive function will be more prominent. The subversive industry we often refer to is mainly the network data platform industry with the above five complete information. When these five complete information is combined with industrial manufacturing, it will form industrial manufacturing 4.0; when combined with logistics industry, it will form an intelligent logistics system; when combined with urban management, it will form a smart city; and when combined with industrial manufacturing, it will form a smart city. Combining with each other, financial science and technology or science and technology finance will be formed. When it is combined with finance, whether it is the value chain or the industrial chain of financial business, we should grasp the five complete information and then carry out financial services. Such a financial security degree will be higher than that of the manual financial service system without five complete information, and the bad debt rate will be lower. It is a basic principle that the balance of overall risks should be better. That is why we should see the significant milestone economic prospects of Technology Finance and data finance platform wisely and forward-looking.

2. Science, technology, finance and technology have not changed any traditional purpose and security principle of finance. In this sense, whether science and technology + finance or Finance + science and technology, we should not only make full use of the benefits of the network digital platform efficiently, but also adhere to the purpose, principle and concept of the formation of modern finance. There are two genes in science and technology finance nowadays, one is information gene of Internet, the other is financial gene, which controls information, leverage and risk in all financial business. Internet operation has huge radiation and infinite penetration. Once combined with finance, it is possible to improve the efficiency, efficiency and reduce risks of the traditional financial system, but also to bring about systemic subversive crisis. In recent years, the problem of P2P lies in carrying out the business of rat club and informal fund-raising and usury in traditional society under the banner of Internet finance. P2P company solicits high-interest deposits from netizens, lends usury to netizens without scene, and repays old and new debts through the fund pool, thus forming a Ponzi scheme under the Internet system. For this reason, the Internet financial system must absorb the profound lessons of the development of P2P in recent years. It must not violate the basic characteristics of finance. It must operate licensed, regulate daily, have operational mode requirements and risk disposal methods. It must not drive without license or have interest rates as high as 30% or 50%. High interest rates, arbitrary fund-raising, unrestricted, scenario-free lending and financing, where borrowers and unit money can not be used is not clear, can not engage in violent collection, and so on. In short, we must not go against these financial common sense, people who violate financial common sense think that they are very smart, can hold a certain space, and finally miss the Qingqings life is to be smart.

Fourth, in the process of development of Internet finance, we should have a clear principle of win-win benefits for all parties. In the era of consumer internet, based on the homogeneity of human life style, some profit models of network platform companies often rely on burning money to gain scale advantage, and on advertising charges to obtain certain monopoly benefits. In the era of industrial internet, different industries have different structures and modes. The development of any network digital platform can not rely on simple money burning to expand market share, nor can it make customers look useless, cost ineffective and long-term loss. This is unsustainable suicide. Reasonable network digital platform should obtain benefits and dividends through five channels: firstly, through the application of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the efficiency of financial business has been improved; secondly, the optimal allocation of resources of digital network platform company and financial business has been realized, resulting in optimal dividends; thirdly, through the Internet of Things. The operation, statistics and scheduling of big data and artificial intelligence have reduced the logistics cost of industrial chain and supply chain. Fourthly, because of the information transmission function of whole industrial chain, whole process and whole scene, the cost and risk of financial operation have been reduced. Fifthly, these visible and tangible dividends should be returned to industrial chain and supply reasonably. The upstream, downstream, financial and data platform operators of the chain will produce the benefit of the depression and the benefit of the merchants.

5. Online security authentication technologies, such as biology, two-dimensional code, iris, fingerprint, face brushing, voice and other identification authentication technologies, must be franchised. Where such technology companies are established, they must be licensed and then photographed, and they must have a higher entry threshold. Authentication and identification system belongs to the major national security category, but it has been widely used in Internet financial business without long-term security testing, which obviously violates the requirement that the security of financial industry must be infinitely close to 100%. Therefore, at present, the payment and transfer of funds of Internet financial companies must adhere to the principle of small amount. At the same time, all kinds of Internet authentication and identification technology can only be used offline. After a long period of accumulation and trial-and-error of technology, the online pilot project can gradually mature and be launched under the authorization of the national technical management department.

Above is all I want to talk about today, for your reference, thank you!

Source: Responsible Editor of 21st Century Economic Report: Zhang Mei_NF2100