Public and private collective action plus warehousing technology shares!

 Public and private collective action plus warehousing technology shares!

Private placement increased significantly

Specifically, by the end of July, the proportion of constituent funds with more than 50% positions in stocks was 78.5%, up 9.27 percentage points from the end of last month. The proportion of optimistic investment managers (80% - 100%) and prudent investment managers (below 60%) has decreased, and the positions are close to the middle (60% - 80%).

The Stock Position Distribution of CREFI Index Component Funds at the End of Last Two Months

This relatively optimistic tone may persist.

Pickup investment said that the market rose significantly in June and began to decline in July, maintaining a cautious and optimistic attitude in investment. The market may be flat for some time, but it does not affect our future layout. The prospect of a consumer power plus a stronger manufacturing power will give rise to many opportunities.

Science and technology stocks become favorites

The data show that in July, the three industries with the largest increase in the positions of CREFI index fund are technical hardware and equipment, software and services, semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The three industries with the largest decline were food, beverage and tobacco, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences, durable consumer goods and clothing.

China Resources Trust said that the listing of Cosco board made investment managers pay more attention to the technology industry. Among them, the proportion of positions in the technology hardware and equipment industry has a certain periodicity, and there are signs of a rebound at the bottom.

In July, science and technology stocks became popular among many private investors. However, it is worth noting that the food, beverage and tobacco industry has been continuously increasing in recent two years, and is still the industry with the highest proportion of allocation, and far higher than the second-ranked material industry.

Average Allocation Ratio of CREFI Index Component Funds at the End of Recent Two Months

There are also public funds to add technology stocks.

According to the excess calculation method of fund industry allocation by China Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, the main public funds continued to maintain the excess allocation pattern to information technology listed companies in the second quarter, with the excess ratio of 192.24% (that is, the proportion of fund allocation to a certain industry in the stock portfolio and the stock market value of a certain industry in the stock market). Proportion between proportions.

What are the investment opportunities for technology stocks?

Looking ahead, what are the investment opportunities of technology companies? Will the market switch from the consumer sector to the technology sector? Many public and private equity institutions have given their own answers.

Bedrock Capital believes that whether style switching needs to pay attention to performance factors. If the recovery of growth stocksperformance growth rate is not strong enough, then market funds may not flow from consumption to growth, and the situation of consumer stocks club may continue. It is suggested that investors should focus on white horse stocks in the technology industry with clear performance growth.

Shicheng Investment also points out that it will adjust its investment portfolio moderately and dynamically to achieve a better balance between financial consumption and technological growth.

Director of Xingquan Fund Research, Dong Chengfei, said that the quality of core assets held by A-share investors is good, but it may also be the most prosperous time, there is not much room for them. If Chinas economy is to develop continuously and with high quality in the future, it will need some new and technological enterprises to keep growing from small to small. Get bigger.

Although the technology sector now looks ugly and less competitive, in fact, if they are given enough time, I believe they will have a process of progress, and I think this is also the hope of China. He said.

Nord Foundation said it was relatively bullish on the technology industry with high prosperity, strong performance growth, reasonable or even undervalued valuation, and no obvious corporate ambition.