Director Luo Wei held a memorial meeting for seven consecutive years directing CCTV New Years Eve party

 Director Luo Wei held a memorial meeting for seven consecutive years directing CCTV New Years Eve party

Netease Entertainment reported on August 10 that at 8 a.m. on August 9, former CCTV director Luo Weis farewell ceremony was held at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Beijing. Luo Weis former leading colleagues, relatives and friends, as well as people from all walks of life, thus parting from the creative all-round director who directed the New Years Eve party for seven consecutive years.

Outside the hall, a solemn and solemn mourning for director Luo Wei in black and white characters went to see off people from all walks of life and orderly entered the Mei Hall. The special program group of the former overseas center of CCTV, the literary and artistic center of Beijing TV, some comrades of the original literary and artistic center of Shanghai TV, and all the opening and closing ceremonies of the 26th World University Games in Shenzhen were held. Personnel, former Haizheng Literature and Works Group, former Forward Literature and Works Group of Fuzhou Military Region, Great Wall Society of China, Central Ballet Dance Group, TV Literature and Art Committee of China Radio, Film and Television Federation, Professional Committee of Innovation and Development Culture of China Enterprise Culture Promotion Association, and relatives and friends saluted Luo Wei, a few handsome and outstanding friends of meteorite stars on earth. All the way well, the couplet of dying young and jealous of talented people and so on.

Inside the hall, Luo Weis statue was inscribed on both sides: The voice and the face are still there? The smile will last forever. The hall echoes Luo Weis lover Liu Yinyin and his daughters chorus song Daughters Heart to accompany him through the final journey. Luo Wei lay peacefully in the flowers of white lilies, white chrysanthemums and chrysanthemums.

The memorial was presided over by Zhang Donghua, the former chief producer of CCTV Overseas Center. Mrs. Luo Wei, Liu Yin, delivered a memorial speech to Mourning my brother Luo Wei on behalf of Luo Weis sister Luo Xiaohua. Zhao Yuhui, former director of CCTV Overseas Programming Center, Yang Lin, Deputy Secretary-General of the TV Literature and Art Committee of the China Radio, Film and Television Federation, who accompanied Luo Weis life to the last moment, and Wang Zhongsheng, an old classmate who had been with Luo Wei for more than 40 years since his childhood, gave a memorial speech to his former leader, colleagues and comrades-in-arms. The story of the patients stubborn struggle, gifted and talented, diligent in research, hard work, rigorous work, numerous awards, kindness of heart and adoption of children expresses infinite sorrow and regret.

Zeng Qinghuai, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Nation Cultural Promotion Association, Lang Kun, Director of CCTV Variety Channel and Large Program Center, former Vice-Editor Lei Zhenhua, former Vice-Editor of the TV Publicity Center of the PLA, Xibing, Vice-Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Committee of the Chinese Television Arts Association, and TV Text of the China Radio, Film and Television Federation Cui Yanan, Secretary-General of the Arts Committee, Su Yudong, Editor-in-Chief of China Ethnic Exposition Magazine, Ding Yi, Professor of China Conservatory of Music, Jia Qingyun, Professor of Opera Research Institute of Peking University, Dai Wei, Famous Director of CCTV, Dai Niu, parents of Mrs. Liu Yinyin, Luo Weis relatives, Han Li, and other leading colleagues, relatives, friends and all walks of life All the people were in mourning at the scene. General Wang Hailiang and his relatives and friends, such as Zhu Xun, Tan Jing, Qin E, Wen Yujuan, Mo Yuanji, Lu Wei, Yin Xiumei, Zhang Yan, Li Hui, Li Yuer, Zhang Shuo, Wang Lidong, Li Nan, Zhang Xuejun, Li Yanming and Wang Yincheng, have also offered the couplets.

Luo Wei was born on June 26, 1963 in Changsha, Jiangxi Province. He is a member of the Communist Party of China. He was a famous director of the International Channel of CCTV. He is also a director of the TV Literature and Art Committee of the China Radio, Film and Television Federation. He is a well-known contemporary director artist, an excellent writer of Ci and qu, a new film director and an outstanding creative all-round director.

Luo Wei has participated in the live broadcasting of CCTV-4 large-scale variety show for many times. He has served as the executive director of the far-reaching New Years Bilingual Party, Mid-Autumn Festival Party and Hand-in-Hand Party at home and abroad. In all kinds of large-scale variety shows of CCTV, successive choreographers, live directors, directors, planners, executive directors, directors, directors, directors; in various competitions at home and abroad, many times won national gold medals and international awards, six times won the first prize of the Starlight Award of Chinese TV literature and art, and four times won the color of China. Rainbow Award, Golden Boy Award, Golden Eagle Award and Golden Eagle Award for Best Creativity, Golden Eagle Award for Best Director, etc.

Comrade Luo Wei was the director of the 11th (second) CCTV Spring Festival Gala, directing the live broadcast of the 7th CCTV New Years Eve Gala and acting as the director-in-chief. Directing and directing the opening ceremony of Guangxi Folk Song Festival, Qingdao Beer Festival, Qingdao Night, Ningbo Fashion Festival, Weifang Kite Festival, Weifang Kite Festival, Huizhou Digital Festival and Huaian Food Culture Festival. u300b There are nearly 100 opening ceremonies, group calisthenics and large-scale variety shows for the opening ceremony of Laozi Cultural Festival in Henan Province, such as Heaven, Earth and Man.

Comrade Luo Wei is also the director-in-chief of the closing ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade, the director-in-chief of the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Universiade, and the director-in-chief of the winning bidding team of the opening and closing ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games in Qingdao. In 2015, Comrade Luo Wei jointly organized by the Great Wall Society of China and China Huaxin Energy Co., Ltd. to commemorate the Seventieth Anniversary of the Chinese peoples War of Resistance Against Japan and the victory of the worlds anti-fascist war, the documentary epic Building Our New Great Wall as the director-in-chief, which is also the most proud work of him.

In March 2017, the 34th Miami International Film Festival Chinese Film Summit and the 1st Golden Lighthouse Awards Ceremony were held in the United States. Comrade Luo Wei won the Golden Lighthouse Short Film Award for Best Short Film, Best Director Award and Best Actor Award with the Chinese film Tian Eye. In October 2016, Tian Eye won the top ten editions of the China Golden Kite International Microfilm Award at the 2016 Weifang Golden Kite International Microfilm Competition Award held jointly by the Chinese Television Artists Association, the Central New Film Group, the Propaganda Department of the Weifang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Weifang International Kite Federation. Drama Award, Top Ten Director Award and Excellent Works Award. Comrade Luo Wei was also praised and praised by the film industry.

It is reported that at 2:41 a.m. on August 5, 2019, after a year of struggle against cervical lymphoma, Rowe died of cardiac arrest caused by bacterial sepsis in Beijing Space Center Hospital at the age of 56.

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