Typhoon Lichma killed more than a dozen people. Officials: Floods are too fast to evacuate

 Typhoon Lichma killed more than a dozen people. Officials: Floods are too fast to evacuate

According to reports, in the early morning of August 10, Typhoon Lichma landed in Wenling, Zhejiang Province. The mountain body of Shanzao Village was caused by heavy rainstorm, which caused landslides and blocked the river after landslides. Within 10 minutes, the highest level of mountain torrents rose to 10 metres, and about 120 people in the village were besieged by floods. Because of the rapid rise of rivers, some villagers could not evacuate to safety. The barrier lake burst again, causing casualties and loss of contact. As of 2 p.m. on October 10, 13 victims were found and 16 lost contact.

After the accident, more than 300 armed police officers and soldiers, police officers, militia emergency units and social rescue forces are doing their best to carry out the search and rescue work.

At present, the search and rescue work is under way. Relevant local officials said that they should make every effort to rescue the wounded and search for missing persons, as well as the resettlement and reassurance of the affected people and their families, speed up the repair of damaged infrastructure, actively organize self-rescue, make every effort to maintain social stability, and publish the relevant work situation as soon as possible.

Typhoon Lichma has killed 13 people, lost 16 people and affected more than 3 million people.

As of 10:00 on the 10th, Typhoon Lichma had a major impact on Zhejiang. In 42 counties (cities and districts) of Taizhou, Wenzhou and Ningbo, 3.036 million people were affected, 752,000 people were urgently relocated and resettled, 13 people died, 16 others lost contact, more than 200 houses collapsed, more than 3,200 houses were damaged to varying degrees, and 663,000 meters of crops were affected. Yes.

The latest developments! Lichma enters Hangzhou around 4 p.m.

Today, at 1400 hours, Lichma (a severe tropical storm) is located in Zhuji, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. At present, it is located in Meichi Railway Station, Diankou Town, Zhuji.

It is expected that the Lichma will move northward at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, and its strength will continue to weaken. According to its current speed, it will enter Hangzhou in about an hour.